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  1. Also using 'Use Small Icons' in the taskbar properties helped me, it might help you too.. (its too large by default, really!)
  2. Most of the time the ISO is either corrupted or incomplete, i would suggest comparing your build number's hashes to the ones that are known on that build also compare the iso size. If they dont match, re-download is the only option
  3. What i'd do is take your disks out of the raid setup and run a diagnostic on them individually (please do backup before you do this) Easyest way to do this is change your Chip mode to IDE/S-ATA instead of raid. once you put the chip back on Raid it will reform your Raid setup, however due to the error you are getting im not 100% sure if that will happen. Checking your Memory with memtest (UBCD is great for that, also for your hdd diagnostics)might also be smart. If your disks turn out to be in great shape, then there is little more to do as fiddling with a raid can result in all data being unusable. if you desperately want to get rid of this error (and your disks are 100% fault free) take them out of the raid, lowlvl format them, remake the raid and reinstall or put your data back on there. Lowlvl format might be a bit extreme just rebuilding the raid might work too but better safe then sorry. Also check if your PSU is powerfull enough for the computer you have. edit: i just saw your specs, if thats what your current setup looks like check if your overclock is still stable, corruption can also occur cause of overclocking. Edit2: Check your s-ata cables too! IMSM can be quite annoying if one is a little loose.
  4. Yeah i Known it ... But it's but this is strange i must say it's a bug in my point of view ... If it's not ready, since only wave0 released, why to show up MUI in WU if does not match version... yeah its surely not intended by microsoft, tho their fix for this is probably just updating the MUI packages on the updater. wich in turn will take some time. ps: i PMed you a little something that might be of assistance.
  5. something mightve been transferred trough a removable media (usb stick/external hdd) Check if you can find anything matching your errors in msconfig or hijackthis
  6. i think some of the MUI Packages have yet to be 'updated' thus are actually for sp1. However if the force is strong with you, google will be your best friend in finding 'SP2' MUI packages wich will match your language (since most of them havent actually been 'officially' been released by M$)
  7. Glad you solved it yourself, With Win7 going rtm soonish it might be working better
  8. how about telling us what brand your raid chip is and what type if windows isnt doing it for you maybe we can
  9. indeed Eset NOD32 or Eset Smart Security(if you really want a firewall) are really amazing products, barely take ANY Resource at all, dont whine about little things, update silently and only bother you when something is really wrong. Sidenote would be that Both NOD32 and Smart Security are in x86 or x64 variants i have tested these on Win7, both 32 and 64bit and they work great!
  10. Hello and thanks for reading. My question regards if its possible to completely integrate Vista SP1 into an OEM DVD? (i'll clarify) Ive searched the internet regarding this but ive only been able to find the vLite method where you choose a version to integrate your SP1 and possible other modifications, now i dont want this at all. i want a Vista SP1 DVD where you can choose any version you want to install! and not make 6-8(x86/x64) diffrent DVD's just because of this limitation. it must be possible to do this, microsoft even supplies these disks and ISO's(from technet/msdn) so is this possible to do ? Where SP1 would be integrated for all versions on the Installation DVD and you would be able to pick all the versions on the dvd and install them with just 1 dvd?
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