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  1. I'm having problems integrating updates. The image shows what happens when the condition integrate the "Updates". The problem happened after several updates to the operating system. I formatted the system to see if there were errors and it happens the same condition.The versãoes older operating system that I integrated not say. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/ijow.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/22/teu4.png/

    Happy New Year.

    May this year ending is the beginning of many to come. That all forums are blessed with implementation work, especially patience. These are the votes from friends and Alexander.
  3. I me slipstreaming now and no test image, but process is functionaly. Very nice day. Ops!! I modify for four index in image. Slipstreaming SvcPack Win 7 DVD Genuine Windows 7 Service Pack 1 7-zip (Download) Notepad How to: 1 - Create a folder named G:\W7\Seven\ 2 - Copy DVD Genuine Windows 7 install.wim the file to the same folder 3 - After having passed the Genuine Advantage, go to this Microsoft page and downloaded the Service Pack 1 4 - Extract the contents of Service Pack 1, using the command line and using "-x". Example: Windows6.1-KB976932-x-X64.exe -x 5 - Extract the contents of Windows6.1-KB976932-x64.cab using the 7-zip in the SP1 folder (C: \ SP1) 6 - Extract the contents of NestedMPPContent.cab now in the same folder. 7 - Open the file with Notepad update.ses "Notepad" and change to Installed in OfflineInstall Absent, should be identical to the following example: <Tasks operationMode=”OfflineInstall”> <Phase> <package id=”Windows7SP1-KB976933~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ targetState=”Installed”/> </Phase> 8 - Open with Notepad in Update.mum Windows7SP1-KB976933~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~ (or 32-bit) and change allowedOffline = "false" to allowedOffline = "true" should be identical to the following example: <mum:packageExtended xmlns:mum="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3" allowedOffline="true" projectionPeakDisk="359" langProjectionPeakDisk="512" sqmBuildNumber="7601" sqmAttemptAppid="101457923" sqmResultAppid="101457924" sqmPoqexecAppid="101457925"/></package> 9 - Extract all cab files language for KB976933-LangsCab0 to KB976933-LangsCab6, and replace if necessary by existing. 10 - Lance Command Prompt in Administrator Mode. Already has the SP1 folder (C: \ SP1) where you stored the extracted files from Service Pack. Now let's create a new folder and give it the name of offline G:\W7\Mount\ , now let's start the integration and creation of the ISO with the command line, you must have the DVD in DVD Player Genuine. DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:G:\W7\Seven\sources\install.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ DISM /Image:G:\W7\Mount\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:G:\W7\Sp1\ DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ /Commit DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:G:\W7\Seven\sources\install.wim /Index:2 /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ DISM /Image:G:\W7\Mount\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:G:\W7\Sp1\ DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ /Commit DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:G:\W7\Seven\sources\install.wim /Index:3 /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ DISM /Image:G:\W7\Mount\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:G:\W7\Sp1\ DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ /Commit DISM /Mount-Wim /WimFile:G:\W7\Seven\sources\install.wim /Index:4 /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ DISM /Image:G:\W7\Mount\ /Add-Package /PackagePath:G:\W7\Sp1\ DISM /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:G:\W7\Mount\ /Commit dism.7z
  4. Integrate with current updates and remove unnecessary with this batch and see if it resolves. Follow the link: file-checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP
  5. Sorry my friend i'm put update in folder correctament, but do not slipstreaming.
  6. This great work : Do not forget to take a look from time to time in Hslip
  7. Good morning friends. The update WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-PTB.exe is not integrating, thus prompting the other updates. Could someone help me. ============================================================================== Files in your HF folder: WMP11\control.xml WMP11\eula.txt WMP11\KB925749.cab WMP11\LegitLibM.dll WMP11\mymusic.inf WMP11\Revert.wmz WMP11\setup_wm.exe WMP11\skins.inf WMP11\syncpl01.wpl WMP11\syncpl02.wpl WMP11\syncpl03.wpl WMP11\syncpl04.wpl WMP11\syncpl05.wpl WMP11\syncpl06.wpl WMP11\syncpl07.wpl WMP11\syncpl08.wpl WMP11\syncpl09.wpl WMP11\syncpl10.wpl WMP11\syncpl11.wpl WMP11\syncpl12.wpl WMP11\umdf.exe WMP11\WindowsXP-MSCompPackV1-x86.exe WMP11\wmdbexport.exe WMP11\wmfdist11.exe WMP11\wmp11.exe WMP11\wmpappcompat.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB2447568-x86-PTB.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB2482017-x86-PTB.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB976662-x86-PTB.exe IE8-WindowsXP-KB981332-x86-PTB.exe IE8-WindowsXP-x86-PTB.exe KB961742-v3.exe msxml4-KB973685-enu.exe msxml6-kb973686-ptb-x86.exe rootsupd.exe windows-kb890830-v3.16.exe Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-PTB.exe Windows-KB943729-x86-PTB.exe windowsmedia11-kb973442-x86-intl.exe WindowsMedia11-KB974905-x86-INTL.exe WindowsRightsManagementServicesSP2-KB979099-Client-x86-BR.exe windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB2079403-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2115168-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2121546-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2124261-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2141007-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2229593-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2259922-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2264107-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2290570-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2296011-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2345886-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2347290-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2360937-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2387149-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2393802-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2419632-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2423089-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2440591-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2443105-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2443685-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2476687-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2478960-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2478971-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2479628-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb2482017-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB2483185-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB2485376-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb905474-ptb-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB932716-v2-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB944043-v3-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB950762-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB950974-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB951376-v2-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb951618-v2-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB951830-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb951978-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB952004-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB952013-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb952287-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB952954-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB953155-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB954708-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB954920-v2-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB955417-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB955704-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb955759-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB956572-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB956802-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB956844-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB957579-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB958644-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB958869-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB959426-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB960680-v2-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB960859-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB961451-v2-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB961501-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB961503-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB967715-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb968389-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB969059-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb969395-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB970430-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB970483-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB971029-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB971513-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB971657-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb971737-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB972270-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB973507-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB973815-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB973869-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB973904-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB974112-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB974318-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB974392-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB974571-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB975025-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB975254-x86-PTB.exe windowsxp-kb975467-x86-ptb.exe WindowsXP-KB975560-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB975562-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB975713-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB976323-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB977816-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB977914-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB978338-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB978542-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB978601-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB978706-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB979309-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB979482-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB979687-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB980195-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB980232-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB980436-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB981322-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB981669-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB981997-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB982000-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB982132-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB982316-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-KB982665-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB2378111-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB954155-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB973540-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB975558-x86-PTB.exe WindowsXP-WindowsMedia-KB978695-x86-PTB.exe

    Many thanks

    It really is a great development, and I still hope that the Tomcat76, TommyP, fdv continue developing the project, it's just a matter of time. Sorry about the joke I know what this means work. We appreciate that accompany this work, the effort you all. Regards. Alexander
  9. I give thanks for their work, I am unable to help you. Please do not leave their work at Inetrnet there is nothing better. Use long the HFSLIP. The only thing I can do is thank you. Alexandre Jarbas. Thanks!
  10. Someone could esin me? What do I do?
  11. Sorry I wrote wrong. I meant fixed. The progress bar was just to get a sense of completion, because I added several applications in the HFGUIRUNONCE
  12. Actually 110 updates are integrated and not 102 You could later add a progress bar in RunOnce. I would be very cool. Do you think I look like Ronaldinho phenomenon soccer player in Brazil? Thanks.
  13. Tommyp'm waiting for the solution which are 2 updates for 102 fixed. Tommyp, Mim0. Your work was spectacular. Thank you very much.
  14. This is also my version, maybe in my language is named differently.
  15. a - I see the command : IF NOT EXIST %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\bthport.sys IF EXIST "%HFSLIP%bthport.sy_" ( EXPAND -R "%HFSLIP%bthport.sy_" %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers ) b- Yes the bthport.sy_ is inside the folder and written in driverindex.inf c- bthport.sy_ is inside the folder SP2GDR d- Sorry my option merge driver is option "F". I will change this option and slipstreaming again e- I'm not running hfcleanup. f- Silent .NET Maker synthesized I add. .NETFramework XPDNF11SP1br20SP2br.exe Yes YumeYao_WIC_Update_Addon_1_0_1.cab, Kels_Runtimes_addon_v6.rar OPS!!!! My windows genuine advantage was in the English language and also not embedded in the system WindowsXP-KB905474-ENU-x86.exe

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