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  1. Hi, I installed Windows 7 Basic initially thinking Home Premium or Ultimate will be too much for the hardware I have, but since then I did a few upgrades on the hardware and think that my PC should be able to support Ultimate. But the problem is, I have no idea how to upgrade. I tried inserting the Windows 7 Disc but get some kind of error about the DVD being older than the current version of Windows 7. As for the online upgrade, I don't have that internet speeds that would be required to go for it. Is it possible to use the Windows 7 Disc to boot up and then install on the same partition of the Windows Basic without having to format it ? Or are there any other alternatives ?
  2. Hey, I've been using Windows XP for a couple of years now, and am currently running Windows XP SP3. My PC is used by all the members of my family, each for his own needs. But the problem is that, with so many people using it, it is vulnerable against virus attacks and the likes of it. I've tried securing it, but without any success. I use only two user accounts, one is my own personal one and the other for the rest of the family. But I have Administrator access granted to both the users, since some of my family members use applications which require Administrator access. But this is a big disadvantage where applications are constantly being installed and uninstalled thereby leading to nasty stuff. I was just wondering if there is a way to set certain applications to run with Administrator privileges. For example, I use Mozilla Thunderbird, but I rarely logon to my user account, instead I use the same account that the rest of my family uses. I use the 'Run As' command to access my own mailbox. This is the basic idea. But the rest of my family members wouldn't like wanting to do this to open their applications repeatedly. Hence, I want to set certain applications to run default with Admininstrator privileges in an account with Limited privileges. Is this possible ?
  3. Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it. About the ******* cd, I didn't know it was warez. I came across some topics about it in the forum, so mentioned it here. If I disobeyed the rules in any way, I apologise.
  4. Hey everyone, Long time since I've been around here. It feels good to be back. . I was planning to do this when I first came up over here, but couldn't do it for the lack of time. Anyway, getting to the topic. I was wondering if it is possible to make a multiboot dvd having Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and one linux distro (Ubuntu would be great). Is there a way to do this, or is this a bit too far-fetched? And on hindsight Hiren's boot cd would also be a welcome addition. Let's hope I am not overdoing it. It's just that I don't find an OS when I need it. This would be a great one for my toolkit. And a last question, if you think this is a bit big for a DVD, is it possible to do this with a USB? I would appreciate answers to both
  5. Hi, I am installing a program using AutoIT, but the installation is showing up. How do I make it silent or run it behind the scenes with WPI? Do we need to use switches with the compiled script?
  6. I tried it out on a clean installation of Windows and it works fine. Not sure why it didn't work on the old one. But how can make it go about installing behind the scenes. I am integrating the software with WPI and would like it to install behind the scenes. How do I do it?
  7. Do we need to wait or something for it after compiling?
  8. I'm not sure if it's working properly. I thought it was supposed to install automatically. When I compile the script, I am greeted with the same install window that I get when I open the original file. But I notice a button in the taskbar, and it keeps flashing as X. When I right click on it, I see that it says Script Paused.
  9. Thanks for the script. Does this install silently or do we need to add a switch to make it silent? Can you give me a link to a tutorial of how to run an AutoIT script. I have no idea how it works.
  10. Hi, I have a pretty old office application by the name of Tally. I have uploaded the file to Mediafire at this link http://www.mediafire.com/?jetmpz5ejx1. I wasn't able to find the switch for this and the USSF doesn't find it either. I dunno if it does have a switch. But I need the installation to be automatic and completely silent. Does it need an AutoIT script? If yes, can someone do it for me? I have no idea how it works. The filename is install72.exe.
  11. No luck. I tried it out by uninstalling Nero 8, then again installing it via WPI. I was greeted with the box. The box has only two options. OK and Cancel. If we click OK, it reboots and if we click Cancel it cancels the setup.
  12. Thanks for that. So do I remove the registry entry that I created to register the serial number?
  13. I am using the full thing. I am using only one switch /qn.
  14. Hi, I haven't figured out how to skip the Nero 8 restart box which pops up saying that "A previous program requires a restart, please restart the system to begin Nero 8 installation". I moved it to the top of the order, but then again, it says "A Windows update requires a Windows restart, Please restart the system to begin Nero 8 installation". How do I get rid of the restart box?
  15. Thanks for confirming it. So this should be resolved now.

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