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  1. so after you made the change you could see your image \?
  2. hi all, Most of you are deploying Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 in an automated fashion, some of you will use or are using SCCM 2007. I've put together a list of some of the step by step System Center Configuration Manager guides i've created to help those of you who are starting with SCCM and for those of you using SCCM in a lab environment, hopefully this will make it easier for you to find the area that interests you. The main areas are * Setup SCCM * Updating SCCM * Deploying Windows Updates using SCCM * Deploying Applications * Deploying OS * Capturing OS * Task Sequences * Migrating Data using USMT * Asset Intelligence * Troubleshooting and Other I hope that these guides help you to get your Lab up and running in record time and prepare yourself for Production. If you would like to contact me directly about this then reply to this topic or send me a pm, I'm happy to help. cheers Niall. Setup SCCM Installing SCCM Installing SCCM 2007 in Windows 2008 SCCM 2007 SP1 configuration guide - Part 1 covers: setting site boundaries and verifying the site name is configured for Active Directory and setting and configuring the site system roles. SCCM 2007 SP1 configuration guide - Part 2 covers: Configuring the Distribution Point (DP) and the Management Point (MP), adding Authoring rules in WebDav and changing WebDav settings, making sure the System Management container in Active Directory has the correct permissions for SCCM, checking and fixing errors in SCCM System Status. SCCM 2007 SP1 configuration guide - Part 3 covers:Configuring the Client Agents, setting up client installation methods and configuring discovery methods. What Version of SCCM is installed ? Which version is Installed ? how can I backup my SCCM server backup is a good idea Updating SCCM How can I update/upgrade SCCM Sp1 to Sp2 Updating to SP2 Upgrading ConfigMgr Client after SP2 upgrade How can I upgrade the configMgr client after upgrading to SP2 ? Deploying Windows Updates using SCCM Configuring Software Update point within SCCM Configuring Software Update Point within SCCM Configuring another server to run WSUS for SCCM Setting up a Software Update Point on a Remote Server Managing monthly updates in SCCM On the Second Tuesday of every Month Deploying Service Packs using SCCM How can I deploy service packs using the software update point Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates Part 1. Creating the Update List and Deployment Management Task Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates Part 2. Target the Deployment Management Task and Verify Using Update Lists when deploying Monthly Updates Part 3. Using reports to report on Compliance Updates are not being installed automatically - Windows Update Icon The Windows Update icon appears even though SCCM is managing updates Deploying Applications Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy an application Deploying Firefox Deploy software through AD Groups linked to Collections in SCCM, AD Group for deployments everyone needs software eventually How can I install Multiple Applications using a Task Sequence Installing apps via a TS and deciding what order they are installed How can I install multiple applications based on Active Directory Security Group membership in a Task Sequence Dynamic application Installation how can I target applications (and drivers) to specific hardware? target hardware How can I set the permissions for Drivers Packages in SCCM ? Shares and NTFS Deploying OS Adding the PXE Service Point role (PSP) in SCCM Adding the PXE role Operating System Deployment support in SCCM 2007 SP2 what is supported ? Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy Vista SP1 Deploying Vista (6 Parts) Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy XP SP3 Deploying XP (2 parts) Deploy XP SP3 using Task Sequence Media (CD/DVD/USB) Custom Install DVD Using SCCM 2007 SP1 to deploy Windows Server 2008 Deploying Server (3 parts) Using SCCM 2007 Sp2 to deploy Windows 7 Deploy 7 (4 parts) Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 1. Changing the keyboard layout using unattend.xml Customising Windows 7 deployments - part 2. Specifying an Organisational Unit (OU) using the MachineObjectOU variable Setting computername during deployment Using the OSDComputerName variable How can I create a boot image with HTA support using MDT Part 1. Create MDT boot image Set the Screen Resolution during OSD Using SETRES to set screen resolution Capturing OS How can I capture Windows 7 Capturing Windows 7 using a custom task sequence Task Sequences How can I see a report of a Task Sequences Progress Generate a Report of a Task Sequences Progress using Multiple Task Sequences via PXE, PXE boot to a task sequence menu choice is sometimes a good thing How can I password Protect a Task Sequence ? Password Protecting a Task Sequence Migrating Data using USMT how can I use USMT 3.0.1 in SCCM migrate today restore tomorrow how can I view the USMT recovery key user state recovery information How can I use Offline Mode in Windows PE using USMT 4 Using a scanstate (using offlinewindir in winpe ) Task Sequence in SCCM 2007 SP2 Some Sample XP to Windows 7 task sequences showing Hardlinking hardlinking and SMP Migrate XP to Windows 7 using Offline mode in Windows PE screenshots describing the process Asset Intelligence Part 1 - - Enabling Asset Intelligence and selecting Reporting Classes Part 2 - Add the role and enable the online connector Troubleshooting and other Troubleshooting PXE and PE problems Troubleshooting with the help of SMSTS.LOG and F8 Understanding SCCM Logs where are they, and what are they for how can I Import Computers Using a file in SCCM 2007 ? importing computers How can I make a collection for all Windows Vista Systems All Windows Vista Systems How to set a password on PXE boot Setting a password to avoid accidental Operating System Deployment How can I use variables to join domain, set keyboard, regional options Using collection variables to set options Add Trace32.exe to your boot.wim making troubleshooting that bit easier workaround for AbortPxe.com how to get rid of abortpxe.com
  3. For those of you interested in deploying Operating Systems using System Center Configuration Manager 2007, here's a step by step 4 part guide to Deploying Windows 7 Enterprise. Deploy Windows 7 part 1. Build and Capture Part 1 is the longest part of the 4 part guide and covers the steps required to successfully Build and Capture Windows 7 RTM. It was tested successfully on both X86 and X64 Enterprise RTM releases. Step 1. get the ISO Step 2. Add Operating System Install Package Step 3. Create Distribution Point for the Image Step 4. Update Distribution Point Step 5. Create the Build and Capture Task Sequence Step 6. Advertise the Build and Capture Task Sequence Step 7. Add a system to the Build and Capture 7 collection Step 8. PXE boot the newly added Windows 7 client Deploy Windows 7 part 2. Add the captured WIM file Step 1. Add the Captured Wim file as an Operating System Image Step 2. Distribute the Captured WIM file Deploy Windows 7 part 3. Create a new Task Sequence Step 1. Create a new Task Sequence Deploy Windows 7 part 4. Advertise the Task Sequence Step 1. Advertise the Task Sequence Step 2. Last Actions enjoy ! cheers
  4. sorry for the delay in replying, i've been busy. i'll try and answer some of your questions, as to your questions: 1. i'd say yes, pretty much, but you'll have to test/verify this, Microsoft offer a VHD of the SCCM 2007 r2 release, test it, it's free to test, but in reality you\ll want to setup a real lab and test it in steps (sccm is huge) 2. wake on lan yes, hibernate ? don't know, but if you can script something then yes via software distribution (packages) a. no idea, b yes 3. no, but you can re-image via pxe, slower but can achieve same thing, almost... 4. ask your Microsoft rep 5. as above 6. yes, absolutely 7. there isn't a feature to broadcast messages per se, but you can advertise a package containing anything you want, to any computers that you define in a collection b. as above, expect linux/mac pcs have to be managed with the addition of a plugin for SCCM via Quest
  5. in my guides, i've had the roles all together but that's just for a lab environment, in production you can separate the roles, see this post for some info about that, I'd suggest you start reading Technet to get an idea of how your subnets can work with SCCM, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb680397.aspx cheers anyweb
  6. stick it here http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=580 Startup Windows SIM and add the Microsoft-Windows-Setup\UserData\ProductKey to the WindowsPE configuration pass. Input your key including all the dashs eg: Y34HR-1GHTU-W15HU-D4MND-L4M3R set the WillShowUI value to Never click on Validate to check your answer file.
  7. thanks for that, and here's a step by step guide to setting up a KMS server for anyone thats interested http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=649 cheers anyweb
  8. very odd ! are they plugged in when installing ? what hardware are they ? how are you installing ?
  9. hi again, more guides added how can I deploy XP SP3 using SCCM 2007 sp1 - part 1 how can I deploy XP SP3 using SCCM 2007 sp1 - part 2 how can I target applications to specific hardware how can I Import Computers Using a file in SCCM 2007 ? and...coming soon, Deploy 7 with SCCM
  10. hi, are you using Windows SIM to make/edit your unattend.xml file ? if so you can do the following with it how can I join a Domain using Windows SIM how can I configure the hard disc using Windows SIM how can I install drivers using windows SIM how can I change computername using Windows SIM how can I add the product key using Windows SIM how can I edit the EULA, FullName and Organization settings using Windows SIM how can I decide which version of Windows get's installed using Windows SIM EDIT it seems you have completely changed your post while i was replying below is your original post... can't you just raise a new post ??? cheers anyweb
  11. product key issues with XP are usually related to the KEY type and media type, ie: a VLK key will only work with VLK *volume license key* media, and a retail key with retail media, same goes for OEM or MSDN media so what type of key are you using (is it one from the side of the pc, if it is it's OEM) and what type of CD did you use for the xp image ?
  12. is your goal to free up space on the DVD for some other stuff or what ?
  13. maybe you could delete the other CLG files on the dvd read more about them here cheers anyweb
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