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  1. No but if he was at least i'd beable to proove what he had done cause it would be all over the net ha ha.
  2. Hi can anyone help me again. When i open the properties on a excel file and then go to advanced summary why is it that on the last date saved the date can be changed? Isn't there somewhere that the date should be fixed so that a file can be accurately dated?
  3. Thanks for the advice it is much appreciated all that i have now will save my job.
  4. Hi i am recently going through an employment tribunal and part of the evidence that could proove my innocence was on an excel file on the works computer. When it turned up it was corrupted now i managed to open the file by using a program called ExcelFIX which was fantastic as now i can proove my innocence. I have got to perform this in front of the tribunal. What i would like to know is could someone tell me how to corrupt an excel file so i can also replicate this with a warning that the file is corrupted so i can show the tribunal how this could be done so long as the warning has corrupt
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