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  1. @JFX ONE does it very well (classical drive grouping) but on occasion I would watch I only asked once, however if anyone else asks on the topic, I tell them it's already been asked but no response
  2. In the best of worlds "YES", but sometimes we have to use several software For example, I (and others) always use ONE to have the "groups" option Asked several times by several people if it is possible to integrate it into SAB but never had an answer
  3. To confirm that SAB does not behave "correctly" with Windows Without SAB : With SAB : And if we add a 'shortcut' in this menu, sometimes some do not appear It would be better if SAB could just read the contents of the corresponding folders (like before)
  4. If you are talking about the option also present in ONE, I asked it quite a while ago, never got an answer Like the weird bug (or novelty of SAB), to add Powershell entries in the right click of the Start Menu while not present when SAB is uninstalled (this menu is custom), So this is not a new Windows behavior
  5. Possible with SAB to have the classic context menu in the task manager (W11 22h2) ? Thanks
  6. Hello Is there an option to disable the available update popup (systray) on every boot ?
  7. Ok So there is no possibility in SAB to modify this behavior ? If in the "Group 3" directory I do not have these entries It bothers us to have these entries when we had removed them
  8. Arf, I'll stick with 3.4.4 for now. Not possible for SAB to just "read" the contents of group directories 1, 2 and 3 ? Or be able to remove PowerShell (manually myself) ? Thanks
  9. I customize Win-X menu But I have Windows Powershell shortcut It's OK with 3.4.4 Thanks
  10. Hello With SAB 3.5, I have the PowerShell entries that appeared in the right click menu of the start menu How to remove them? Thanks
  11. Hello, Option "Icon size", put S ;)
  12. Hello Is it possible to add to SAB, the option "Use classical drive grouping in This PC" of ONE ? And what is the "Dynamic Transparency" option for ? I don't see a difference Thanks
  13. Thanks, I double clicked everywhere to find And for right-click menus ?
  14. Thanks for the update Possible to have a option to enable/disable "Explorer Command bar restyled, new icons" ? And I had already asked but did not see an answer Possible to have the default color (background color) of Windows for the right-click menus (taskbar, start menu) ? Default menu may be blurry ? whitout SAB : with SAB : Thanks for your great work

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