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  1. Desktop Shortcut

    I would like to go with OEM Folder, and do not find a reason why its not getting copied, because I have other OEM info and bmp as well in there. OemPreinstall=Yes is there in winnt.sif what else could be the reason? And by the way Geej, how do I run this inf, if you could tell me step by step? Bu I was more interested in OEM Folders to run.
  2. Desktop Shortcut

    Tried this, nothing got placed onto the desktop.
  3. Hi All, I have my own business of computer repairs and services. I would like to create an unattended disk, though I have learnt the major process. There's one thing which I would like to have. I would like to have a desktop shortcut to my website, so that it gets placed on the desktop when we install windows. Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. HI all, First of all, it is a question regarding my admission to Graphic Design Course. I got this offer from 1 of the college, and they have asked me to submit my 3 art samples printed and to describe it in 50 to 100 words. Now I need help here, how do I do this. Like what kind of art samples should I have to be accepted in course. I will appreciate your help towards this. Thanks Mukesh
  5. Hi....need Help

    my wiint.sif file and sorry easy, I coudn't understand what you said, but yeah here's my winnt.sif file, and i took the snapshot at t-18, so the setup can take time to look for files... but when it reaches t-13 and t-12, a CMD.EXe window appears and then goes away, and after that the setup goes fast....!
  6. Hi....need Help

    when the project runs on virtual machine, and suppose whether xplode launches or doesn't launches, where do we see the xplode.log file...... in the virtual OS machine?????????? OR in the host machine, real machine????????? And one more question! OR is it necessary to run the whole setup till the end, cause i have to wait till the setup ends....!!!!!! OR can't I do like this, that sppose I want xplode to run at T-12 via cmdlines.txt, but suppose it doesn't run at T-13, can't I stop that setup in VMware?????
  7. Hi....need Help

    whatever you guys says ....i change that too..... but nothing works....why??...! Am i doing something really wrong??...!
  8. Hi....need Help

    Hi easy.........OK i edited that what you told me for cmdlines.txt it still doesn't launches xplode.....! Any reason??... I opened it up with IE, no errors at all.......still problems! Mukesh
  9. Hi....need Help

    Hi easy.................. I tried the way you asked me too........didn't work at all... But one window CMD.exe appears and then it disappears suddenly, and then the installation goes further to finish......................in the meantime, no xplode launches....i don't know why! I changed this file to add log, but .....' cmdlines.txt xplode.xml this is the same structure as you told me....like cmdlines.txt finds xplode.exe which looks for xplode.xml file with the log, and then xplode.xml file looks for apps or registry accord to xplode.xml paths....!! but in my case, everything looks fine, but i dunno why it doesn't lauches it up..! Help me..! Mukesh Thanks
  10. Hi....need Help

    Hi easy......after the variable #SOURCEPATH# in the two lines, it says one folder DIRECTX9 and the other folder HOTFIXES.............................. what i want to know is that are these two folders on the root of the CD, with the i386, support folders.???????
  11. Hi....need Help

    but @easy....i do not want to run the software installation after the logon....i want almost everything at t-13 or t-9..around that time
  12. Hi....need Help

    @ Versius Nothing happened Versius, none responsed...!
  13. Hi....need Help

    @ easy........................ Are you running all the xplode related things from the CD??.....
  14. Hi....need Help

    I think mine is same as yours Versius.....isn't it??.... But don't know why isn't it running??
  15. Hi....need Help

    OK....I guess cannot start xplode due to some wrong things...! Can I chnage the processing of xplode ....to see if it works for me or not...! Now i think I would like to copy all the files to the HDD , and then run those application from the HDD by Xplode which will be called from the CD/DVD...! How's this possible??.... I am not sure, but I change things in here....tell me where are they wrong?? cmdlines.txt xplode.cmd xplode.xml