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  1. I would think that /unattend would do it silently. Not having installed the RC in this way, I'm leary about saying what will or will not work. It would be my guess that you could do it from RunOnceEx. The only way to find out is try it... Cheers, Jim
  2. Actually, I thought about that for a second. The main problem is you cannot do it silently. At least I don't know how to install it silently. Edit: I did find this: http://www.theforumz.com/forumz/showthread...?threadid=46962 I have not tried this out so use at your own risk. The only disadvantage is that you will be prompted with a boot menu at startup. Not a problem with users who already have multiple OSs installed. Single OS users might find it annoying. Cheers, Jim
  3. $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes\wallpaper.bmp wallpaper.bmp can, of course, be whatever you want. Cheers, Jim
  4. What [bM]Crusher means is that you cannot load the recovery console from your 'unattended CD'. Since it is running unattended, you will not be given the option to load the recovery console. You could still use the original cd or install the console onto your hard drive. Our repsonses are not mutually exclusive. Jim
  5. Another option: After you have placed the .msstyles file in the appropriate place, windows\resources\themes\theme-name\theme.msstylesYou can double-click the msstyles file which will bring up the display properties appearance tab. From there, you can choose whatever settings you want. You can then go to the 'themes' tab and save your theme. Check and make sure that the theme you downloaded is not just an update. Sometimes people will upload an update to their themes that do not include all of the original files. Good Luck, Jim Edit: I should add that the name of the folder which contains the msstyles file generally should be the same as the msstyles file. ex: Themes\Deepblue\Deepblue.msstyles
  6. You can install the recovery console onto your hard disk and it will be displayed on the boot menu. 1) Insert your Windows XP CD into the Drive. 3) Close the 'Welcome to Windows XP' window if it appears. 2) From the command prompt or Start Menu>Run, enter: e:\I386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons 3) Follow the installation instructions. e: should be changed to the drive letter that represents your CDRom. After installation, the CD will no longer be required to run the recovery console.
  7. Thanks! That's what I need. No problem with the compression. 46k is a lot better than 311k. I'll test it out and report back if anyone is interested. Thanks again!
  8. I see. I'm not sure. Do you mean if you slipstream sp1a into a sp1 distribution? I was planning on slipstreaming sp1a (or a modified sp1 without the vm) into the XP rtm. You wouldn't happen to have the update.inf for sp1a handy, would you? It's in the update directory of XPSP1a sfx cab. Jim
  9. I thought that the VM was not part of the original release of XP. Or am I not understanding what you mean, Alanoll.
  10. Thanks Rayok. That's what I've been doing but I'd like to just get rid of it altogether. If I can't do it, I'll just download SP1a. I Should be able to do it over night. Cheers, Jim
  11. Hello, I have the XP Service Pack 1 CD. To avoid downloading SP1a, I want to remove msjava from XPSP1.exe. What I plan on doing is removing msjavx86.exe from the sfx cab and repack it. I've been going throung the update.inf and figured it might be a lot easier just using the update.inf from XPSP1a. Will this work and if so, can someone upload update.inf for sp1a? I've searched for related posts on this forum and elsewhere but no joy. Thanks, Jim
  12. I haven't tried it yet but I was considering adding my drivers to 'driver.cab' which resides in the I386 folder on the XP CD. Driver.cab ans sp1.cab end up in drivercache/I386 folder. I'm curious if anyone has used that approach. If it works, you could potentially save quite a bit of space having your oem drivers in the cab file.

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