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  1. Hello I found out that my nlited XP still keeps the english keyboard layout even if I removed all layouts but the italian one.

    1. Any idea if it can be removed from nlite or if there's a windows command to remove it after XP has installed?
    2. Does somebody here knows if there's a way to disable extended text services?
    3. (This has nothing to do with regional settings) Does somebody knows if it's normal that HFNETChk (v1.x) gives me the following missing patches:
      Patch NOT Installed MS04-041 Q885836
      Warning MS05-049 Q900725
      Patch NOT Installed MPSB-0507 Q913433
      even if I integrated the first 2° and the 3° one is installed with the postinstall

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I used nLite to slipstream a MCE DVD from a DELL system... Media Center WOULD NOT WORK until after I re-installed .NET v1.0, v1.1 SP1, and v2.0, followed by the Rollup 2 package.

    After installing the Rollup 2 package, all was fine. I was very worried there for a second.

    Was that MCE 2005 or 2004? As long as I know MCE 2005 doesn't install well if the framework 1.0 is removed from the DVD components folder (there's a MCE component called SONIC BURNING ENGINE that gives an error during the setup if the framework is not present).

  3. I dont know if that is possible with NSIS. Anyway, I dont see it very useful.

    My sister has a crappy celeron laptop where XPize can take up to half an hour (!) for every silent install. The only way to see if it's still running is checking the task manager this is why I made this suggestion. But if it's hard to implement then nevermind.

  4. Look in the changelog that is supplied with the WPI download it has been done you just need to save different configs and call them.

    * Added command line support to specify different config and user options


    WPI.hta options=useroptions_mritter.js config=config_mritter.js check=Work timer=30

    If a path is not specified for the file, it will assume they are in


    It will still check for:

    WPI.hta Work 30

    for backwards compatibility. But update your tags, please. They will probably

    change in the future. Thanks to Dje again for the code and help.

    NOTE: Paths can be full (starting with a drive letter) or relative to WPI.hta

    (starting with '.\' or '..\') and must end in '.js'. Spaces are supported only

    is a path is provided and properly quoted: (config="c:\space in\file path.js").

    No I meant something more direct: now you're forced to show the interface because 0 value doesn't work for the timer. Opening the progress dialog without the wpi interface being shown would be great.

  5. As some of you may know some windows hotfix can be installed with the /passive switch that pratically shows the install progress dialog but doesn't allow user interaction. Wouldn't that be useful for XPize too? The installation often takes a lot of time on slow PCs this way somebody could see what is XPize doing in the meanwhile.

  6. Is it in any way possible to add Server 2003 R2?

    On my 2003 multiboot dvd all the 2003 SP1 versions (en/de, volumelicense/oem) work fine.

    I tried adding R2, by applying the hack method from server 2003 sp1 to setupldr.bin, with no success. it always gives an error.

    (i believe it was the "couldnt find netldr" error).

    appreciate any help

    Can't a normal 2003 become a R2 if you install the MSI in the 2° 2003 R2 cd?

  7. I think it's safe to remove win messenger for remote assistance :unsure:

    don't have any answers for your question exactly but you can totally remove win messenger 4 and 5.1.

    No live messenger's remote assistance doesn't work with windows messenger removed. I don't know if removing it and replacing it with messenger 5.1 will still keep remote assistance features that's why I asked.

  8. I wanted to remove windows messenger from nlite and reinstall it with the updated version from MS website (it's 5.1 or something like that). Does somebody here knows if:

    1) windows update will propose me the messenger hotfix even with windows messenger not present

    2) remote assistance will still work after installing windows messenger 5.1 after the original windows messenger has been removed with nlite

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I also have this problem, when using MicrosoftUpdate. I figured out, that this happens if you have a lot of msi-files in the folder %Windir%\Installer. MSUpdate opens several files in this folder to check something, but I don't have any idea what the updater checks in this folder.

    It checks for external applications, for example office and windows desktop search. **** I wish there was a way to fix this mess I don't want to update office by hand every time.

  10. Go to the regular Windows Update link from within IE, then click "Change Settings" on the left, then tick the box at the bottom on the right to check only for Windows updates, then click the apply button.

    it worked for me :thumbup no more high cpu/mem usage at startup

    Yes but you lose office updates and as you may know there are a lot of critical exploits coming out for office files. If you use outlook 2003 as a email client you can't keep automatic updates turned off.

  11. Tried using Windows Update instead of Microsoft Update?

    Go to the regular Windows Update link from within IE, then click "Change Settings" on the left, then tick the box at the bottom on the right to check only for Windows updates, then click the apply button.

    Now try an Express check and watch svchost.exe CPU usage - is it reasonable?

    I can't leave automatic updates turned off and I also need microsoft update because it updates automatically office (and there are worms spreading through .ppt and .doc files).

  12. Automatic Updates should only kick in when you visit the Windows Update site manually or at the daily scheduled check time if it's enabled, like 3am.

    Why should it be a problem if a single-CPU system hits 100% utilisation during the check?

    Or are you saying that it remains constantly at 100% even once the check is complete?

    The number of checks the system is doing is quite extensive, so it doesn't surprise me that it's an exhaustive process - I just did a check for updates on a Windows 2003 SP1 dual-CPU system and it (svchost.exe -k netsvcs) hit 50% utilisation, so it's definitely a single thread under the AU service which is "busy" during the check.

    After the check the cpu usage goes back to normal but the problem is that the check even on fast systems last for at least 3-4 minutes, on a celeron 1000 I have it lasts for 30 minutes!! While it's checking new applications can't be launched and the system is very slow.

    Everytime new updates are released automatic updates hangs slow computers for hours because the checks are so long that wu connection goes time out so it has to start from scratch every time. It's really awful.

  13. I have a Dell Notebook which was reman. and came with XP Media Center. I bought an XP Pro upgrade and when I go to install it it states that the "Product key does not match". I triple checked the characters. I also disable Norton Internet Security & Antivirus. The Upgrade came in a sealed package.

    I have never had this trouble before with an upgrade to XP Pro. :(

    Any ideas?

    Err do you know that Media Center is an XP pro? The only thing it can't do is joining a domain but for the rest it's identical.

  14. Am I the only one that sees SVCHOST.exe cpu usage going to 100% when checking for updates on Microsoft Update website? I'm completely sure that the 100% cpu usage is caused by the automatic updates service because if I terminate that service the cpu usage stops.

    I had this problem on all of my computers (5) and I'm pretty sure a lot of people in this forum had this problem too. Does somebody here managed to fix it?

  15. It can't be fixed? Isn't there a way to have XPize change the sizes of the color picker editboxes?

    Probably with resahcker, but it won't be "universal", that is, available for all languages

    Why? Can't reshacker just alter the editbox size instead of replacing the entire dialog?

  16. I noticed KB885250 OS update patch for ITA isn't listed here. Does MCE require this one?

    I had a problem with Nlite v1.0.1 when trying to include it in my XP Home and Pro version when it was put before KB885835. (Numeric order).

    I could directly integrate KB885835, but when just just patching the OS without direct integration, nlite

    would complain about an unknown error occurred when it got to KB885835. If I did KB885835 by itself

    either by direct or non-direct integration, it would be ok. Thus, Nlite has a problem here IMHO.

    I was wondering if nlite keeps track of the latest version of the file being integrated or not as

    the KB files are merged. Do I have to integrate files in a certain order to guarantee that the only

    file version used in all the KB's being integrated is the newest one?

    If it's not in my list it means that it has been replaced by a cumulative patch (maybe a MCE patch). The integrated hotfixes + some other MCE specific ones integrated with a postinstall make my installations show 0 available updates on WU. Unless WU screwes up the italian updates for MCE.

  17. Hm it integrates fine with me...probably MCE special thing then.

    Lately more and more MCE posts and every time I have to say that nLite doesn't support it yet.

    While that is a fact, it's also a fact that with your reports it will be supported some day...when I download a trial, currently at a slow connection.

    Saved this in todo...until then either replace that file by hand or someone else will confirm it and we'll see the reason.

    Yes I already knew it does integrate well on normal XP this is why I wrote "is wrongly integrated on MCE" in the topic name. My adsl connection doesn't work well right now so I can't try to see if one of them gives problem because windows update takes ages to load.

  18. Well which version does nlite use, be sure, don't just guess default windows file?

    It may be that xpize changed the file checksum then all would be fine you would just need to ignore the hotfix or skip that file with xpize (probably overwrite with clean file after xpize).

    The version is different from the one present in the KB902400 package: it's the version included in the windows cd.

  19. If integration went well except that file that's no reason to panic.

    And it's easier to mantain personal list of only needed hotfixes.

    What could be is that some other hotfix overwritten that file with his newer version, are you sure you're using only public hotfixes?

    I will try that file just to be sure.

    I pratically installed a clean MCE on a virtual machine, I went on WU and wrote on paper all the hotfixes. WU for MCE sucks sometimes it reports wrong updates (for example sometimes it reports update rollup 1 for MCE even if it's old) it took me 2 days to find out the correct list of updates so don't rely on WU use my list instead. Those are all MS fixes and I also integrated last version of XPize (I don't know if it contains such DLL since I couldn't extract its archive).

    Also the KB902400 has the last version of that DLL so it is strange that nlite doesn't use the latest version.

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