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  1. tyraelshammer777

    Sup guys. I've popped in here from time to time looking for clues and bits of advice and I wanted to introduce myself and learn a little more about this community. I'm Jake. I'm a 21-year-old IT student from MI who's constantly trying to learn useful things to do with computer, computer networks, administration tools, and the like. I'm in Cisco's CCNP program and I graduate in a little under 2 years from the university I attend. I was wondering what exactly this group is. Is this a group based off Microsoft (i sense a play off of the "MSDN" site) or is this an entirely different entity? Is this site linked to other sites? Is there like a way to join as a member or something? I notice moderators and stuff. Are people on here paid to do that or are they volunteers? Is this like a professional company or just a typical type of "clan" group? If this is all summed up here somewhere in some thread, feel free to just link me over. That's cool. But don't bother linking me to donation information just yet. That's not what I'm looking for. Cheers!
  2. Network Boot - Install with .wim*

    Let's go with this: I want to have a blank machine network booting into a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine to install Windows 7 x86 from a .wim image stored on the server. My school has granted me keys for both 2003 and 2008 server, so I could install either. I might as well be familiar with the most recent server program. My computer is Windows 7 x86 and that's what I've taken images of, so that's the one I would want to play with installing. I could also play with installing a windows XP MCE image if I wanted since I have that as well. I was hoping that installing a .wim image would be independent of which Windows OS it is, though. Maybe I was wrong? Anyway, thanks!
  3. Network Boot - Install with .wim*

    Yes I did mean .WIM instead of .wif - sorry about that! Windows Imaging Format, anyways. The acronym is dysfunctional, lol.
  4. Network Boot - Install with .wim*

    Heya guys. I've been playing with windows PE and I've managed to make some good images of my hard drive partitions using ImageX. I realize that this .wif image could potentially be used to install windows on a bunch of computers at the same time with minimal effort, if I first used sysprep and removed the key and HAL stuff before making the image - I get that part. Anyway, I wanted to learn how to install a .wif image like I have here using a network boot, from a server. I tried googling around and didn't get very far. Does anyone have a good page bookmarked on how to distribute a .wif image from a server to multiple computers over a network using network boot? I'll do the hard work, but I need a good web page or ebook on it if someone has it and doesn't mind. Cheers and thanks! P.S. I'm all about free information. If someone has a torrent for an ebook off Piratebay or something, I'm all ears - but you might want to PM it. =]
  5. Win7x86 Batch File Backup

    I am the only account (other than the 'safe mode' Administrator account which I obviously renamed to some strange set of characters) on the computer - and yes I am in the "Administrators" group as well. The thing is that windows 7 automatically runs in less-than-administrator mode by default most of the time, so that's probably what has me locked out. I was thinking that if I saved all my pictures/music/documents and stuff on another partition and just accessed them there, I wouldn't be having this problem. It's probably best to have 1 partition (like 25 or 30 GB maybe) for the system files and OS (WINDOWS folder and whatnot) and another partition for user files. That would probably make the backup a lot easier. Comments? I'll take a look at your commands anyway when I get time, Hybrid. I haven't really taken a look yet.
  6. Win7x86 Batch File Backup

    Using Robocopy managed to grab my Desktop folder (whereas xcopy wasn't able to do that) from C:\users\ROCKHPC. I still was unable to get any pictures and whatnot. Thanks for the post, allen!
  7. I'd appreciate constructive criticism on my little xcopy .cmd batch files below. I made it myself as a batch file I can run real quick before I go to bed or whatever every night. I realize that there is other software to take an image of the whole drive that would be a lot more thorough, but I'm mainly looking at just doing a quick "incremental" backup here and there which would only check for files that have changed since the last backup (based on the archive bit being set to 1 = A or 0 = N). The file names of each of the 10 files are numbered 0 through 9. Just look at the first character of the names (like 1ExportRegistry.cmd for example). I removed my username from the script and replaced it with "ROCKHPC". My computer's name is Snowflake. My OS is Win 7 x86. I realize some of the system files in the WINDOWS folder and whatnot which are running probably wouldn't copy properly. I figure that as long as the system being restored with this backup was at least up to date with windows 7 service pack 1 and all the same updates, it would come out right. I'm not sure. So here's the problem: With the below script, I ended up only backing up 16.8 GB when it should have been closer to 70 GB. It totally skipped my C:\users\ROCKHPC\ folder which is 52.1 GB and contains most of the stuff that's really important (and changes most frequently) which probably happened because my documents/pictures/videos/other important folders are under my admin account. I was wondering what would be the best way to "xcopy" my music and pictures and whatnot out of my user folder. I am the only user on this computer, but also the administrator account. Here it is, and by the way it all executes and runs properly and smoothly. It just doesn't catch "locked/restricted/protected" folders like I actually want it to. That's what I'm asking about, here. Thanks for reading! 0 here's the one that initiates everything Code: @echo off title "Snowflake System Backup In 9 Steps" Start "Step 1: Export Registry Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\1ExportRegistryData.cmd" echo Step 1 Completed! echo. Start "Step 2: Assure Registry Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\2AssureRegistryData.cmd" echo Step 2 Completed! echo. Start "Step 3: Assure Downloads Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\3AssureDownloadsData.cmd" echo Step 3 Completed! echo. Start "Step 4: Assure Drivers Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\4AssureDriversData.cmd" echo Step 4 Completed! echo. Start "Step 5: Assure Program Files Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\5AssureProgramFiles.cmd" echo Step 5 Completed! echo. Start "Step 6: Assure ProgramData Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\6AssureProgramData.cmd" echo Step 6 Completed! echo. Start "Step 7: Assure User Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\7AssureUserData.cmd" echo Step 7 Completed! echo. Start "Step 8: Assure Windows Data" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\8AssureWindowsData.cmd" echo Step 8 Completed! echo. Start "Step 9: Assure You!" /wait "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\9AssureYou.cmd" echo Step 9 Completed! echo. echo. echo. echo. echo. echo Hit any Key to close Snowflake System Backup In 9 Steps! echo. echo. pause exit 1 Code: @echo off title "Step 1: Export Registry Data" reg export HKLM HKLMbackup.reg /y echo HKLM Exported Successfully! echo. reg export HKCU HKCUbackup.reg /y echo HKCU Exported Successfully! echo. reg export HKCR HKCRbackup.reg /y echo HKCR Exported Successfully! echo. reg export HKU HKUbackup.reg /y echo HKU Exported Successfully! echo. reg export HKCC HKCCbackup.reg /y echo HKCC Exported Successfully! echo. exit 2 Code: @echo off title "Step 2: Assure Registry Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\HKLMbackup.reg" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Registry" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\HKCUbackup.reg" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Registry" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\HKCRbackup.reg" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Registry" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\HKUbackup.reg" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Registry" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users\ROCKHPC\Desktop\Documents\SnowflakeBackup\HKCCbackup.reg" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Registry" exit 3 Code: @echo off title "Step 3: Assure Downloads Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Downloads" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Downloads" exit 4 Code: @echo off title "Step 4: Assure Drivers Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\drivers" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\drivers" exit 5 Code: @echo off title "Step 5: Assure Program Files Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Program Files" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Program Files" exit 6 Code: @echo off title "Step 6: Assure ProgramData Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\ProgramData" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\ProgramData" exit 7 Code: @echo off title "Step 7: Assure User Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Users" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Users" echo UBER FAIL - DOES NOT COPY ANYTHING (USEFUL) exit 8 Code: @echo off title "Step 8: Assure Windows Data" xcopy /M /E /I /Q /H /Y "C:\Windows" "D:\SnowflakeBackup\Windows" exit 9 Code: @echo off title "Step 9: Assure You!" echo Your Backup Is Completed And Your Data Is Safe! echo. echo Hit Any Key To Close This Window! Echo. pause exit