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  1. Yeah I'm also going to hold off buying pro, 37GBP is pretty steep for me, especially since its still in beta. I can appreciate however nuhi's choice to charge for it, I just wish that it would have been more like 15GBP which I could have worked into my monthly budget. I would have actually gone ahead and purchased it if it was that price.
  2. Chronidus

    A Little Help

    I have tried to use the wim_tweak tool to allow for what its supposed to do but it gives me this error Any ideas? Update: fixed now...please delete
  3. please could an admin cancel my account thank you
  4. I Need it for my webcam drivers that come from Creative. I have an NX ultra that will run under vista but doesnt have vista drivers. It will install correctly using xp drivers but only if i set it as xp compatibility mode
  5. yeah ive removed a hell of alot.... ive only slipstreamed the performance packs however... i got a feeling i know what it is so ill keep you posted....just need to test
  6. Does anyone know apart from application experience what services/programs need to be kept for application compatibilty to still work
  7. any publicity is good publicty lmao
  8. Yeah ive found the same problem with the application compatibility tab being removed even though i dont select it for uninstall, is it possible it also relies on something else that i may have removed that application compatibilty needs
  9. Your welcome. Just to let you know, Chris is thinking of using nlite when he gets back from GnomeDex (his own confrence)
  10. And yes im the same chronidus... ask mabuspwns about the ramen
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