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  1. Hi everyone. It looks like I lost track of my thread about not being able to install Win98FE USB driver V3.2. I followed advice of Oscar (January 19th, 2008) and Softstag (June 2008) but to no avail. I downloaded and installed first Unofficial Win98 SP2 and then tried Win98FE USB driver V3.2. I always receive an error message at the end of the installation : " Out of environment space " is written in a DOS windows with a black background and " Under a small window with a title Advance INF Install Error : Could not locate INF File "\nusb.inf" " Under Properties of MyComputer I can see when I click device manage, Universal Serial Bus Controller : - Generic USB hub - Intel 82371AB/EP PCI to USB Universal host controller - USBroot hub. I have installed previously 2 USB2 drivers for 256MB and 2Gig USB sticks (pen storage devices). The two came with their own drivers and are compatible with Win98FE. Has anyone experience this error with Win98FE ? Where do I go wrong ? Thanks for your help.
  2. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    I have recently bought Zaapa USB card reader/writer for SD mini SD and MMC cards. My computer is DELL XPS D300Mhz PII. My OS is Win98 English. The dealer of Zaapa sent me Maximum Decim Native driver V3.2 for Win98FE. I installed the driver to C:\Windows directory. During the installation I notice an error message INF File "\_nusb.inf" not found. But the installation proceeded successfully. Although the USB green light stays on lighting, I cannot see the icon of the USB in MyComputer. It looks that the system still doesn't recognize the USB card reader/writer. Could you advise if there is anyhting which can be done to rectify this problem? Thanks
  3. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Thanks to sunamigaza for the SUBSTOR.INF. Unfortunately there is no reply from Maximus regarding the possibility of using "Eject" as described in my message above. Has someone else any idea?