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  1. dear friends, im new in dism; when i command dism to unmount the image, it erases all the folder where was mounted (normal), but give me a message "unsucessfull" saying that image was not unmounted properly, and sice that, when i try to mount again, it says that is already mounted; i only can solve that erasing manually the folder... thanks, davila
  2. thank you all, guys! ill try run under xp...
  3. dear friends, im new on this forum, and salute to all! ive already used hfslip before, but now im getting a message error that reports the ie8props.propdesc file copying... if i remove ie8 files from hf folder, i get the same message with a different file; what can i be doing wrong? im using win7 as host; thank you in advance... miguel EDITED: sorry for previous CAPS on title...
  4. ive got the same, but i realized that is a IE7 integration issue; when i remove IE7 from integration list, all goes well...
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