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  1. Here is the BOOT.INI [boot Loader] Timeout=5 Default=C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT [Operating Systems] C:\ = "Previous Operating System on C:" C:\$WIN_NT$.~BT\BOOTSECT.DAT = "Windows XP Installation/Upgrade" Due to GRLDR replacing NTLDR (which I guess is backed up as $LDR$ 255KB) choice 1 runs AUTOEXEC.BAT which runs SMARTDRV and then WINNT Choice 2 is the regular WinXP installer Hitting CTRL-C breaks the batch file giving a working DOS prompt I can easily edit AUTOEXEC.BAT to give me that choice and run a CD-ROM loader from Win98SE, etc. There is no MENU.LST While I do see the utility you mention, I really don't want to undo this effort If I want that, I will create the ISO image and run from a 320GB USB external as described Obviously ilko_t knows how to get the GUI to start after reboot Everything must be there, somewhere, in either $WIN_NT$.~BT or $WIN_NT$ .~LS to start the GUI
  2. The answer was not helpful. I think the author misunderstood me. From: Josh Cell Software's . <support@joshcellsoftwares.com> Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 9:06 PM Subject: RE: Josh Cell Software's. Maybe I'm not doing it right Copies and boots ok Install just keeps reinstalling DOS part Reboots deletes temp files and goes again Please advise You need to disable the boot from the USB device on 2rd part because the setup files is untouched from CD to USB. -- Best Regards; Josh Cell Software's. What I want is to be able to choose on the USB Install XP, Boot to DOS or RUN WINXP for things like password recovery, etc. So I started the install and I have the 2 $WIN_NT$ directories but the GUI does not load on reboot
  3. I used WinUSB Maker http://www.joshcellsoftwares.com/2012/06/WinUSBMaker.html Apparently that uses GRLDR So WinXP is installed from a DOS prompt after SMARTDRV is loaded But the GUI does not start on reboot
  4. I have been hunting and hunting and I am at a loss. I have created a USB with a boot menu to install WixXP Pro, Run XP Pro or go to a DOS prompt. The DOS prompt and the installer work fine. I have done the TextPart of the WinXP install. It has finished and rebooted. What do I need to run/do to start the GUI on reboot? I would like to add it to the boot list as default I have the &Win_NT$ directories and have slipstreamed the updates from RyanVM and DriverPacks So again, on reboot, how the the GUI load? Thanks in advance!!!!
  5. PassingBy - I have sent you a PM. I need to know how/where to send you the files. Thanks again!
  6. As much as I dislike HP, they are not the only company that has stopped making their printers compatible with Win9x. I have encountered this issue with Canon as well; the client just returned it and bought an older, compatible model. I'm going to try one last thing: Installing my Canon Pixma drivers, just to get a USB001 to install. But this shouldn't really be a problem for the hackers in this group. I mean, other patches to break the 2GB file limit, fix kernel issues, etc. have been released. A nice INF or REG file to add a working USB001 would be helpful. I might do it myself if I get the chance: 1. Snapshot the WinXp registry 2. Install the HP printer on XP 3. Run a utility to compare the snapshot with the post-install 4. Pull out all the registry changes into a REG file 5. Make appropriate Win9x tweaks to file Presto!
  7. I have deleted the printer and run RegClean to remove all HP references... Same on re-install. And no, it looks like a complete printer install: custom properties, print monitor and all.
  8. So, no installer... Have you checked in Device Manager while the printer is connected for unknown devices (yellow question mark)? If an unknown device is there, then go to properties/driver/update driver and point to 9x driver on CD. If it correctly installs the driver, it should also create the USB printer port... Yes the yellow question mark is there... I have deleted it, disconnected and reconnected the printer. MS USB Printer support installs as a USB device, but upon installing the drivers, I get the 1F4 error (Device cannot be installed) which just leaves the yellow question mark... and no USB001 in the port list. Add Printer wizard installs to LPT1 without issue... but not USB001 either. The most surprising thing is that so few people have had this issue. Looks like Win98SE will die because people won't be able to print!
  9. The Win9x directory is *not* a full HP installer, but a CAB and INF file. This will install the printer on LPT1 using the Add Printer wizard. Although the printer is detected, it fails to load the USB drivers and add the USB Printing port (USB001) to the port list. It says the device cannot be installed Error 1F4 This is driving me *nuts*.... Other USB devices (thumb drives, MP3 player) work fine!
  10. Oh, and I'm getting an Error 1F4 which apparently means "USB Printer Drivers will not load" Duh.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me... Does the HP DJ990C install a USB001 on WinME? The problem is that there is no USB001 in the Add Port List. I need to know how to *make* one. I have also tried installing a different HP printer, but that doesn't work as the printer is not detected and the install does not run. The Win2K option doesn't work, as I cannot print to the printer, so remapping USB001 -> LPT2 is not an option. Isn't there just a .reg file somewhere that will make a USB001 port? Please advise, before I upgrade this machine to Win2k. Thanks!
  12. I have been trying to install a new HP LaserJet P1006 on my room mate's Win98SE PC. It is a USB *only* printer. I have run the latest AutoPatcher as well as the Universal USB drivers and the VIA fixes from USBMAN.com HP says the printer is not supported, but the drivers are on the supplied CD-ROM in a Win9x directory Plugging in the cable first installs MS USB Printer Support. Then the install proceeds to almost the end at which point it fails saying that the device cannot be installed. However, the device *will* install if directed to LPT1 but then there is no USB001 in the Printer Port list to redirect the output. How can I add a HP compatible USB001 port to the list so as to use this printer? HELP!!!
  13. FYI - I just deleted the contents of Windows/inf/other and got past the error.
  14. HELP!!! All was working great with the Win98SE2ME patches until I tried to connect an external SATA drive. (SATA -> USB 2.0) First, I got "MSGSRV32 caused an error in SETUPX.DLL" which then occurred when connecting any device. The last time that happened I re-installed Win98SE from scratch. This time, I just restored the last working copy of the registry and the device driver for one of my generic USB flash drives. Now all FLASH devices work (Generic Sticks, PNY Attache, BENQ JoyBee, etc.) BUT... When I connect *any* external hard drive I get "RUNDLL32 has caused an error in COMMCTRL.DLL" After that happens, I cannot access *any* file on *any* drive from Explorer; it just hangs until I reboot (OK from DOS prompt) I have tried restoring the COMMCTRL.DLL from Win98SE but the same thing happens. Please advise ASAP! Here is the error message: MSGSRV32 caused a general protection fault in module COMMCTRL.DLL at 0001:00000239. Registers: EAX=1c470090 CS=1c47 EIP=00000239 EFLGS=00000246 EBX=00000000 SS=1e87 ESP=00007136 EBP=80f27146 ECX=00000090 DS=1c07 ESI=00030058 FS=0000 EDX=00003b76 ES=3b76 EDI=00030000 GS=018f Bytes at CS:EIP: 8e c1 8b 46 06 26 39 47 12 0f 87 03 00 e9 cf ff Stack dump: 00581c07 1a530000 3b760021 00000090 07e0715a 000c1c47 1c070000 00000058 000140f7 0886716a 00001c47 40f70064 00010058 9ebe717a 00003ab7 00580000 Also, the same thing happens when I delete *any* device from the device list and then 'Add new hardware' After that, the system will not boot properly. (USB device hangs before drawing desktop, LPT1 gets to desktop, gives error message and hangs) So, definitely a problem with 'Adding Hardware'...
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