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  1. No problem. And thank you for the explanation! Interesting that to know that Windows does this. At any rate, thanks again for your time and attention to this matter-- can't wait for your next update. I'd say my donations were definitely well worth
  2. Sure thing Hyper-V Installed CPU: D;0;0;0;47;65;6E;75;6E;74;65;6C;69;6E;65;49;E3;6;5;0; Hyper-V Not Installed CPU: 16;0;0;0;47;65;6E;75;6E;74;65;6C;69;6E;65;49;E3;6;5;0; Entire output below in case you need it: Hyper-V Installed CPU: D;0;0;0;47;65;6E;75;6E;74;65;6C;69;6E;65;49;E3;6;5;0; HDD: SystemDrive C: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: M2VOWALCPOG3ELI42RQUL2Z3GFULMBADLPLJWCRILLAVPRLA PhysicalDrive0: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: M2VOWALCPOG3ELI42RQUL2Z3GFULMBADLPLJWCRILLAVPRLA PhysicalDrive1: NA7H1LE8, Machine ID: K7JZJZLWPOG3ELI4LNB7LANBGFULMBAD7PL3DH5YLLAVPRLA result: 2 Hyper-V Not Installed CPU: 16;0;0;0;47;65;6E;75;6E;74;65;6C;69;6E;65;49;E3;6;5;0; HDD: SystemDrive C: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: M2VOWALC2XAY6L2I2RQUL2Z36VLLL3C3LPLJWCRIBL7FXUEQ PhysicalDrive0: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: M2VOWALC2XAY6L2I2RQUL2Z36VLLL3C3LPLJWCRIBL7FXUEQ PhysicalDrive1: NA7H1LE8, Machine ID: K7JZJZLW2XAY6L2ILNB7LANB6VLLL3C37PL3DH5YBL7FXUEQ result: 2
  3. No problem, and thank you! I eagerly await a future update/solution :)
  4. So since I had Hyper-V installed, I ran the tool: with it installed, during uninstallation (pre-reboot) after uninstallation (post-reboot) and redirected the output to *.txt files. It seems the information only changed only after/post-reboot. The results: Hyper-V Installed SystemDrive C: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: Q6UMOMLTPOG3ELI4MW7CLSCFGFULMBADAYLEKOMILLAVPRLA PhysicalDrive0: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: Q6UMOMLTPOG3ELI4MW7CLSCFGFULMBADAYLEKOMILLAVPRLA PhysicalDrive1: NA7H1LE8, Machine ID: MZQ3IJLCPOG3ELI4IXO3LQMBGFULMBADQXLFZ6EILLAVPRLA result: 2 Hyper-V Not Installed SystemDrive C: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: Q6UMOMLT2XAY6L2IMW7CLSCF6VLLL3C3AYLEKOMIBL7FXUEQ PhysicalDrive0: ZCH0BNA6, Machine ID: Q6UMOMLT2XAY6L2IMW7CLSCF6VLLL3C3AYLEKOMIBL7FXUEQ PhysicalDrive1: NA7H1LE8, Machine ID: MZQ3IJLC2XAY6L2IIXO3LQMB6VLLL3C3QXLFZ6EIBL7FXUEQ result: 2 Thanks again, and please let me know if you need anything else
  5. Hello, sure thing. I'll get the output for both scenarios and post back once I get back from work
  6. Hello, I have just installed Hyper-V on my Windows 8.1 x64 installation that had a licensed copy of Aero Glass running. Upon reboot to finish the installation of Hyper-V, Aero Glass now shows its watermark and instantiates a messagebox titled "Information" and reads "This is free version of Aero Glass for Win8.1+"... and includes my machine code and the option to copy it to my clipboard. I have donated twice now and don't mind necessarily doing so again, but is there a fix for this? I have changed no hardware or installed anything else... just Hyper-V. I searched the forum and found this thread: but it appears to have no visible solution for this. Thanks in advance

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