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  1. Unless keyfinder launch is restricted by policies Also, you may want to hide the key from everybody who can access the medium. Link on the subject Windows XP Service Pack 1 Volume License Product Key Encryption Exactly, the key is on the medium, I dont want that. If the dvd will get lost, anyone can easily can have the key. It is for a company...
  2. I have finally found a solution, you have to enter the following in a DOS box. Winnt32.exe /encrypt:"XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX:5" /unattend:winnt.sif First in cmd you have to go to the location where the winnt.sif file is located, en then enter the above command. '5' are the days that the key is usable, after the 5 days you have to enter a key again. You can ofcourse enter 999 days, for example, so it will be usable for a long time.
  3. thanks a lot! I will try it and let you know when I finished it.
  4. Hi all, My first post on this forum And I have a question. Does anyone know if you can encrypt your serial key of Windows XP in the winnt.sif file? Our is there an other way to secure the key? (except hiding the file) I would realy appreciate if someone can answer my question! Thanks.

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