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  1. by disabling the service... on home.. i have been able to block windows update. i have not seen windows run the service anyways or turn it back on without my knowledge. So by disabling the service I can stop updates. only way to check for updates is to enable the service again. even manually
  2. Affidavit, you posted this same piece of info on three threads, but all of them lack a description of the "a program" you used.Can you share this piece of info? jaclaz ProduKey is the program I used but any will do. Aparrently though, you can skip the product key entry and it will activate regardless. As long as you did the upgrade... I upgraded.. Grabbed key.. Clean installed using key and it worked for me.
  3. I just wish dx11 was going to windows 7 as well.. It really makes no sense why its not, other than forcing ppl to update
  4. yea I agree with you, Im not a hardcore gamer and don't play the latest games on my laptop anyways.. so loosing dx12 isn't a loss to me... I think Im going to go back to windows 7. I simply miss it and its ease of working to my needs.. I will admit... I am like Hitler on my PC though.. haha. I wan't full control of everything. I don't think the "Cloud" has a place in the PC realm, where storage is not an issue. I also think touch screen is a gimmick in the pc realm... sure its cool, neat stuff, but to kind of tailor an OS around it is retarded. I just don't like the whole mobile direction MS is taking. To be honest though, Windows 10 will probably continue to be loved and praised as the best yet. The masses of smartphone users will love this kinda thing. Generally speaking, you see the arrival of pushed updates when the OS creeps more into your personal info... you see this on phones. Its justified by having to be more secure because the os literally has more control of your personal info and what you do. My guess is that Microsoft has these pushed updates to in turn protect the user from outside invasion of their own snooping. Windows 10 feels... "smooth" and I like that about it.. i just hate every thing else... mark my words, in the future all software purchases will go threw the microsoft store, much like the play store. That is why they are so hard pressed on this metro-app thing.. I think its what they want for the entirety of the Operating System.
  5. I'm really hating this new release more and more every day... To sum it up, I feel like i am on an unrooted android phone.. When I'm on my laptop.. I'm waiting for someone to build a custom windows 10 that has all the BS removed. No store.. Metro apps.. No settings.. Full control panel.. Nothing connected with Microsoft servers running.. I need a bare bones.. Stripped down, un -Microsoft build of windows 10... I'm a legitimate license owner but dont even want Microsoft to have that info.. I don't even want Microsoft to know I'm running windows 10 lol... All this spawned from windows activation. We are genuine now huh lol... I miss the days when u inserted CD.. Put in key that was printed on the sleve... Done. Those days are long gone. Now Microsoft knows everything.. While you got your hand on the mouse, they got a microscope right up your tailpipe.
  6. -old windows update.. No pushed updates -stop having settings all over the **** place... Remove "settings" and everything in control panel. Having both is a pain. -windows wasn't meant for cellphones.. Stop making the os like its running on one. Windows phones and PCs should be seperate operating systems. Besides i predict 3 years from now there won't be a windows phone. Windows update is my main gripe atm
  7. Actually after upgrade you can use a program to grab the product key and use it on a fresh install from disc. It asks for key and key works.. Activates fine.. But u have to upgrade to get your product key
  8. To clean install first you must upgrade. Then use a program to grab your product key from windows 10. Now you can goto the windows site and download the .iso for the same version of windows. Burn to disc or what not and install. It will ask for a product key. The one that is grabbed will work and its your product key. This is how I clean installed 10 on my laptop.
  9. @MAgicAndre... sorry you feel that way if you dont like it dont use it I been really busy guys and i havnt had a chance i promise i will update the tweaks here soon and even add a few.. and most of the tweaks are not useless.. and I personally like disabling uac.. its not irreversible.. u can change it later it just changes the setting... forceing areo from my experience.. does work... most of the tweaks make it easier to get around 7... prolly not all labeled yes.. but i will get to that.. mainly the right click tweaks.. but yes.. ill add more to it soon working tons of hours and havnt had time.. but will get back to it promise I do promise you tho that there is nothing in those tweaks that will adversely affect your pc... performance or stability.. and I would almost guarantee that you will like the end result..
  10. I would like to recommend Mediafire.com it is a really good storage site.. that is free and does not require a login to download and has no limits ect ect....
  11. not a solution.... but... my suggestion.. ditch ie8 its garbage and use firefox i could never suf the web in something that looks like its menu's was birthed out of the aperance of office 2007.... lol... horrid horrid menu... so so ugly.... firefox pretty.. neat.. or try google chrome.. its got a slick interface.. but yea my personal taste atm... ie is just to ugly to even be on my system
  12. what edition of windows 7 are you running? and is it 32 or 64 bit? is it a store bought retail or a download? if you downloaded it it could be a corrupt installation.
  13. well said... its just to early for x64 browsers.. maybe sometime in the near future.. but for rite now... x86 browsers is the only logical solution for the moment
  14. glad you guys like the tweaks... im not sure they are labeled .. i need to browse threw it and see the exact tweaks but some of my fav.'s are the my computer right click options (services, regedit, device manager, ect...) saves time and is very usefull if i get the time ill edit the registry tweaks to add more about what each tweak does..
  15. yea was not aware of that.. apologies that just happens to be my avatar on all the forum sites i participate in... didn't put much thought into it when i picked it here when updating email address and ect... in any case... now corrected

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