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  1. making this guide a sticky is not recommended as it is not always possible to restore a removed component and often requires the installation cd to be remade. You should always be very careful with what you are removing!

    Where's the problem just put a big warning to warn the user that they should use that as last resource. Or at least if you don't want to put it sticky at least put visible references in the other sticky threads or in the nLite FAQ.

    And why don't you bookmark the thread when you find it?

    I've saw it only one but I thought it was linked in the sticky threads however I was wrong and i've never been able to find it again. I've searched: "restore nlite components", "restore remove components", "reinstall removed components", "reinstall components", "add removed components" and a lot more other different combinations and none of those searchs showed me the page. At the end after even trying to search it through service names (!) I still wasn't able to find it.

  2. Exporer crashes to ordinary users & power users showing msg that

    The application failed to initialize properly. Error (0x00000022)

    on my nlited s/m.

    admin account works normally

    (i xpized the i386 and then installed xpize after installation of XP and then Vista Transformation pack 5)

    later i removed vtp 5.

    no problem till here

    after 5 days the problem started

    You have used 2 applications, XPize and VTP 5, that alter system files (expecially explorer.exe): those utilities are probably the source of your problem. I don't see why explorer.exe should crash when nlite doesn't alter files that have to do with explorer.

  3. It didnt work for me. When installing it is pointed at :\WPI instead of :\Install

    Let me be clear, i have :\WPI and :\Install and :\$OEM$ that is it.

    Hmm, it just works fine for me. But I do not have :\WPI, on my disc it is :\Install\WPI, :\Install\Programme and :\Install\Treiber so WPI is in the Install folder. If you want, you can download this archive and see my structure in there. But the explanations are german. :(

    P.S.: Sorry for not answering your PM, I had some problems with my Internet in the last days.

    I have tryed that way too (:\Install\WPI ) and it doesnt work for me.

    It works perfectly for me you surely didn't use the correct environment variables to invoke the files.

    What do you means with "you surely didn't use the correct environment variables to invoke the files"?

    Maybe you need to read this too: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry553557

    I keep the Install folder in the cd root and I never had a problem with it. The problem you're having is related to the CMD command that uses as its path the WPI one and doesn't have a switch to specify another path. Learn to use START(startx) and the /PATH switch and you will solve the problem.

  4. It didnt work for me. When installing it is pointed at :\WPI instead of :\Install

    Let me be clear, i have :\WPI and :\Install and :\$OEM$ that is it.

    Hmm, it just works fine for me. But I do not have :\WPI, on my disc it is :\Install\WPI, :\Install\Programme and :\Install\Treiber so WPI is in the Install folder. If you want, you can download this archive and see my structure in there. But the explanations are german. :(

    P.S.: Sorry for not answering your PM, I had some problems with my Internet in the last days.

    I have tryed that way too (:\Install\WPI ) and it doesnt work for me.

    It works perfectly for me you surely didn't use the correct environment variables to invoke the files.

  5. Yo,

    Assuming it's true that WPI in effect performs a START /WAIT on each command line, (it would have to wouldn't it?) -- anyway, what about if you want to perform a command, eg a taskkill command, in the middle of the install?

    ie if you get a screen asking you if you want to reboot even though you're using the silent switch, if you could run a taskkill command that shuts down all process image names that end in .tmp (which is what a MSG box extension always is) then you could do automatically kill it without resorting to AutoIT trickery.

    Couldn't you easily add a yes/no option that turns off the /WAIT, but adds a configurable delay before starting the next program? Does WPI have a function or system for command-line configurable delays during runtime? It should, and there's heaps of little apps that will do the job. I use WAIT.EXE for all my delays, but I can't remember where I got it from. I can check if you want.

    Or is there another way to do this ...

    Just invoke the application you don't want WPI to wait for with another start command.

  6. @nicw19: The profiles you are referring to are called Configurations in WPI. What you do is go to Options -> Installer -> List of configurations choices. Enter as many profile names as wanted: Work,Home,School,Mark,Anna. Then in Config -> Configurations for each item you assign what Configuration(s) it belongs to. It can be 1 or all, just pick them from the drop down menu.

    Back in the main window under "Selections" pick a config and it will check only the ones assigned to it, unchecking all the others. Or in command line

    wpi.hta check=Mark

    That is how you make one master config with multiple profiles. This will be in the new manual I am writing for 5.4.

    The items that doesn't have the active configuration assigned should be hidden.

    If you have an item 'Firefox' only assigned to configurations Mark and Anna, the item 'Firefox' should not be visible in the list when you choose the configuration Home.

    Then you can equal profiles with configurations.

    You can create different config files to keep applications separed what you are asking is a real mess to implement (and surely it will require more than a Save button to get it working)

  7. Configuration and Profile is not the same to me. It's possible to save different config-files I know, but that's not what I intend to do.

    If you have many computers to install it's not handy to have for each another config with different applications. When you want to add an application to each computers installation you have to update a lot of configurations. :(

    It would be much easier to have one configuration and based on it many profiles, which contain the selection of applications. So you would have only to maintian the one configuration and also only one to update.

    To update the profile you only would have to check the new available applications in the main screen and save it, that's it.

    Profile is for me some kind like the default switch in the configuration with the difference, that the profile results out of the selected applications in main screen.

    I think you didn't look at WPI well: there are profiles and the profiles are ONLY used to automatically select the default switches of the items. However they aren't saved as you want: you have to edit the configuration and specify for each item the profiles where it should be selected by default.

  8. Look in the changelog that is supplied with the WPI download it has been done you just need to save different configs and call them.


    It would be interesting to save selections as profiles seperated from the config.

    So you have the possibility to maintain your one config independent from profiles you like to install.

    You could prepare different profiles for the same config and install them unattended by calling them through the command line.

    Thats my wish for WPI 5.4

    What would the sense of that be? You can already create as much profiles as you want and install them from the command line.

  9. Have you tries looking up that error code on google???

    nitro: duh!!!!!! have you anything less intelligent to say? go back play with your lego blocks or please be helpful :whistle: My question was about how come windows stacks so many devices on IRQ 20-23 and how to spread that a bit. Why does it stop at 23, when I though anyway irq could not go over 15?

    francesco: my hard drives are Seagates, and yes I do have a nforce mobo.

    I also was having 0x000000F4 bsod and I think the fix for it fixed also my 0x00000077 bsod... didn't get it in a day, hope it'll keep this way :angel

    Usually those 2 errors have to do with HDs, for example when they're broken or there are problems with the power supply.

  10. I think you have a NFORCE mb and a Maxtor SATA2 HD. Is that so? If so I suggest you to change the HD as soon as possible because it's incompatible with your MB. If you can't return it then you have to disable SATA2.

  11. @Francesco: your idea has some merit, but not really necessary. If anything, get an actual of the number of command calls in all the configs (this one has 1, that one has 3, that has 2, etc....) and base it on that. Number of completed commands, not just number of completed entries. 6 of 1, half a dozen of another.......

    Calculating it on the number of commands instead of the command file sizes for each item is the same for me it's still an improvement. Also getting the size of the command sometimes it's inaccurate, for example if you use msiexec to launch an installer. The code however will be pratically the same: instead of summing the size of each file of the commands you just have to sum 1 for each command.

  12. @kev_147: idea printed out so I don't forget. Should be no problem at all.

    @Francesco: First idea, not sure if you mean to show the progress of the current installer or still over all. Clarify it a bit for me. Second idea, I already have a plan for the those lines similar to what you mentioned. The only thing holding me back is that it will affect the config.js file for EVERYONE. Will need to write porting script to update them. But still on my to-do list.

    Application 1:

    - Command1=path\setup1.exe (size=30mb)

    - Command2=path\setup2.exe (size=40mb)

    Application 2:

    - Command1=path\setup1.exe (size=10mb)

    - Command2=path\setup2.exe (size=20mb)

    First of call calcolate the sum of all the sizes of the executable that the command points to:

    TOTALSUM =30+40+10+20;

    then create a new variable with a 0 value


    and after each command has been executed just sum to that variable the size of the last executed command


    Then you will just need to make CURRENTSUM/TOTALSUM to find out the current percent of commands execution.

    For example:

    After command1 of application 1 has been executed the percent will be 30/100 = 30%

    After command2 of application 1 has been executed the percent will be 70/100 = 70%

    and so on.

    Naturally you should make an if to find out if TOTALSUM = 0 before setting the percentbar value because in that case CURRENTSUM/TOTALSUM would cause a divide by zero exception.

  13. I switched back to WindowsUpdate und searched for Office-Hotfixes seperately. This is a **** stupid bug.

    With the latest office 0day exploits you can get infected by worms just by opening a word file this is why downloading all the office hotfixes by hand is not a good idea.

  14. I have auto updates disabled but when updating I get the same problem...
    Whether you visit Microsoft Update/Windows Update manually or the system does its automatic check, the code being executed is common (otherwise it would be a duplication and 2 sets of code to maintain & patch).

    The current workarounds are to switch from Microsoft Update (back) to Windows Update, or to clear the .MSI files in the %systemroot%\Installer folder.

    If you clear the MSI files you can't uninstall anything without the installer. **** somebody should report this to MS to have this mess fixed.

  15. I also have another suggestion however this surely takes too long to get implemented in a single version change. Pratically removing all the Command1 Command2 Command3 and replacing everything with a big list box that allows the user to insert every action they want to perform (for example integrate a registry file execute an application register a dll and so on) also it would be cool to have the same listbox for application requirements (for example MBs of ram CPU type or things like that). That would be really really cool and also easy to use because there won't be only commands anymore but the users could have wpi perform different tasks other than executing files.

  16. What about giving more space in the percent bar to bigger setup files? It's not that hard just sum all the file sizes of the commands and then start from 0 when the progress dialog starts and use (CURRENTSUMOFSIZES)/TOTALSUM to find out the current percentual of installation.

  17. It protects native language and keyboard...if your Windows are English it's normal. It's used during setup and beyond.

    If it's Italian Windows then let me know....but even then I would prefer to keep it, it's kinda default fallback option.

    The problem is that often users press the wrong keyboard combinations and they switch keyboard layout without realizing it. I can't disable the key combinations because some of the users don't use italian keyboard.

    2. Control panel - Regional settings - Languages - Details - Advanced

    I meant a windows command to include in my unattended setup

  18. Any idea if the english keyboard layout can be removed? I have italian xp so I don't need it. I've searched for any command to delete those pesky keyboard layouts but I wasn't able to find any. Any idea if nlite will ever support english keyboard removal?

  19. ....

    Yes, I've removed NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS into my slipstream MCE 2005.

    With your suggestion, I will tray a new slipstream with "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS protocoll" abled.



    I had tray, but didn't resolve it.

    It's very dificult to understand.

    I had tray with event log, but when the installation don't complete, the event says :"Installation completed".

    If someone has other suggestion, he's well acepted.

    I would like understand, because original MCE 2005 need 30 min, but my slipstream MCE only 15 min and >50 % into hard drive.

    Thank you,


    Try to see if you removed host for universal plug&play and SSPD service

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