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  1. Me too would like to know how to do an "upgrade" of an existing and same installation or more precisely a REPAIR INSTALL like with Windows XP where you just have to press R to Repair a windows installation. Where is that option?? The booting from the DVD thing and clicking on Repair your computer is a joke. It never works! If anyone one knows please let me know Thanks!
  2. Try to be more specific. What is the full BSOD message? This can occur for a number of reasons, typically when using SCSI or SATA drives sometimes. How many partitions do you have? Are all partitions formatted with NTFS? Although viruses can play a big part in messing up the file system, it may also be a Hard disk issue. Try a hard disk utility from your manufacturer to test you drive. Finally reset your bios.
  3. Try VistaDeskHack or TuneUp Utilities 2007
  4. Another option with hotfixes is AutoPatcher as I've recently discovered. It contains all hotfixes for all versions of Windows. This software will tell you which hotfixes apply to you. You can then either grab them from the install folder and put them in vLite or use AutoPatcher to slipstream them (although the slipstream feature is not currently working but I'm bugging them about that!) Huh , all the hotfixes that I have integrated with vlite appear for me in the Integrated Updates history option in control panel! Is it because it’s Vista x86?? Because some guys were having problems with some updates getting the error message that "the update isn't valid for your system” etc The workaround is to temporarily change regional and language settings to English US then applying again, then back to your foreign language. This also applies for the leaked SP1. Btw Autopatcher is dead!
  5. At this time no. I have found a new easier method to do this now i build the slipstream into my Vista Update Integrator. On my System the slipstream takes ~30Minutes on a clean image. Hi levien, Are you the creator of Vista update integrator? If yes, are you still on build Beta? If am not mistaken your prerequisite is the MiniPE Tool??
  6. 1 - First, the integrated hotfixes don't show up in the windows update history (dunno if it's possible to let them show up there, just noticed it). Go to the Control Panel\Programs and Features > the upper left corner: View Installed Updates. Does it show up?? It must list all the hotfixes installed! 2 - Second, and far worse, it seems that many updates haven't been installed at all as the version numbers of various system files lag behind the version numbers Microsoft is posting in their knowledge base. For example, KB938979 should update shell32.dll to 6.0.6000.20628 while my shell32.dll still is 6.0.6000.16513. I've seen this too, I have integrated many updates but some were not integrated by vLite. I think it’s because of the components I have removed that are linked with the updates. May be nuhi can confirm this?? 3 - And finally, when i try to manually install any of the downloaded msu files, i get the error message that "the update isn't valid for your system" (translated from german). Change all your regional settings and languages to ENGLISH US and then try again.
  7. I got an error related to windows mail concerning outlook 2007. Perhaps it was because of an old version of vLite
  8. Have you removed IE or HTML engine?? Outlook 2007 needs Windows Mail to work properly!
  9. Hey ianwuk, Try the following: Let vLite itself copy the vista files from the DVD (make sure it copies the files to the same partition and that you have READ AND WRITE access to the files) Disable or completely uninstall your antivirus software! Make sure you have enough space for the processing (temporary files) and for the final ISO. Finally select APPLY and then REBUILD then create image (make ISO)
  10. Check in services.msc if the indexing service has really been removed!?! Is the windows installer service on automatic or manual?? Have you tweaked some services??
  11. Hi, wer.dll is also needed for system restore to work properly! Are you 100% sure that wer.dll is responsible for the Application experience tab?? Coz i've removed error reporting and integrated over 100 hotfixes and i've lost Application experience tab! Have you integrated any hotfixes?? Nice findings! Please report back, Thx!
  12. So you and datalife have the same amount of memory… Could the performance increase of SP1 be only psychological then? Am asking you the performance of an RTM Vista vLited compared to the FULL SP1 one (NOT vLited)! Have you perform any kind of test? Thx.
  13. Hmm, there seems to be some mixed opinion about the SP1! @Redrumy3 , what are the specs of your PC? @Datalife, perhaps because of your 2GB ram you are not seeing the difference? Do you guyz see a difference between the full SP1 compared to an (RTM) vLited one?? Redrumy3 and Datalife Thx!
  14. Hi datalife, Is it worth the wait? How do you find performance with the service pack? In terms of RAM and CPU usage etc? New bootloader with F8 functions add. ?? Booting time has decreased?? Please share your experience, Thx
  15. Hi Chronidus, Am like you, I'm sure it's a hotfix related problem, nuhi is investigating the issue! I think I removed only error reporting and ISS .. what abt you? And I've slipstreamed more than 180 hotfixes
  16. leoblob, superfetch enabled or disabled??
  17. Man… you are playing games on Vista with 256mb of RAM and a 16mb graphic card?? What games are you playing? Try searching your audio drivers by manufacturer, chipset or try the Win XP drivers. Install it in XP compatibility mode! But be prepared for a nice BSOD to appear B) You can also try some driver backing software and auto detect your vista drivers etc!
  18. Nice, Vista adapts itself to the amount of memory the machine has. So 256mb , it will eat less RAM. But will start to page more when it needs to. But the question is: will performance degrade overtime? After installing different apps or after say 2 to 4 months of heavy usage like XP!
  19. Autopatcher Vista Core or try this : http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...39542113ede03e6
  20. nuhi, what difference does it make if I keep error reporting service but just disable the service afterwards? Will system restore work then?? I mean does it make a difference when keeping a service and then disabling it v/s Removing it completely?? Not in terms of space being used but in terms of how much memory it consumes. Let's say I keep task scheduler, superfetch etc but disable the services afterwards... will it make a difference in terms of how much memory is being used and perhaps in terms of functionality also (the pop up sound problem with task scheduler??) Secondly, I have found that some components like welcome center, speech recognition, accessibility etc was not removed though I'm sure I've selected them for removal! Any clue on that??? Perhaps it’s the Hotfixes I have integrated that are causing the problem? Thanks again nuhi.
  21. Yeah legolash2o I've read your above post. You posted it 1 sec before mine Anyway, I wanted to ask you: why all these tweakings if you have 8GB of ram??? Man.. your Vista must fly with all that ram
  22. Hi nuhi, 1- I can create a restore point but can't use system restore. I get an error with the red X. 2- I have not removed Application Experience but the application compatibility tab is missing. I am dual booting: XP Pro and Vista Please find attached screenshots and last session ini. Thank you very much indeed for your hard work nuhi, you are da man! Last_Session.ini
  23. 32 bit (Host) to 64 bit = No 64 bit (Host) to 32 bit= Yes
  24. Hi legolash2o, around 140-160mb , amazing man... Are you using windows classic? Are you using Virtual machine? How many services have you disabled? Is the Superfetch service enabled? Are you running the sidebar? How much RAM do you have? Have you tweaked your Vista with other software? Have you integrated the Performance patches? Thx!

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