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  1. I understand that problem. You can't force them to compressed because these files are very important files you have no acces to. But the side affect is that virusses can't either. It will save around 1,5 GB in use. I discover that compressing some files on my SCSI setup dramaticly decreases loading time. OpenOffice and UT2004 have the most advantage of compressing and media is useless to compress. Don't force them. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Done so far. Yesterday I made a Vlited image with SP1 and all drivers need te be included. The Install.wim is only a merely 1466,64 MB in size of 2704 MB after slipstream. Nearly the half of alle files where deleted and most of them where languages I never use. Can I speak Chinese or even read simple Chinese? No, so why using this 344 MB of unused bloatware? The only risk of a Vlite setup are some programs and updates. Run as Administrater works only when shortcuts are on their original place. I kept Media Center, but whithout sample media and it work like a charm. Slipstreaming costs exacly one hour on a AMD 64 3800+. They indicate 60-90 min, so it is in my advantage. X64 won't crash during slipstreaming,not even when agressively multitasking. Job succeed, all hardware working flawlessy
  3. All usefull hints, but some things are overseen 1. Disable any hardware in device manager you don't use 2. Boot with tracing and watch the file where it is slowdown 3. Try the good old bootvis Bad sectors where reallocated and this jopb won't last 5 minutes each time?
  4. First code merge with the old one and override settings, but don't remove any which not exists in your file. Also add NIC if possible or others have free access when your CD spreads by accident?
  5. Thanks people, I've decided to use lossless audio. WMA lossless. I'm sorry this this known dagmatism, but uncompressed, the sounds are far more better, warmer en a good higharea. My headphone is already 8 years old and in these times this one is the best available. The Sony 9000 (pure natural meterials and shells from special wood. What I hear in 320 kbps MP3 is still some artefacts and not always, but the solo's don't came out naturally. WMA lossless is not that bad. The ratio is between 40-70% compressionsize of the original wave. (lossless) Maybe it is between 2 ears, but uncompressed sounds excellent and is lossless (4 - 7 MB per minute istead of 10 MB per minute. Maybe I get in the feature a MP3 player and this is not any kind of concern, why not? The lossless WMA files are easeally converted down to MP3 and the original (the master) is here on my system. In Cooledit I can save the wave in any format from Vobis till CCtLaw.
  6. Hmmm, how usefull? If I press CTRL+ALT+DEL the taskmanager comes on screen en when the system locks up, it will reboot. In Vista I get a blue screen with options (no BSOD). The on-screen keyboard could even catch any taskmanager. What do you properly mean? When the mousecursos freezes, mostly the whole system is freezed, no taskmanager could help. No mouse=no windows for the common? I'd rather rely on the kernel protection and DEP. I've never had an issue where taskmanager couldn't be started or as above, the system reboots utterly. It is Microsoft and Vista may be reasonally good, but it could crash at this very second. If I've a crash I just reboot the system and this tooks 30 seconds in total. The screenshot doen't work anymore because it cames out of 2005. What is your advantage above the default taskmanager? Do you trap an interrupt by these method? *I hate imageshack, XS.TO has no banners. Than Winpatrol. Should I need this to survive? Sorry for my remarks, but rather edit some registry keys to hook up the taskmanager?? TIP: Apply taskmngr.exe at the startup group
  7. Vlite approaches Nlite in lay-out and this is indeed great news But, is it a trial for 30 days?
  8. Yes, more guts I ask myself why he want to run Vista on a 256 MB machine and to make it worst. There's somewhere a topic from somebody to ask to install Vista on a 128 MB machine I know that experiment with Windows XP 12 MHz clock speed 20 MB RAM 63 MB Install size This is the record. Are you try to break it Keep this in mind: On that machine, Windows XP tooks 47 minutes to boot up in a 'usable' state. It tooks 23 minutes to open Word and 11 minutes to open IE6 and the internetspeed whas below a 14K4 modem (nah, have 100 Mbit from Borft UT Twente) I shame myself that I recommend to use 4096 MB with Vista and not any less. 2048 MB is possible, but not when playing Battlefield 2 and/or Crysis of such games. Another question comes here out: Is there a nearby future for the 32-bit version? No! The roads for Windows Vista 64-bit are wide open. 4096 MB is the standard in later 2008 (I keep track on that). There are three classes of users and interact with yourself if it is worth to give it a try: Entry level users: Internet, mail, some media and typing a letter or making a spreadsheet. Windows Vista Home Basic with a low budget system and at least 1024 MB RAM! Windows XP should be better on old systems (mostly used by this kind of users) Mid-entry level users: As above, but they want to handle lots of digital media and editing a movie is not unknown. I should be possible at a reasonal speed. Old games (DirextX 8 games) mostly works perfect on these machines Windows Vista Home Premium on a firm machine (costs around 800-1200 dollar=650-900 euro here in Holland) Windows XP on the smae setup should be a better choice to gain speed and productivity! At least 1024 MB RAM or much better: 2048 MB Powerusers: Like me and much other people here belongs to this group. Gaming at high resolutions and don't want to make consessions with settings. Thes systems are expensive and only for the hobbyist. Much RAM, a fast graphic card and a fast processor combined creates a fast system to keep real 3D entertainment at home. Also this system can be used for typing a letter. At least 2048 MB RAM and much better: 4096 MB or above. There he is. "can I run Vista with 256 Mb?" or better "Does my computer fit on a bycycle for transport ? " Don't waste much time, just my intention
  9. October 23, 2007 is the link dated from. I seriously discover this bug a year earlier and I'll explain what happening. Since the introduction of Vista Microsoft decides to use a nieuw kind of logging transactions by th ACID method. That means Vista have to use TxF NTFS rather than the old system from XP, but that older system is more compatible with another software than TxF. The bug; when Windows XP accesses the partition, the TxF becames out of sync and the volume is dirty. The shadowcopies from system restore are lost. This issue is due to the TxF acces that only Vista could handle poperly. Option: Wait for a suitable workaround OR make it a lot easier: ERUNT. Use ERUNT to make kopies of the registry and under Vista with admin rights it works like a charm and it won't take much space. You could even recover from the XP recovery console (Vlite disables the repair function?!!). Use the dot con file in the back-up directory and go. Read the manual, Lars Hederer has work out all the scenarios to recover, the first real usable readme.txt I saw. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/ Yes, it operates even on our serverpark. Want a dualboot? Use slides.
  10. Jeez,, what kind of mizérè could happen? Yes. installed Vista yesterday again after killing it. Why? I will never give up. The problems I encounter with Vista are in real time not such bad as I guess. I'll give it a very last try. Oké, maybe I can help some. I'll post my update history and with this list I had no issues. Compaire it to yours and it should be exact the same. Second, check your eventviewer and post these errors, why? because you could look with each other is the errors where common! Like the update list here Just a hint AMD64 3800+ 4x1 GB DDR1 ATi X1950XT ASUS A8R-MVP (A miracle it works, the reviews are bad) The last won't fix on my 1680x1050 screen. Aero don't let be by to size it up. Another bug found? Yes, and stick with the one what fit your needs It is true he said...
  11. It's not an aero issue, it's an explorer issue. If you have good speed in other apps and don't want sp1 then try downloading KB941673 from somewhere like _thehotfix.net_ and apply the setting shown at the bottom of this page. Thanx for the idea, realy thanks, but I don't use Vista anymore on this machine. Vista is the first OS which want to page out heavely, 4096 MB or not. Is it normal that Aero must rebuild and Vista must load everything back in memory from the pagefile while I won't pass the 3 GB after a game? Plenty of room and Vista should page out agressive. At first, Windows Vista HP 32-bit will only see 3369 MB of my 4096 MB and Windows X64 see the whole RAM. I don't have Vista 64-bit and I've an OEM version so if I get a new machine it becomes Windows X64 till the time you can't avoid DirectX10.1 like DirectX9c now. If that time comes than I should take care of a brute CPU and a brute GPU with 8192 MB RAM and a very fast harddisk eg SSD (mid2008). I don't want to now how much Crysis needs at full settings. 4096 Mb is a bit too less if Vista X64 will take in with a 986 MB load after startup (I've tried it for 30 days in the recent past). Then superfetch hooks in and needs a 5 minute duty on the harddisk to fill up the RAM to top loaded and when loading a game, that data is wasted and must be rebuild after a game. Again, paging and superfetching equally gave no performanceboot Vista page it out because it wants the superfetch data intact?? Nah, also Windows X64 needs to page, but you can't make a compaire on it, far not. Using Vlite reduces the lkoads of Vista? No, maybe your system have such more to do. If the Windows map grows with 3,7 GB and with 5633 maps (SP1), what kind of data is in it and what kind of data needs such amount of files?? Intergrating SP1 on a Vlite tooks 1 hour? I believe that. because installing SP1 on Vista spends here 47 minutes. Windows X64 SP2 does his job in a merely 2 minutes!! And the surprise is = yes, I like Vista, but not on my machine and I really like Vista on a Solid State Disk and on a brandnew machine. I like Aero and Vista has much improvements over Windows XP 32-bit, but al the text is personally encountered and is it true or not? Maybe I'm wrong, but I've my eyes always keeped in this worls. The king? Zero is the Queen and the One is the King, the less, the better I won't bash Vista, but since I've removed it from my harddisk by zero filling I've had not any regret. Vlite did not resolve the bloating problem and the average filesize of the Vista partition is 112 KB after a fresh install and under X64 341 KB, a huge impact on effective disk usage. At one point Vista won a gold medaille, really and this is on MFT zone reservation. Vista does really a good job of data-alignment. Yes, I should say this
  12. Hmmm, even considered why you can't get SP1 installed on a Vlited Vista? Even considered why you can apply SP2 for X64 on a Nlited edition with ease? I won't be nasty for Vista users, but on a modern harddisk. 10 gig over 50639 files over 10.000 maps, a cheap IDE harddisk has a very hard job to do. The average filesize is so small that there is more wasted space on a Vista default volume with 4 KB clusters than here on my 32 KB cluster NTFS with X64 including all patches. Vista will badly crash on NTFS when changing the logfile from 64 Mb to 4 MB. Under X64 no issue. The logfile is the most used file and the bigger, the longer the time to fill it, the slower your IO througout. In this situation every millisecond is one too much. Vista SP1 and I've already tried it, but is looks a bit too much for my machine. Vista were fast, but the harddisks were only busy loading. Between Vista and XP, the harddisks both stay 11 degrees cooler (from 37 degrees Celsius to 26 degrees). Every 10 degrees cooler means a double lifetime for the harddisk. Keep that in mind.
  13. If you want real high quality choose a lossless format like WavPack, or there is one real good lossy format called Musepack. BTW guys, I thing, the best choice to talk and READ about that would be HydrogenAudio forum... May I hook in on a positive manner? The samples are real HD audio and I refuse to convert it to 16-bit. Some samples were indeed from a 16-bit 44.1KHz source, but what is the trick? First Cooledit samples it up to 32-bit. No qualitygain, but here it comes: Most producers has clip the audio and compress it beyond 44.1 KHz sample boundairy. When using the 6th order filter (only in the full Cooledit) I process that music again and at this time Cooledit threat it as 32-bit so the sample are far more secure. After this workaround the audio gains more dynamic (bitdepth issue) and the smaple frequentie will never exceed 44.1Khz, so be it. Yhen I'm using Cooledit Pro to save it as 440 kbps 44.1 KHz 24-bit. When compairing between the 2 songs (yes, I'm very adiodaptive) then the WMA sounds better, more warm like a bulbtrap or as the goold old LP. You should listen this on a very high classe audiosystem and this one sounds insane. The solo of Lenny Cravits on the Vanessa Paradis CD is no more thumbled as on 320kbps MP3 with the latest LAME at Insane setting. WMA 440kbps 44.1 KHz 24-bit wins far from the 320 kbps. I've not discovered some artefact in these files. The conversion: Simple as a little child can do this. 1. Convert the WMA files to MP3 en store these MP3's on CD or your musicplayer (Ipod, eg) en leave the WMA files on the system and use these as archive. Remastering an Album could improve the believing of listening intens! Don't do this without conversion to 32-bit, you f*** the sound up. Why Lenny Cravits? This best man uses AAD recording (Analog recorded, Analog mastered and Digital resampling and on this one some things fails utterly. Most things could be undone in Cooledit and doing this at 32-bit give the least qualityloss or a huge quality boost. His acoutic guitar is the best test for MP3 and on every setting MP3's fail utterly, sorry. MP3 is nice for ADD or DDD recordings and 320kbps is far too less when emphasis comes in and noise shapings. MP3 is the worst candidate of emphasis and noise and vocals. It needs simple a higher bitrate. Not my invention btw. Yes, sorry, but size matters most when playing seriously with audio Even OGG at 511 kbps can't defeat the WMA file, because Vorbis samples it down to 16-bit with very brute and a slow way. PS: Your soundcars must support real HD audio to play these files!
  14. Much better and I won't threat you, but Luftwaffe gaves some nigative image for some. That is not your fault, because you use the name you like, but for other people, do you understand?
  15. I don't advice to use the Service Pack RC1. release software is good enough to be stable, but far enough for real time purposes. I've used it for three weeks and I encounter so many problems that I don't think about it to used it furthermore. Window Vista is such heavy and in 'my' eyes it won't be fair for older systems prior to 2007. On a Core 2 Duo it looks nice, but how fast is a Core 2 Duo with Windows XP bij example? Only for Direct X10 you should need a bloating OS "sorry for that', but these are all experiences I've had with Vista and I'm not that kind of stupid to let it run instead of the most lighter Windows X64. People, I'm talking about my machine and on this one Vista should be more a strugglish one. I don't have a slow machine and I play UT3 without any hazzle, but for most people Vista is to much fot their systems. Spending 169 euro on it and upgrading your system at the same time should be too much for many. I can completely understood the opposition against Vista. These words are not some fairytale, but suggested bij our highest supervisor, the "consumentenbond' is Dutch. I don't know the Englisch word. Sorry in advance, because I've a 10 year education on English with a 6 in the endexamination VWO. So it is not perfect, but I do my outmost. Vista is too brandnew to be a superhero on systems. That hero become some blame in performance and why consider a upgrade if you're satafactory with XP? Curiousity? I think, but this curiosity won'r be fine on most older systems.
  16. Yes, Geek, sounds right, but these score and especially the 3D one are most important for games. I won't play UT3 on a score which is lower than 5,9 eg. This benchmark is not a representative one, but this benchmark only counts for Vista and is you downgrade to XP your score should be much higher because of the far lower overhead. Vista is loaded and has a duty call with your harddisk. The harddisk must work at his outmost and then it fails faster. Ofcourse, a failing harddisk is money for the market Vista is a good OS if you have plenty of money want a wish to upgrade your system will be there sooner as XP users who want to upgrade. Advanced 1 care ought to be free, but for only 90- days and then it will cost you 54,95/year. Don't deliver bloatware in the welcomescreen were you should pay for it. I thought Vista on it's own is expensive enough. At first glance a whas a real Vista fan, but after the errors it is far from good. Windows X64 has a such better behaviour handling hardware. This is personal.
  17. The best tweak? Maybe it is a personal one but here he is: Don't use Vista on systems before 2006. Oké, oké, Use no superfetcher and disable it. Why? Program's already loaded in cache stays resident. Superfetcher pumps your cache full of data currently used, but how should Vista know what kind of data it should be? The only one who can tel you that is yourself. On some sessions you don'r need office and on some sessions you don't need media player. Not any Windows in the future can take this behaviour over. Not one system on earth can do that. Superfetcher stresses the harddisk and more stress means a sooner faillure. ====================== Oké, I'll explain this, that's my duty now. It is not that negative about Vista. Superfetch is a feature what loads most recent data into the systems cache. A very usefull feature, really? Yes, with 4096 MB in machine it works great, but why I won't recommend it? On systems with 1024 MB of RAM or even with 2048 MB of RAM superfetcher won't work optimal. When disabling it on older systems you freed up resources and you leave the cache alone. It could be something slower when first opening Word eg, but when Word once is loaded it always stays resident in cache and the second time it starts up directly. In the time ma machine went wrong I stick with 2048 MB for these days and then is disabling the best tweak I've had encountered ever. Conclusion: Windows Vista is primairy build for future use. It contains technologies that less people uses (only powerusers?). No one told me about TxF great new features and why? The only point in 'our' Dutch big organisation "de consumentenbond" is that they only gather negative views on Vista and not the positive one. Yes, I understand Vista gets a black backlight and the reason is simply as "the unknown", "We think we're professors, but no human is perfect or closely to it" If you painted your sheep black, it stay black until they now the way to remove the paint The sollution is not the pollution inb this kind of view
  18. Hella yes, I'm too good for this world The system is back in home and the costs were 20,85 euro! What whas wrong? This store (the best I knew in the wide surroundings and this is a corporate one and not for consuments, but via my work I can do this !! ) has demontated the GPU coller. The producer of this card has use too much pasta and the silverpasta creates a shortcut in the circuit by using that special line. (Found this kind of problem, excellent work!!). After cleaning it up and testing the system 12 hours with a excessivce torture test and it passes. Edit. The PCI to ISA bridge problem in Vista and the lost of drivers in Vista has due to a bug in the BIOS. Now it is confirmed. They were already confrontated with this question. I've learn much from him and I works for eighteen years in this job. The most amazing fact is that the videocard survives this shortcut and not once, nearly a mirakel. Ik saw no artefacts en no freeze. =============== 5 days after intense use, NO freeze encountered And up with 4096 MB 4 sticks together works flawlessy here on my A8R-MVP board. The errors in the viewer stay, but it has not any impact on my daily use as poweruser. Machinecheck event, the fiered one is already there for a year and only cames up when resuming after sleep, but why? I encounter no hazzle at al when waking up. All hardware is enabled now and not any soundissue with the WDM driver out of 2003 ... and the most funniest part is; no reinstal needed at all. A golden grail for X64. It survives it al.
  19. Lat post I make. @Admin: Is my way of writing the problems not welcome? If so, it were not my intention at any kind. It is usual for me to keep a diary from my system on a forum and why? First for the store were it came from. Because other trespassers can read the problem. Not only for me and I'm hoping someone else could give a reply. Best Mod, if I doing somethings wrong, please report to me. My intention is to help other people around the globe and hopefully you understand that I'm a little dissapointed. I've a serious problem with my system and it is a sneaky problem because my system has no crash the past 4 hours and I've played UT3 without no hazzle But,, At the movie after the first mission the system will hang at exactly the same place in the move as before. As soon as Malcom give his hand to you it goes wrong. I can regenerate that. Is it the CPU? I think not because: If the movie crashes in Windows X64 only the movie wil be skipped and I can go on and under Vista the whole system reboots. ALT+TAB still works flawlessly without any green lines of that kind of misere. The desktop cames back fully functional. If it was my CPU the whole system will hang and VPU recover could not do his job, without CPU, no work. I've had one reboot in Windows X64 and this were before the BIOS settings. Since then no reboot. Last things I've tried: 1. Vcore were at 1.375 and I set it to 1.4 volt. Speedfan shows 1,38 volt Vcore and my Venice needs 1.35-1.4 volt but hopefully this helps. Since then no crashes, but I don't klap my hands. It is too short for some celebration yet. 2. The memory goes from 2.6 volt to 2.7 volt. This RAM should be used at 2,6 volt, but I set it to 2.700 volt. Hmmm. 3. Three hours prime95 gave me no errors. 4. VPU recover had not yet done a recovery within this very 40 minutes. It crashes earlier 6 times a hour. 5. Vcore overvolting stand off and Sbridge overvolting stand also at off. PCI-E voltage stands on +1.20 Volt. Could this be higher? eg +1.30 volt? Not for overclocking purposes, but for stability. PS: Before a crash, first the sounds became serious pitched. 5 minutes before it. Only in the UT3 campaign, not when I'm online. I set the channels from 32 to 16 and no help. At this time I've my 4x1 GB fitted at 400 MHz. Strange, first it won't even run at 400 Mhz and the system did not boot up. And after the Vcore modification it does withoud problems. Even the RAM is errorfree. This RAM still works for 2 years and I've had never earlier issues with it. So RAM is not the suspect one. PS: Some eventviewer pics
  20. Yess A Freeze again It may depend on the GPU I figured out. Windows X64 will reset the graphics core 6 times a hour. I can't run UT3 anymore and the other games were fine. This system goes back to his store. Without the VPU recover option in the Catalyst I can't run anything. The only thing I'm sure of that's it may not depend on my memory or CPU. Many thanks for the input. Then I bought direct a 8800GTX. Now the time is so far.
  21. Hella yes a freeze again. I ran Prime95 for 3 hours and no error occurs because I've take out the half of my RAM. Maybe it depends on that. I was asleep and everything was fine when I woke up. With 4 banks (4x1 GB) the RAM could be never run at 400 MHz (DDR1) and the highest speed available were 385 MHz. Now the RAM runs at the full 400 MHz. 2 banks are empty now. Could badly RAM cause a total lock-up with no blue screen and a reboot. I've change the setting by installing this version not to reboot when crashes, but is does. When XP is loaded again after the crash I can continue my work directly and has no message. Nor any error in my event log so I've no evidence. I know that the AMD64 CPU has it's own memorycontroller. Maybe this one might be faulty. With 2 banks filles, no error yet.
  22. Got my words. The whole worldwar 2 evening is 63 years ahead. So why using such a stupid nick? My word: The German border is in Google earth 12,3 miles from my home and I've had never issues with Germans. I don't like it at all and maybe these are my words, but I should say this.
  23. haha, zero votes on it, so I guess, no Strange, should be used I think...
  24. 35 words per minute, but not errorless. If I have to work out a letter the speed may be a lot slower (all words errorless) It's my work, I work daily on it and at least 8 hours. That's my trial and error. If my post contains some faults; I was not attent on my ticking speed. If I don't watch it I ticking too fast with errors. Not many errors, but some occurs.

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