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  1. long time fan.. old time user. With all the new tools, I'm confused on what direction to go concerng deploying windows 7 machines to work users? Is everyone pushing out windows 7 OS, and then installing the apps after the fact? With XP I used sysprep, mass storage drivers, PXE and cloning software to get what I needed done. For me instaling the engineering software or the accounting software takes the longest time, which is why I liked some sort of imaging based software in the overall solution. When I read about deployment took kit, and automated tool kit I don't see anything that says about all those custom softwares, settings, etc.. but then I read about capturing images. I'm not sure if people are using MSI, batch files to install tird party apps, or a manual way. I don't reinvent the wheel, so i'm looking to try and copy someones genius Justin
  2. would someone point me to the updated version of IcemanND's software mucho gracias
  3. great, I will start with the videos and the blog and go from there thanks
  4. been a long time. This forum was my home for a few years. We got 100 laptops and 100 desktops all running XP. We use a Symantec ghost solution, with sys-prep and two images (single core vs or dual core) The suits are buying new dell laptops E6500, and our oldest desktop will be a Optiplex 755. I kinda feel the system is place can be duplicated with windows 7, but maybe a process is better and more fun to put in place? Was wondering what tried and true methods people are using to deploy Windows7?
  5. http://blog.case.edu/djc6/2005/09/22/imagi...t_hals_wsysprep makes sense.. i'm trying it now
  6. Yes, they are not connected.. so thank YOU for calirfying.. However, I believe the question was "How come I cannot find the setup.exe = 100" though I did leave off the question mark.. and of course the answer is, do a search for "setup.exe" not "setup.exe =" and notepad is a bad editor..
  7. why is it that sometimes when I use the expand c:\XPCD\I386\SETUP.EX_ C:\XPCD\I386\SETUPORG.EXE I open the TXTSETUP.SIF and there is no line setup.exe = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,,1,2 Oh, no space after the = thanks! Unatteded guide
  8. thanks, the driverpacks website site showed me the structure of the driver file.. then I downloaded the driver and moded .inf file from www.laptopvideo2go.com And for all ATI drivers I will use www.omegadrivers.net I will add 003_ATI and 003_Nvidia
  9. With ATI drivers, I click setup find the folder grab the drivers and put them in the $OEM$ Or a chipset driver, i use a -A -A switch.. grab the drivers and put them in the $OEM$ Nvidia, does not give the files I think I should get.. Little confused, How do I extract the driver with out installing. Which files am I looking for..?
  10. I will not shy away from a link to a thread(s) that may have covered this either.. thanks
  11. Yo, For a while now, I have all the Dell Optiplex 110 to 280 running off one image. Which i ghosted and works perfectly. Run the ocasionaly updates.. sysprep reimage, and done. I did this via the mass storage text lines, and the PNP driver install lines. There is a HAL in device manager that works with both laptops and desktops.. All the software is preinstalled. I have a few post install, like the dell wireless set, but whatever.. my time spent on a machine is like 10 minutes. However, curious if there is a better way to do this.. What seems to be the order of operations that have been proving successful in a work environment? Should I integrate all my drivers or seek out? Preinstall install software or via bat silent installs.. or runexec? Just looking for some good suggestions, on what has worked well..
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