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  1. Too bad, as for the other suggestions, we will probably not have an answer
  2. Very good idea, if he could do it
  3. bapt

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    Ok and what is it with then ? For installing SIB, is it better to install it in the AppData directory ? At installation, the only choice is to install it in Program Files (x86) (for all users, UAC disabled) Thanks
  4. bapt

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    @Tihiy Since the last version, I have a file "appsfolder.dat" which is created in AppData\Local\StartIsBack\Cache Is this due to a "new option" ? Is it better to install SIB in AppData ? Thanks
  5. Hello Still no new entries (in the popup for checking for updates) to translate them ?
  6. With the 2004, ONE does not display the libraries directly when the option is activated, you have to go to the left pane (in explorer) right click and activated the option "Display the libraries"
  7. Possible to add new entries (those for downloading new updates in the popup) so that we can translate them? These entries are currently in English
  8. Hello Updated french translation and add 2.9+ If you can update SIB with this file Thanks FRFR.txt
  9. bapt

    Beta channel

    I had the case again to download RC3 (from RC2) By clicking on the left button, the RC3 has downloaded and installed
  10. bapt

    Beta channel

    Hello Since beta 2, I had the notification to download the RC2, but in the systray popop, the 2 buttons were empty (nothing written) When I click on Check Now (RC2) I have the popup which indicates that SIB is up to date (I think) but when I click on the icon "gear wheel", the options are grayed out Maybe because I disabled the Notification Center (in the systray) Thanks
  11. bapt

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    Imageres.dll.mun with 1903 I do not see what adds the icons in the SIB dll with the 2.8.7 The best is as the old version (2.8.6, eg)
  12. bapt

    StartIsBack++ 2.9

    See here : Must modify dll startisback, otherwise, by default there is only half of modified with the last SIB
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