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  1. I'm running 1.5.11, on Windows 10 v1809. Aero is not working, but I know for sure this is not an issue with AeroGlass. I'm having a strange issue where my graphics card ( nVidia GTX 960 ) shows up in some places, but not all. Attempting to remove and reinstall the drivers also presents issues. It is possible for me to upgrade them to each new release, but only the graphics driver portion of the install goes through, everything else always fails. Relying on the drivers supplied through Microsoft and Windows just looks terrible when compared to OEM updated drivers. I used to use the MSI Afterburner with my card. but when I updated to Windows v1809 I noticed that MSI Afterburner no longer recognized my card. But I can see the information in the Device Manager and also by using GPU-Z. I'm assuming this is all just an issue with Windows v1809 and really hope the next update will clear this up for me. Otherwise I will just do a repair install.
  2. Yeah, we've been asking for tabs on file explorer since Win7... been using Clover for that since. Seems like it would have been common sense to do that since all Internet browsers have them and it just reduces the clutter.
  3. Don't know if it matters, but I had to use the website to update my machine ID after I installed the 1809 upgrade. (Yes, I know 1809 isn't supported yet) But AeroGlass was prompting me with a new machine ID. I don't think my hardware would have triggered it. I feel like this happened once before. I think the last time I added a drive was back before 1803. I recently got a sata power splitter cable and got my blu-ray burner back online, but that didn't trigger it.
  4. I really don't understand why Microsoft doesn't just give us the option to use Aero transparencies. I know it can use more resources on older machines that might not have them, but since Win7 hardware has come a long way. Most consumers get Windows with a new computer. I'm sure most of us here build our own. Anyway, thank you Big Muscle for doing what Microsoft won't.
  5. Cancel did not work for me, is it because Microsoft just pulled the update and therefore pulled the symbols too? On a side note; I didn't notice any of my files getting deleted after the 1809 upgrade, but I also don't have any personal folders reassigned to another drive or folder. UPDATE : It finally downloaded the symbols today, so it had to be that Microsoft had pulled them with the original update version. Since updating symbols, AeroGlass (1.5.9) is partially working. In Chrome, no, in File Explorer... well I don't know if its my settings, but it's basically invisible. I kinda like the look, but in many ways it should still have a slight bit of color, haze, blur, or smoke so that I can differentiate. Can't wait for an AeroGlass update.
  6. hmm... i'm interested in getting internet explorer correctly integrated with WinPE as well... I don't use Bart's PE though... but I can do it with a list of files to be copied and what parts of the registry need to be ripped from a fresh installation of Windows ...... If there is any updated information about this, could someone please post it. I'm working on a very large project which will benefit greatly from this...
  7. im testing my winpe stuff in vmware. is there a reason why i cant get ramdrive OR ramdisk to load and function correctly? I've copied the files, added the registry code to setupreg.hiv nada ...
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