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  1. No I wasn't, I Run as Administrator and both codes from myselfidem worked. I want to thank you all for your help much appreciated. Sorry but I have 1 more question. Can the Run as Administrator be taken over also without the User Account Control Confirmation, without changing it manually in the User Account Control Settings.
  2. Thanks for your patience with me. This is the code i have now. takeown /r /f en-US icacls en-US /grant Brian:F /t rd /s /q C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US I have saved it as testing.bat This is what it's coming up with I have also added a folder to the same Help File as C:\Windows\Help\Help\Delete and used the code takeown /r /f Delete icacls Delete /grant Brian:F /t rd /s /q C:\Windows\Help\Help\Delete And the same error
  3. Still don't work @Echo Off takeown /f C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US icalcs C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US /grant Brian:F rd /s /q C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US
  4. Sorry about this but still can't get it right This is what i have now and still don't work. @Echo Off icalcs C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US /grant Brian:F takeown /f C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US rd /s /q C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US What i want to do is delete the en-US folder and it's contents inside. The code above, is that correct.
  5. This is confusing me. I changed the code around and still dont work. Can anyone explaine what i am doing wrong. @echo off icalcs c:\windows\system32\en-us\winload.exe.mui /grant Brian:F takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui DelTree("C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US", nil);Folder.DeleteTree("C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US", nil); I have also added a folder Testing-1 and Testing-2 inside like this C:\Windows\Testing1\Testing2 and still cant figure it out to delete those. Can someone explaine how to do it in Windows 7 64bit
  6. Hi I am having problems here, I am trying to delete files and folders with windows 7 64bit I have tried takeowner and also tried icacls Can anyone help please i am getting messed up. The code below is what i have tried + other attempts with no luck [code@echo off takeown /f C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui cacls C:\Windows\System32\en-US\winload.exe.mui /Brian:c DelTree("C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US", nil);Folder.DeleteTree("C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US", nil);]
  7. Hi I am running Windows 7 64bit I am having problems creating a batch code to delete files in folders. rd C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\Temp /s /q md C:\Users\Brian\AppData\Local\Temp The code above works and removes the files, but I can't remove anything in this path below. rd C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US /s /q md C:\Windows\Help\Help\en-US Can anyone explain why it don't work. I am creating a project to remove all the rubbish I don't use with windows, what I do when I reinstall windows I manually remove what I don't use so I want to create batch files to do it for me.
  8. Hi all Whilst searching for AutoPlay Media Studio examples i came across this forum and have looked around and thought i'd regester. I am into programing with AutoPlay Media Studio. If anyone can help me with AMS examples then please pm me. If you need help with anything to do with AutoPlay Media Studio i may be able to help.