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  1. Hi everyone, I need some help in order to get a GPO setting to work. The settings i cant get to work is "Computer Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Event Log" We have currently this set to: Retention method for application log Retention method for security log Retention method for system log and they are all set to "OVERRIDE AS NEEDED" The GPO is linked to our domain and has a security filter on a security group which has members in it, not computers. But it does not seem to work, when we look in our event viewer and we look at the properties for system log, it is not set to override when needed. Also if i run a RSoP it does not look to apply this setting from this GPO to my PC. Now i suspect that since it is a computer setting, it needs to be applied to computers, not to users ? Please can someone confirm. Regards Ronnie
  2. Hi all, Has any taken these exams ? http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/ce...erver.aspx#tab2 Can you recommend classroom training or self paced training ? want to hear your experiences.. Thanks
  3. Google public DNS servers

    If you dont mind me asking guys, why use google public DNS or OpenDNS ? I dont seem to have any issues with my Virgin Media DNS servers. Please explain if i am missing something important to why i should swap to either of them.
  4. Win 7 on Acer one randomly reboots

    Have you looked at the event log ? Also take a look at the performance and reliability monitor that will tell you some details. Could you please provide with some more information when this issue started ? straight after installation ? or maybe you installed an update or a program ?
  5. 0xc000007b?

    From what i can see, yout program should be compatible with Win 7 (http://www.xilisoft.com/video-converter.html) so i have 1 question, is it the latest version you are running of this program ? Are you using other programs that you suspect might not be compatible with Win 7 ? My own experience with Win 7 is that it is SUPER !!
  6. Black Screen after XP Splash Screen

    Have you tried to do a system restore back to before you installed the Windows Update ? As far as i have heard this is very well caused by an MS update, although MS denies it. Rippie
  7. Windows complete startup monitor ?

    Anderton > this is perfect. thank you very much. Do you happen to know if it also works with Windows 7 ? or if there is another program out there that will ? just i have win 7 at home and would like to test my own PC. Rippie
  8. Windows complete startup monitor ?

    Guys, Just wondering, is there any program than can monitor when windows is fully done loading services and is 100% ready for use ? I need to do some statistics for my manager, so that we can see how quickly our old PC's start up. I know task manager give you a rough idea, but not really 100% result. Thank you for any help !! Rippie
  9. Greetings

    Just a quick hello to all you people !! My name is Ronnie, currently studing for some Microsoft Server 2008 exams. Hoping that my study will go nice and easy, and that i can get some good advise from yourself. 0/ Ronnie
  10. Hi everyone, Hope someone can help me. At work we have had a few Windows XP Pro SP2 client machines that suddenly one day will uninstall Office 2007 standard which is pushed out via Group Policy. Nothing in the GPO has changed. our Office 2007 Standard policy is still the same from yesterday. and this particular PC is still in that group. so i dont understand why this happend. I have tried to a GPupdate /force but still no luck. tried to remove that PC from the group policy for office, add it back in after 15 minutes and tried adding it in again. Windows Server 2003 latest service packs and updates. Hope someone can help.
  11. Hi all, Hope someone can help me. I am having an odd issue with the domain client pc's on our network. The security and system event logs is being filled to max size within a day. which causes non admin people to not be able to log on. I know that you can just set the log files to be overwritten when needed, but i would very much like to find the cause to the issue rather than just patch it. The Event ID in the security log are all 578 (http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.html?forumID=39&threadID=172950&messageID=1760271) and for system logs it is a bit more random. It did not use to do this, it started about a month ago, and i cant pinpoint if and what we changed that might have caused this. so if anyone is good at domain and event viewer please help. Windows 2003 server enviroment Windows XP client machines Rippie
  12. Does Windows 7 > Windows XP ?

    For me windows 7 has replaced WinXP, on my HP nx9420 laptop it runs better than WinXP, it had pretty much all the drivers and it looks a lot nicer. Saying it runs better than WinXP i mean faster and performance wise it just perform better. For me Win 7 is the superior winner, and i will never go back to XP or Vista. Rippie
  13. [SOLVED] Firefox 3.5 - No sound in flash video's

    I actually solved the issue by reinstalling the audio card Device manager and uninstall device for the win
  14. I know this is a old issue with Firefox and flash player, but hoping that someone can might help me resolve this. I am running Windows 7 RC and Firefox 3.5 RC (upgraded today to final version). Now i ran windows 7 and Firefox 3.5 RC 1 and sound in flash was working fine. then i think i upgraded to RC2 of Firefox and then the issue started. Here is a list of what i have tried to do. 1. uninstalled the flash plugin and reinstalled it 2. Uninstalled flash plugin and uninstall firefox, install old firefox before 3.5 RC 3. Disable and enabale flash player plugin 4. Checked for flash player update, none available 5. Sound in flash works fine in Safari which uses same flash player plugin as firefox. Also sound works in IE 7/8 I hope someone can aid me as i use FF as my primary browser and this annoys me. Rippie
  15. Best uninstaller ? does it exist ?

    I have heard about sandboxie, i will try it out. Any others for any good suggestions ?