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  1. Hi Test case steps: - Copy deploy cabinet files from \win xp with sp2\SUPPORT\TOOLS\Deploy.zip/cab - Extract on some shared folder - Got Setup manager utility with this deploy cabinate file - Ran setup manger utility for sysprep.inf answer file to automate mini-setup after installation for setting up - Creating new answer file - Type of the setup - Unattended setup Winbom.ini - Sysprep setup sysprep.inf - RIS remote installation service - Type of product wins xp pro - License agreement fully automate or partially - Setup manager Username and organization Display settin
  2. How can I remove drivers from WinPE 2.0 mounted image? Is there any tool to remove drivers? We can add peimg /inf=<inf file> so it will add drivers into mounted wim image but I haven't found any tool to remove drivers from mounted image. Any pointer would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. I did following steps >copype.cmd x86 %PEDIR% >imagex /mountrw %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim 1 %PEDIR%\mount // removed font foleder from /windows/font // removed unused exe,dll from /windows/system32/ // added some drivers, by peimg /inf---how can i remove drivers from mounted image here itself so that it can boot fast? // added 50 mb of binaries for our customization >peimg /prep %PEDIR%\WINDOWS >imagex /unmount %MOUNTDIR% /commit >imagex /export %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim 1 %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim %1 /compress max >oscdimg.exe -b%PEDIR%\ISO\boot\etfsboot.com -lWINPE
  4. Hi Rakesh what were you able to remove. I am in the process of trying stripping out dll's and exe's but having problems reducing the size to what i like it to be. Basically i trying to get the winpe with network running on a pc with 256mb. I am pxe boot and loading the Winpe image into memory so space is really important. I have attached removed exe list. ~rakesh removedexe.txt
  5. I did following steps >copype.cmd x86 %PEDIR% >imagex /mountrw %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim 1 %PEDIR%\mount // removed font foleder from /windows/font // removed unused exe,dll from /windows/system32/ // added some drivers, by peimg /inf // added 50 mb of binaries for our customization >peimg /prep %PEDIR%\WINDOWS >imagex /unmount %MOUNTDIR% /commit >imagex /export %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim 1 %PEDIR%\ISO\sources\boot.wim %1 /compress max >oscdimg.exe -b%PEDIR%\ISO\boot\etfsboot.com -lWINPE20 -n -o -m %PEDIR%\ISO %PEDIR%\DefWinPEISO.iso I am trying this on default ISO image
  6. Could anyone please help me to reducing WinPE 2.0 footprint by size as well as time? Thanks.
  7. Hi Zorphnog, Great! I am also done. Thanks.... But I did it in another way, your way is also helpful to me. Steps 1> Make folder ISO\boot\en-US and copy image bootmgr.exe.mui into it from %imageroot%\Windows\Boot\PCAT\en-US. 2> Modified this resource by resource hacker.( freely available on internet ). 3> Done we will get modified text screen. Thanks really good work you have done for me, thank you very much!
  8. Could you please tell me which image you have modified?
  9. I modified all bootmgr.exe.mui depending upon language en-US, that I got into my ISO folder, but it still not changed text. then after I did peimg /lang=en-us on our mounted image.Is there any way to change resource files (bootmgr.exe.mui) in one shot? thanks for your replies.
  10. zorphnog, I am using resource hacker (reshacker.exe ), that freely available on net. using this editor I can not edit ISO\bootmgr file, it says "this is not win32 executable file", I have to go for another editor, could you please suggest?, but still what about check sum? I have got some link to calculate checksum but its complex to do so. steps to calculate this checksum I got is, 1> Read whole file word by word, 2> add all word with carry forward, 3> split this 32 bit into two 16 bit. 4> add two 16 bit w/o carry. you will get checksum. p4ntb0y, I tried even this also, Steps i
  11. I tried to hack %systemroot%\boot\bootmgr.exe using resource hacker appliaction and modified string into this resource file (bootmgr.xsl), but it won't affect, even I got image file for bootmgr (bootmgr.exe.mui), and replace it, still it wont get proper image to replace, I am not sure that I was replacing right image and proper text. thx
  12. Great! Thanks zorphnog, Its done, great help, still i am running into another prob, can you please help me on it? problem: when we boot WinPE 2.0 it shows "Windows is loading files..." and progress bar, I want to change text and progress bar, any pointers? Thanks,
  13. I am also looking for this change. could you please help me on this. we can do it on WinPE 1.0, but its different into WinPE 2.0. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Could anyone please help me on changing boot text and progress bar when winPE 2.0 boots? When WinPE 2.0 boots it shows "Windows is loading files..." and below that one progress bar is shown in Vista PE. If we want to change this message and progress bar, In WinPE 1.0 we have I386\txtsetup.sif, I have done some operation on it to do this text change, but I had no luck with Vista PE 2.0. because there is no default txtsetup.sif file, when I replace txtsetup.sif file of WinPE 1.0 to WinPE 2.0 its not affecting at all. still it shows same message and progress bar. Could anyone please help me
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