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  1. can someone help me install them, im having trouble installing it
  2. yo Kelsenellenelvian do you think u could upload those 44themes
  3. does anyone know where i can find some windows vista icons, i wanna make my desktop look like windows vista. I tried looking on google but i couldnt find any free ones
  4. sure, i wanna see how that`ll look on my pc, post a link for it when you can, thanks
  5. thanks a lot again, for making the royal full start menu, and for teaching me how to make an install
  6. oh wow cool, thanks for teachin me that
  7. i used to i use 7zip, but since i have 2 pc`s, i keep winrar on one of them and 7zip on the other
  8. ahhh i thought so, is it hard to make files like that?
  9. where did u find that file??
  10. thanks a lot for the file Kelsenellenelvian, that file made it work, thanks
  11. hmmm, i think i might be doing something wrong cause its not showing up i have it in this order Windows --Resources ----Themes ------Royale full start menu --------Shell but its not showing up in the appearance
  12. after i dl the patch and install it,do i just put Royal Full Start Menu in the theme folder
  13. ahh crap, can u tell me where to get uxtheme.dll

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