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  1. I love this site and learned a lot of tricks to slipstream WinXP. :thumbup

    However, I found that for non-service pack update, the update files won't be embedded directly into windows source cab files. They just copy itself and run at later stage (~87%?) of installation. Is it possible to extract those update files and add directly into the source cab? It can save the installation time and valuable disc space.

    I am sorry if this problem has been thoroughly discussed before :whistle:

    nLite can do that job for you.

  2. Here's how to integrate the new April WGA (and probably future versions).

    1) install windows xp sp2 on a clean machine (or a virtual machine)

    2) install windows update agent on the clean xp sp2 install

    3) access windows update, click on one of the 2 button (rapid or custom)

    4) wait windows update to ask you to install the new windows update version

    5) click on the double-arrows button to see if it only shows the wga fix (I don't remember the kb num right now)

    6) start installing it but WHEN the download completes and the "Installing blabla ..." message shows press the Cancel button immediately.

    7) Open c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution folder and search for the *Legit*.dll file

    8) Copy the directory that contain that file somewhere else

    9) That directory will contain the wga april hotfix that you can integrate or you can use it to create a sfx that will run "update\update.exe /passive" after extraction.

    If you want you can replace the legitcheckcontrol.dll with a "customized" version just make sure modifype has been run on it...

  3. the answer is simple: don't use a firewall or use the one integrated in windows (with it you avoid worms connecting to your port (don't worry with an updated windows they can just connect and nothing more but that's still useless traffic)): if you bind the correct protocols to the connections then you won't have problems.

    Knowing which programs try to connect to internet is most of the time nosense since if you are scared of trojans or worms then if you get a decent antivirus like kaspersky you won't probably ever encounter one of them. Also blocking incoming connections unless there will be a new windows remote exploit out would be senseless since you probably would patch your windows first (and also you can set up automatic updates).

    Just dump all that firewall stuff, setting it up for an home enviroment is just wasted time and also most worms now turn off firewalls directly so you won't even find out that you're unprotected.

  4. **** to all those programs requiring SP1 or 2 at setup time. You can be sure - they will NEVER need any SP feature, never. GRRR

    Alright, well, I want to install a program on my XP SP0 system that (pretends to) needs Service Pack 2. I don't want to install SP2, so I prefer to fake the windows version, if possible. I tried to simply replace version.dll but it didn't work. Anyone got an idea how to do this?

    Just create a windows cd with sp2 integrated on it and install it on another hd or partition to see if it runs fine. Most service pack problems comes from upgrades and not from fresh installs. If it still gives problems then something's wrong with the sp2 drivers, just integrate bashrat the sneaky's driverpacks (you can find them on this forum) and the problem should be fixed.

    Losing hours just to reverse an sp2 is completely nosense when in less than half an hour you can reinstall windows entirely.

  5. I totally dig XPize and what it does. 'Nuf said on that, many others have already said more than I can.

    I do have _one_ slight issue though, but I'm not entirely sure about to how to go about it.

    Icon backgrounds look sweet, regardless of theme. Dialogs rock, also regardless of theme.

    Not all of the animated work looks so great though, in particular one that I end up staring at a lot.


    The white bordering around the icons in the transfer window in this theme (a personally made one, but other dark themes also have this problem) is mildly annoying. Is there a way you might be able to "tighten" the edges around the borders, or failing that, can I manually edit that resource file and have XPize Settings apply the "corrected" without re-installing it?

    The problem is that avi (and also all graphic formats windows supports except .ico) can have only 1 transparent color so you will have to remake completely the frames of the .avi files for the file transfers animations with a dark background and then repatch the shell32.dll file with the correct ones.

  6. I like dk10 mainly since the pro premium edition supports XPx64 & integrates into computer management.

    For all other purposes, I still prefer dk9 & thats what I run on 32bit XP.

    dk10 still needs a major refining of the UI (& this is admitted by diskeeper corp themselves) - its totally unusable on any resolution less than 1280x1024.

    i agree with the ui issues, but i think it still gets the job done

    What's wrong with the ui? it works fine even with 1024x768

  7. I got burned on Diskeeper pretty bad back around version 7. The program actually corrupted system files on a few dozen workstations. I'm sure they've probably resolved all that long ago, but as the old saying goes "God forgives, I don't". I switched to PerfectDisk which has never failed me and has excellent management through Group Policy.

    I had a different problem strangely my pc was rebooting when using perfectdisk so I switched to diskeeper (even if old versions sucked).

    yea, any way to take out more?

    You can try moving only the msi file in an empty folder and then launch it and start installing, then copy every file the setup says it's missing one by one in the msi folder (remember to preserve the folders structure) until the setup completes. Maybe some files are unneeded but most of the size is still caused by the msi file so I don't think it's really worth to spend any more time with it. If you still want to try that then tell me the unneeded files (if there are any) so I can update the post.

    The important thing is that the setup is not 60mb anymore :P

  8. Its easy to install Xpize with nLITE, and also to copy the theme and use it in windows...

    however, things like:

    Reloader, Task Switch, Settings in control panel...etc

    how can i integrate these in nLITE? or cant you...cause if you cant, whats the point in integrating it then? unless i guess u install JUST the extras after?????

    You can't integrate them. Integration is made because if for example one of your windows files gets corrupt when windows asks the cd it will copy the old files with the old ugly resources. If instead you patch the windows sources then the copied file will have the xpized resources. That's all. Running the installer with the /s switch after windows installation has been completed instead of integrating only is a good idea. Unfortunately you can't enable xpize reloader etc with the /s switch :( I asked for that just yesterday in the forum.

  9. iCandy? why..this is XPize. Regarding size, I love the 64x64 ones, but if people want I can add the 48x48 instead in next version.

    iCandy just because I think that's the best winrar theme available :P

    probably you have an high resolution 64x64 is really too big for 800x600/1024x768 monitors

  10. Surely the setup can be slimmed down more, I didn't want to check out all the files, I just moved the entire folders. The problem is that the .msi is 6mb in size so it takes a lot of space and also docs etc are very big. Probably it can get even smaller by using 7zip however I hate losing a lot of time for making 7zip installers every time that's why I used winrar instead.

    BTW If you give a look at diskeeper 10 new features, like the one that finds out the fastest part of your hard disk and puts most accessed files there probably you would switch immediately from perfectdisk to diskeeper :P

  11. Sorry, I'm new to the whole Winrar SFX scripting thing, but how would you setup the commands? I understand the MSI portion, I don't know how it works within a WinRAR SFX, though.



    Wait there's a simpler way:

    click on the "Comment" tab of the dialog that appears when creating a new archive and then type the following:

    ;The followindg comment contains commands for the sfx script

    Setup="Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition.msi" /QN



  12. Err I'm sorry to ask this but why would you make a windows xp just for games? The performance gain you can get from a dual-core system with 2gb of ram by using a slimmed down windows may be something like 1/2 fps. The only thing that can really speed up games are last video drivers (or custom video drivers like omega drivers that perform slightly better than other ones).

    BTW why don't you use bashrat the sneaky's driverpacks? They have all graphics drivers inside and they're very very easy to integrate.

  13. I was looking for the switches to enable tahoma font, xpize controlpanel shortcut, xpize reloader and also a switch to disable winrar/emule themes but I couldn't find any of them in the xpize website. Any ideas if such switches exist?

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