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  1. Thanks, everyone. I think I may have access to a XP Home CD so that should work just fine. Let me reiterate that this is my brother's HP computer. I know better and build my own. I would have built one for him but he is an instant gratification sort of guy. Again, thanks for all the input.
  2. You're probably right about all that so this may no longer be unattended territory, but my brother must have a license and key for Windows XP Home. So it there a way to get a legal copy of Windows XP Home without a license and key (i.e. just the software)? Would calling up HP do any good?
  3. My brother bought an HP computer a while ago and he's finally gotten sick of all the crap that came installed on it. The easiest way to fix this would be a clean install of just Windows XP Home, but of course the computer didn't come with it. It just came with a partition with the necessary files to reinstall if necessary. He also created some recovery discs incase that partition is damaged. Is there any way to get the necessary files to make an unattended disc from these two sources? It appears he can't access the partition (encryption or something) and the recovery discs (around 6 I think) are a mess of files. This is my first post so feel free to shun me if I broke any rules, etc.

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