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  1. I agree, vista is still buggy, and still has several issues. To be honest i don't think Microsoft will release sp2 just yet or anytime early next year. I think sp2 will be ready by mid or late 2009 (hopefully or earlier).

    The main noticeable issue with vista still is the file copying issue and Vista's Explorer Status bar Bug, and still performance wise its not there yet.

    Also i would like to see some changes on dependencies areas. They really need to work hard and cut down the dependencies on each services to make it less resource hungry, and get rid of all these DRM stuffs as well.

    [off topic]

    Vista has great potential and really can fly. If you use vlite to strip vista down and take out these huge sized componenets that are useless (atleast for me) then you can see vista runs very fast and responsive wise its great.

  2. Downloaded a trial version of Tuneup Utilities 2008, and found it extremely good compare to CCleaner. CCleaner is by far the best free registry cleaner, but Tuneup Utilities 2008 scans the registry more thoroughly. Only if it was a freeware, then this would be the best.

    For best freeware registry cleaner my vote goes CCleaner

    For best non-freeware registry cleaner my vote goes to Tuneup Utilities 2008

  3. i wonder if i can add firefox3 in an unattended version of xp an remove IE7 hmm... or maybe Ie may come in handy knowing M$ , i really dont like haveing 2 browsers on my pc

    You can add firefox to your unattended xp. Silent switch to create addon (eg Firefox3.exe -ms) or you can download it from this forum. Don,t know for sure whether you going to need ie7 for any MS purpose. But when i was on xp, i always removed it, and used firefox and i had no problems. (maybe ie needed for windows updates, can't remember)

  4. To be honest, most people who used firefox, never looked back at ie7, and firefox 3 really made a difference in terms of speed, reliability, etc. Also took a great market share from MS ie7

  5. Have you guys tried it ?

    lol.. your a bit too late on that, as firefox is the most widely used browser, and its the best. Am pretty sure vast majority of people in this forum use firefox 3

    I have been using firefox since version 2 came out.

    Not surprised that you feel the difference in terms of speed and reliability compare to ie7.

  6. ok, i found a bug, when it comes to selecting user profiles, an error message pops up

    " pref.js does not exist in the path xxxxx. The path is typically c:\document and settings\*username\application\data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\*choose*.default

    even if i select this directory, it still pops up with same error as above (no pref.js even though its there). the only way is by copying and pasting the location address

    C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\bapntcab.default (i dont why its bapntcab.default, instead of just default)

    There is also a typo mistake when it comes to desired installation path. it says "if the addon folder doens't" it should be doesn't. lol

    And also the message does not make sense, it says "if the folder doens't already i will need to create it"

    i guess you missed out few words there :lol:

    btw it seems like you removed those options of keeping or not the bookmarks cache, etc... (did not test it fully yet, but much more better and more compatible on vista compare to last few versions which had some bugs.

  7. jonnyboy, your posting your awesome firefox addon maker is everywhere..lol, wincert, ryanvm and now msfn. Great buddy, keep it up

    I want it to work for everyone, folks over at RVM rarely respond and the folks over at WinCert might be getting tired og BETA testing. :thumbup

    Can't blame though. With all of the options it's getting hard to test every combination.

    Ryans and wincert forums are great, but here you will definitely get more testers and help or advice on how to make it more better and definitely more responds.

    good luck :thumbup

  8. No problems. In future to avoid access denied errors, run the bat as administrator :)

    Ofcourse I ran the file as administrator, also after the reboot when Windows find all the new hardware I got a lot of "Error in inf file" so in the device manager there is a long list of "Unknown devices" never the less watching TV is possible.

    Yes this is normal, just ignore the new found devices (click cancel),

    and also after you restart again (2nd restart), these unknown devices goes away

    I Guess you never read the instructions properly :P

  9. as the topic title, I got in my vista businnes 25 half open connection by default. is it the same number for Server 2008 or is it bigger ?

    Server 2008 has no limit (as far as i know). Its designed to accept unlimited connection. This is a major benefit for me, specially when it comes to using P2P applications (I get connected to more peers on utorrent compare to vista)

    check this out


  10. then again you could basically buy a PS3 (40GB) + a Xbox360 Pro + a Wii for the price of a Win 2008 license.

    Nah, Windows Server 2008 is (legally!) free for over half a year (240 days), and its not much hassle to format that often.

    See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948472 for the 240 day thing,

    and see http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

    or http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2008...l-software.aspx

    for the ISOs, all geniune direct from Microsoft themselves :)

    True, even i don't have a server 2008 license, (way too expensive), i usually format my hdd every 4-5 months, and that is exactly what i do to extend my trial time (LEGALLY), unless you use win2008 for server stuffs usage, then a license is a must.

    For workstation use, i modified the whole install.wim for my personal use, so i have all the workstation stuffs out of box, eg sidebar, tweaks in registry by hiving the reg, and more stuffs, basically its all tuned to act and work as a workstation out of box.

  11. (kills my 4gb ram)

    I don't know what you're doing then, because I have it booting in 365MB of RAM, so that should leave you with like 3700MB for your apps. Unless you're referring SuperFetch preloading (caching) things in RAM as killing it? I don't know... It runs just fine even on 2GB. It might be worse if you're using media center or such, but overall it's quite good.

    I do lots of multitasking, eg photoshop (takes huge amount of ram) and few video encoding as well. Without running these apps, vista runs just fine, but on server i can run these apps, and still use my system without any sluggish performance. Not only that, my games load faster and gives me slitghly more FPS (did not benchmark, but it runs much smoother compare to vista)

    If MS did give us the freedom to choose which components to install during vista setup, then vista would have been much better, and less resource hungry, unless you decide to install all the bloat stuffs.

  12. So based on your annecdode shahed if it IS sluggish why would one want to use it?

    I use server 2008 x64, much better than vista and xp, i can have all the vista look and feel enabled on server, and run my apps and do multitasking without any sluggish performance. I used vista for about 3 weeks, and then switched back to xp. Now am running dual boot server x64 and xp. Server rocks!

  13. The split is about 50/50. A year ago, it was like 99/1 in favor of XP. Give it 6 months to a year, and it'll be like 75/25 in favor of Vista. Nothing surprising here.

    Vista is not that bad at all, and definitely it will be much better OS than xp in just few months, with MS releasing lots of hot fixes to fix vista every month

    Exactly my setup (actually not even, my CPU isn't exactly top notch, it's just a lowly E2160), except it's not slow at all (it wasn't sluggish either back when it only had 2GB either). Very responsive, and way more reliable than XP.

    Its not that sluggish compare to xp, but multitasking makes it too sluggish, because of vista's many bloated services running in the background (kills my 4gb ram)

    Just a bit tweaking and configuring makes it run better than xp, but as always i prefer speed, reliability, and responsive out of the box, and am pretty sure MS will have it this way when SP2 comes out

    btw if you installed and used server 2008 and run it as wrokstation, you will see the difference. Vista and server use the same kernel, but server performs and runs smoother and faster, that is because MS tuned server for speed and reliability, and that just shows that vista can be the same in terms of speed and reliability, ONLY if MS took their time a bit more and tuned vista a little more to be better out of box

  14. Not surprised to see xp is getting more votes. Even after vista sp1, vista is still slow and bloated and resource hungry. My system is op notch, 4gb ram with intel core duo, but still vista is sluggish when it come to speed, responsive, and reliability

    At this point, if a well-powered system is running slow with Vista, something is wrong with the system.

    Its not driver problems, as i upgraded my video card and other stuffs, with the new raptor 300bg HDD, all my system componenets are vista compatible with full x86/x64 driver support.

    Its just moving from xp sp3 to a resource hungry and bloated OS makes it feel slower than xp. But end of the day vista is not that bad after sp1, compatibility and stability has improved a lot. Its just the file copying issues still remain which really puts me off, and obviously other stuffs.

    Surprisingly when i used vlite to strip down vista (did not remove too many components only few), the result was Vista is faster than XP SP3 in everything. So basically vista has potential to become the fastest OS, but its bloated stuffs and unnecessary services and its many dependency's on each services kills a good OS

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