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Jimmy Needles

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  1. Best looking female on t.v or music female?

    For the record, I think Jennifer Garner is one of the ugliest people on television.. and I think Christina Aguilera is one of the ugliest women in the music industry. TV hotties: Leah Remini, Juliette Louise-Dreyfuss (early Seinfeld days. it's kind of a weird fetish i have), and Dafney (from Frasier. can't remember her real name). Music hotties: Norah Jones, Natalie Imbruglia, the lead singer of Lacuna Coil, the T.A.T.U. chicks, and Bjork.
  2. nintendo computer

    It's... stupid.
  3. Job status

    I work at the library at my college.
  4. Where are you from?

    lmao Finally, the poor eskimos get to experience the world of internet porn. You know what would be funny, though? To see the crystallizations that might form after they uh.. *ahem* reach their peak. It's awfully cold out there...
  5. Gates dethroned as world's richest person

    The both better watch out for the Google boys..
  6. Where are you from?

    Nebraska, US. Otherwise known as "boring s*** hole with no hills."
  7. Great forum for gamers

    http://www.pgnx.net/forums PGNx forums. I highly recommend it to any gamer or any casual internet spammer. Very intelligent and funny people. I'm a moderator there under the alias "King Robo", so if anyone from here wants to register, I'll make sure you feel welcome. Please give it a try. I'll have to warn you, though. If you're an internet n00b or a brain-dead AOLer who types like an 8 year-old, you will be eaten alive.
  8. Music download questions

    I use K++, Sven.
  9. Music download questions

    I use Kazaa Lite. I'm so naughty..
  10. Are you an MSFN junkie?

    I'm definitely a forum junkie.. but not at MSFN. Maybe that'll change?
  11. Hello, Turkeys

    Greetings, MSFN. I was browsing around as a guest for a while and realized that there are actually some intelligent life-forms here. WOO. I'm not new to forums.. so no need for help there. I'll be sure to pwn you all very soon. jk