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  1. Hello With Windows 10 21h1 (19043) and SIB 2.9.8, the avatar does not appear Thanks
  2. Ok, no problem with the small taskbar, I think
  3. With the taskbar in "small" the size is good (the same as with the original orb) Same for me for the color when the start menu is open (it's white) but if I remember correctly, it's like that with the original start menu
  4. It's not the real start orb ? I don't see the difference
  5. bapt

    Beta channel

    @aubai3, thanks, it's the real Windows10 start button Start10 uses the original ORB from the msstyles file I think
  6. bapt

    Beta channel

    Possible to have a feedback on this bug ? EDIT : I have found the issue of bug, to retest when it will be fixed
  7. bapt

    Beta channel

    Little display bug I ask in case, possible to recover the Windows 10 orb of this version to use it with 2.9 version ? Thanks
  8. @MeanEx2 In fact it's ok, SIB must be installed in the AppData\Local directory and not in Program Files (x86) (by default, I cannot install in Local directory, the option is grayed out) On the other hand, would you have for the small taskbar? Your "orb" is bigger Original with small taskbar : Your : Thanks so much
  9. Thanks so much but it is not added in SIB
  10. The color changes when we hover the cursor over the icon (or click on it) with the original button
  11. I had already asked a few years ago, I never got an answer
  12. You have to delete the registry key linked to the license and then enter your license in SIB to activate it
  13. Too bad, as for the other suggestions, we will probably not have an answer
  14. Very good idea, if he could do it
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