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  1. 1 ) First of all unpack the setup executable with winrar.

    There will be 2 folders in the dir where you will unpack the setup: X86 and X64

    2) Chose the folder you want (X86 = 32bit, X64 = 64bit) and run the setup inside that folder with the /a switch and create an administration install inside another folder.

    3) Go in the folder where you made the administration install

    There will be 3 folders and 1 file inside the administration install folder:

    [Fonts][program files]


    Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition.msi

    Now copy the msi file and the following folders in another directory (remember to mantain the directory structure!):

    program files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\

    program files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\DKWinXP

    program files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\English

    program files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\NoSchedNT


    4) In the last folder where you copied the msi and all the folders just create a sfx archive with winrar that extracts to a temporary location and then runs:
    "Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition.msi" /QN

    Et voilà you will have your nice 7.91mb diskeeper 10 setup!

    Now remember to delete all those temporary folders before your hd explodes :P

  2. I just checked out the next diskeeper 10 (trial can be downloaded here: http://www.executive.com/downloads/menu.aspx ) and it seems to be a lot better than the previous one. First of all they remade the interface: now it's better organized and looks better. They added a new defragmentation method called I-FAAST (this remembers me of perfectdisk's smartplacement) that sorts files based on their access time (I think it runs only as a job, I don't think that kind of defragmentation can be run manually).

    Also, thank god, they finally added an option to prevent defragmentation of very large files, since diskeeper really sucks with those files: it hangs the pc completely until those files have been completely defragmented . I was astonished that after just 10 diskeeper versions they fixed out this "small" issue.

    Now it's also possible to add more than a single schedule (you can add 2 schedules for the same drive, plus the ifaast schedule that makes them 3).

    And like all that stuff wasn't enough (in the previous versions changes were pratically only in the interface) now the smart i/o seems to work better (I don't know if they changed that or what).

    What do you think? Could diskeeper 10 be a real alternative to perfectdisk 7?

    BTW I forgot to say that the setup contains both 64bit and 32bit editions.

  3. Please XPero can you change the current winrar theme with the icandy 32x32 one? I think that the icandy jr one looks a lot better. Also 64x64 is really too big for 1024x768 users :/

    Thanks in advance

  4. I don't know if this should be a bugfix or a feature request however I noticed that when an application requires another one (using "Dependent Of" field) the required application should be installed first but it is not. Can this behaviour be fixed in next version? I had this problem because of the mce update rollup 2 that requires .net framework 1.1 to be installed first.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Err sorry I didn't read the whole post (too many replies) but what about using bashrat the sneaky driverpacks? they're so easy to integrate in just a few seconds you can have plenty of updated drivers in your cd!. Give them a try they rock! Naturally massstorage drivers are directly integrated so the setup uses them to recognize scsi/sata devices.

  6. I had this problem sometimes even when I didn't have xpize installed: probably it's a driver issue an application conflict or something like that. Try keeping xpize uninstalled and see if it happens again maybe it's not xpize's fault.

  7. I saw that inside the wpi.cmd file instead of:

    REM Start WPI and wait for its end
    start /wait %windir%\system32\mshta.exe "%CD%\wpi.hta"

    now there's:

    REM Start WPI and wait for its end

    Without "start" windows can't find the correct associated application for the wpi.hta file and each time it asks me to chose an application to open it with. Am I the only one with this problem?

  8. Pleaseeee remove or disable if possible the commandline colors they're buggy! When I execute .bat files the path is altered so they always mess up. I wonder why people in this forum had only problems with visual studio: command line colors mess up most of the bat/nt scripts not only visual studio.

    It is also a security issue:

    for example I have a bat file with "del *.exe" in c:\myfolder\

    if I run the bat file from explorer normally the path is c:\myfolder\ and all the exe files of myfolder are deleted.

    if I run it from explorer and command line colors are enabled path is c:\windows\system32 guess what will happen? Screams everywhere! eek!

    Please if possible turn it off in the installer or just remove it before somebody gets hurt :P!

  9. nope, office 2003 is a tahoma based product, segoe ui has been in the making for 2 years at MS, and its the new vista font and office 12 font

    office 12 will use 8pt and vista will use 9pt as standard.

    but ya right in saying it renders better in cleartype, that is what it was designed for :)

    and i personally like that fact XPero has made XPize change all the ugly remains of MS Sans Serif into Tahoma, xp looks a LOT better like this :D

    no no I meant that I think it came with office 2003 not that office 2003 was using it

    I have a lcd screen and it renders a lot better it would be great if XPero used that instead of tahoma

  10. That is one ugly font.

    Segoe UI 9pt seems fontastic! I'm using it right now and I think it looks better than the old boring tahoma.

    If ms chose to use segoe ui in longhorn and had its ui developers working on that font for 2 years probably there must have been a reason... (maybe they were stuck with wingdings as their system font and they didn't know how to change it :P)

  11. Oh my I hate that frog! On a lot of italian websites I always see banners of stupid sites selling ringtones of that song and like if it wasn't enough when I accidentally get my mouse over those banners that damned music starts and I'd really like to throw a punch to my monitor. Unfortunately here in italy there's a real boom in those commercial ringtones and there's no day I can safely watch tv or browse internet without stepping into that damned song.

    Fortunately frogs don't have a long life let's hope that it won't last long :P

    BTW if you see a frog riding a missile reaching you... RUN!!!

  12. All, :w00t:

    When I see XPCREATE threads, it seems XPCREATE users are decreasing. Fewer threads are there compare to last year. Because it was difficult to get XPCREATE. But I hope you may know, thanks to Alanoll, you can get XPCREATE 2005 Feb version today.

    XPCREATE is a quite nice tool. So, let's use XPCREATE. Back to NEW XPCREATE !

    I have stopped using xpcreate when i found out that latest nlite versions not only integrate hotfixes but they also replace the files in .cabs and, differently from xpcreate, don't leave the .exe files in the svpacks folder unless necessary (nlite tries to integrate directly the hotfix so it saves a lot of space and speed up a lot the install process). For the rest of the optional hotfixes (.net framework with its updates) I just create a sfx that auto-installs the fix however they're just 3-4 optional components so it doesn't take a lot of time. That's why I don't see why should I use xpcreate anymore, expecially when nlite does a lot more things and expecially since I don't have to send mails or other things to get it (and yes, i've sent a request email with the license agreement but I never got a reply).

  13. XP will not work fine on a 200mhz system, under any circumstance. Further, 128MB of RAM is far too little for XP.

    It'd take nearly 30 minutes just to boot ... and that's if the HDD is big enough to handle the page file.

    BTW, Microsoft stopped supporting all Windows pv4 a long time ago.

    30 minutes?? I have a p 200 mmx with xp here at my house and it works perfectly it boots in about 1 minute and it is not all that slow my sister uses it for browsing the web and except for the low ram has always worked fine (my xp installation has been tuned for that computer however: now it uses only 48mb of ram with some of the services and themes disabled). Word 2003 takes about 15 seconds to starts the 1° time, about 4-5 seconds when i relaunch it. It works even too well for such an old pc I was very surprised to find out that it was working so well on such an old pc.

    Now it also has an av installed (avast! with web scan and outlook scan) and resident defragmentation (diskeeper 9) and it still works very smoothly (surely more smoothly than a crappy 98 installation with ie6 and all the latest updates).

    BTW When I installed it on the computer it only had 64mb of ram and it was still working fine (I could open for example ie and word without a lot of swapping slowdown). Xp is not all that slow on old computers and I think that the cpu is the least thing that could impact its running speed, free ram and hd speed are far more important things to get your xp installation to run well.

  14. win98, like win95 is a dead operating system ms will stop even releasing security patches for it very soon (if this didn't already happen). Supporting it would be only a waste of time.

    Why don't you just upgrade from such an old an boring operating system? :P

    Xp works fine even on a p 200 with at least 128mb of ram if well configured (yeah it will take a while but you will be surprised by the result).

  15. Urgh, AVG Free Edition is very slow :(

    I turned off the resident virus protection because it made executables take too long to start. I wish it just did an MD5 or something so it could check executables once and not every time I click on it.  :(

    Also at bootup it takes 10 seconds (even though I have 3400 MHz PC) to run the BOOTUP.EXE scanner, and it always makes the Windows bootup logo disappear (there is no /Q or quiet oiption).

    you have to reregister each year on avast! website for a free license

    So the registration expires after a year? Sounds annoying to me.

    Oh well it's just once a year. Usually with commercial antiviruses you have to renew the subscription each year. Wasting 2-3 minutes to request a new key on the website is not all that awful :P

    If you use avast! you can just enable email and web/p2p scan so you won't need the bootup and resident scan anymore (you can scan manually floppies and cds that you want to use with the explorer shell extension). This will save you from all those nasty and boring slowdowns.

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