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  1. edit:

    i think win7s is faster then server 2008

    the deleting files is more fast [ deleting the old os 40k files around 8 40secs 1000 items for one sec ]

    the counting and the deleting much faster

    loading apps and changing windows is just gr8

    Yes, win7 is faster when it comes to deleting copying files, and apps are also faster on win7. But overall experience with win7 was not great, as the explorer kept crashing, and multitasking was also for some reason not smooth compare to vista on my 4gb ram.

    Am gona install win7 again, and give a try, and compare with vista

  2. After couple of hours of testing, i see still server 2008 (configured as workstation) is faster than win7.

    Boot time for server 2008 = 35sec

    boot time for win7 = 42-45 sec

    Applications runs slightly more faster than win7, and also multitasking is much more smoother under server 2008.

    Its too early to tell, but i think win7 will be more faster, and improve as time goes, just waiting for beta 1 of win7.

  3. I removed all storage drivers in the component page, then integrated nForce 570Ultra's driver.

    I did it because I wanted to reduce the size of the DVD image to 4G after adding ALL hotfixes.

    When the resultant DVD booted up, it found no hard disk, only USB devices.

    It seems that I am not supposed to touch the storage driver section so as not to affect the

    installation program.

    Is this expected behavior??

    DONT remove storage drivers, keep them, or else vista installation wont find your hdd

  4. I can't seem to get it to work even though I meticulously followed FireGeier's guide. I always get an error message of Vista not being able to locate the boot-critical drivers. Is there another method of integrating Vista drivers into my image? I don't really want to use the Vlite option.

    Great driverpacks for vista..check it out


    Are there any instructions on the website on how to integrate the drivers into the Vista image? Is this process a "hack job" or it's a "standard compliant job"?

    The instructions are inside the download (vista-tools, the application that integrates the drivers) Its not a hack tool, its a standard compliant job, as it uses the Microsoft official tool "WAIK" to integrate the drivers

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