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  1. help selecting a PDA

    i would recommend you palm treo 750 palm treo 750, i've been a loyal customer of palm product.and i owned zire 72 and it is simply valued for money
  2. Looking for good games

    if you are die hard football fan, you must not missed these; 1.pro evolution soccer 5 2. Total club manager 2007 3.championship manager 2007 these are among the tops game for soccer's fans
  3. any way to capture screen in PC game?

    press the PrtSc Labeled on your keyboard.
  4. What HDD Brand Do You Prefer?

    seagate first choice, second is Hitachi. hehe
  5. links collector

    maybe we could make a customize program for that
  6. SMPlayer - a new frontend for MPlayer

    thank for that info.so far media player classic is the best of all for me. but it consumes so much memory especially when the video quality is extremely good.
  7. Err.i guess the screenshot is not working
  8. Operating System Tweaks

    haha nice tips man.well lets see how fast it can be..thank dude
  9. Firekeeper - FireFox Add-On

    thank for the info..gonna make a try now
  10. too bad it is only available at certain place... nice source man
  11. avast is pretty much a good anti virus. but it uses lot of memory..
  12. To update Windows or not

    yeah updating is very crucial to ensure your computer is safe from threats. do monthly check up. these includes : 1)clear cache files ( click run dialog box and type "prefetch" and delete all files inside there) 2)run disk clean up utilities 3)run defragmentation 4)do ad/spyware checking hopes that helps.
  13. [Release] XPize Installer System

    im gonna make a try..
  14. [HELP] Vista Icons

    ey dude probably this is the best of all. easier installation http://www.vistaiconpack.com/
  15. How can I use Vista theme on XP?

    well u can try to go to this site http://vistastyles.org nice theme for vista enjoy