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  1. i may have misundestood your question - is it thatyou need to find out the error (or are looking for help) but dont speak english. if so use an online translator - babelfish is good.
  2. there is a soloution to this somewhere in the "msfn" forums. Also if you don't mind doing this after the installation process, there is a good post on the bold fortune forums. But i think that both of these soloutions are to remove just the shared docs folders. i think that you will need a "user directory" somewhere else the os may function incorrectly as it (the registry etc) will be confused as to which user is logged on. But it is possible to change the directory either by right clicking on my documents folder and changing the location in the locations tab (i think thats what its called) or using the unattended part of nlite to do it perhaps as i know you can change the location of the programs folder. I have just had a good idea why not put the documents and settings folder ona usb - this way everything will function and you wouldn't be constantly reminded of ms's lack of user options that it provides.
  3. madbull


    This is true i just thought that maybe you removed this accident/etc. i was also wondering if the file is on your system still - is there any error message (i had it once when i tried running it as a run command and it gave me a error about administrator priveleges). My apoligies i see that you already stated that yoou do have the file on your system. Another query in sytem properties-advanced - startup and recovery - does this display properly? as i know that parts of this are controlled by msconfig. Are there any reasons in particular that you need "msconfig" -just thinking of alternaive applications etc.
  4. Wow did this ona testing computer i removed everything except iecore, and some hardware components - i will later try building it back up that is to say adding things back on - languages etc . Because i want a repairer option in my prog (an idea for nlite nuhi). Has anyone else tried this or knows of things that can be (at least possible) to put back on.
  5. Have you fixed this now?? I have the undo (reg file) to this - backed up on the internet somewhere i will try to locate it for you.
  6. madbull


    just add it "msconfig.exe" (without qoutes) it to nlites keep box - advannced part. I don't think msconfig is affected by the removal of anything in nlite.
  7. ok first nlite is (and it goes without saying) amazing... I am trying to test (approx 30) different nlite installs to determine functionality for a prog i am in the process of creating. I would like to know if there are any files that can be added to nlites remove/keep boxes to 1.make the install smaller 2.select things to be removed but keep certain files for better functionality. Heres a couple of examples: Check snmp for removal but keep two files that will still allow functionality of printing etc Remove iecore but keep user accounts managment or maybe use an alternative.. I have seen all of the above but i am unable to locate it again. If any one has any other queries like the one above then please post -because i will also like to know what you wish nlite etc could do - oh and my program is going to be nlite (just advanced) Any names would be good - i was thinking of plast XP. Oh and nuhi i am not trying to step on your toes or anything - as you are my inspiration for my project (blast xp) and you have done an amazing job on nlite and other apps. A big thanks from me. I have just though of some more: Why dont people use portable apps (if its a space issue) and maybe run them from a usb.
  8. Well I'm MadBull. I'm only really hre for one reason, i'm going to create a program very much like nlite - except better (no offence nuhi) <---- He's aleady done/doing a brilliant job. There will be many advanced options to the program: Driver scan and intergrator - It will scan your driver folder(s) and system, work out which drivers yur system uses and then intergrate them - you will never need Microsofts "Default Drivers" on your cd again. Etc ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But regretably this program will take years to make and i'm not even going to start the coding for another few years. for the time being i will find out every single detail i can about XP (first - but eventually all OS's) and note it down - i have been doing this for the last year. Also i want to be able to work out ways to do things. Heres the first impossible thing i want to do! Remove iecore using nlite but either keep functionality of the user accounts manager - so basically: remove it with nlite but still be able to use user accounts manager - or add it back in once installed. If any one can help or even describe why this happens, dependencies anything like that then please feel free to post. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nearly everything i ask about is for my program - please don't assume i'm stupid Oh and any person that helps will be featured in my programs credits (your name obvously)

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