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  1. For general unattended information, go here: http://unattended.msfn.org/index.htm To answer your question specifically, put these files in your $OEM$ directory. _OEM_.zip _OEM_.zip
  2. Don't tell me that I'm on the bleeding edge here now .. Anyone have any thoughts on this??
  3. So, INF files are great for registry settings, Start Menu profile changes, deleting files, etc. According to INF file documentation, you should be able to create Internet and QuickLaunch Toolbar shortcuts. Has anyone done this yet and if so, how? Thanks.
  4. enuffsaid - If Gosh answered, that'd be great. I know that he's busy & I just didn't want to wait for his answer alone. GreenMachine - Hmm.. Your approach does indeed work - go figure.. The only difference between your way and mine is that I was "testing" from a command prompt - same test command, just a different method. I think I'll use the .cmd file approach from now on as that is more efficient. Thanks a bunch.
  5. So, does anyone (besides Gosh) know enough about .inf files to answer the question .. .. ??
  6. Got a weird one here. I'm attempting to use an inf file to create some custom shortcuts. Here's part of what I've got in my "shortcut.inf" file: ---------------------------------------- [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ [AddShortcuts] ProfileItems=WindowsExplorerAdd, InfoAdd [WindowsExplorerAdd] <---This section works great! Thanks Gosh! Name = "Windows Explorer" CmdLine = 10,,explorer.exe IconPath = 10,,explorer.exe IconIndex = 1 InfoTip = "@%11%\shell32.dll,-22579" DisplayResource = "%11%\shell32.dll",22067 [infoAdd] <---This section blows.. ?? Name = "System Informa
  7. This is perfect!!! Just what I was looking for.. mazin - Will you post your Windows Media Player 9 instructions. Thanks
  8. Oops.. I'm installing Windows Messenger v5.0.0482. When it installs on the first GUI boot, it wants to connect to the internet (why ??). This is what I'm trying to avoid.. Thanks
  9. When silently installing the Windows Messenger program using the command: start /wait %SystemDrive%\Install\MSN\Messenger.msi /qb! it still wants to access the internet .. Anyone know why this occurs and is there a way to prevent this behavior? Thanks
  10. Thank-you much - That's what I was looking for..!! Michael
  11. Can anyone enlighten me on the differences between the given registry keys?
  12. Surely there's at least one person on these forums that knows how to get the RC to work AND do a network WinXP unattended installation while bypassing the F6 prompt & integrating those drivers for both WinXP & the RC when booting from a WinPE CD ?? I have a work-around, but that defeats the purpose of an unattended installation.. TIA.
  13. Hey Gosh - love your .inf guide (It's making our WinXP corporate image look real good). Quesiton: In your options.inf, you have the following: ;Disable Shared Documents folder (Windows XP) HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","CheckedValue",0x00010001,1 HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","DefaultValue",0x00010001,1 HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","HKeyRoot",0x00010001,0x80000002 HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","Type",0,"checkbox" HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","Text",0,"Disable Shared Documents folder" HKLM,"%Advanced%\Folder\NoSharedDocs","UncheckedValue",0x00010001,0
  14. Ok, I must admit, I've learned an awful lot reviewing these forums, however, I've got one sticky point that I haven't been able to get by. This is what I am able to do: 1. Install WinXP via unattended CD boot along with the Recovery Console. This involves adding my LSI Logic MSD files to the \i386 directory and editing DOSNET.INF & TXTSETUP.SIF with these lines: 2. DOSNET.INF - with LSI Logic 1020/1030 Ultra320 SCSI Adapter settings [Files] <-- These files are in the .\i386 directory on the CD d1,symmpi.sys d1,symmpi.inf d1,mpixp32.cat [CmdConsFiles] <-- These files will get copied
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