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  1. happy b'day 2 u brother :)

  2. I don't doubt there are no trojans, but I can't be bothered to change the settings in my AV to allow me to download and install it, especially when I don't know what it looks like. I'll give 1.2 a try when you release it.
  3. I have a SP3 slipstreamed MCE disc which works perfectly, but I'm missing the Media Center updates. I know there is update rollup 2... but I seem to remember updates after that, maybe another update rollup and some other updates. I need a list of all Media Center application updates from a slipstreamed SP3 source. The reason I can't check them myself is because I ripped IE and IEcore out with nLite and have no access to Windows Update. Thanks for any help, Palmtree
  4. ESET Smart Security comes up with a trojan warning when trying to download. And yeah, screenshots would be nice.
  5. MCE Updates

    Thanks for the help guys. I wasn't aware that the updates could be slipstreamed, i'll have to check this out when I make my next disc. I have another question regarding the MCE updates. I installed the updates from this post here not realizing that the post is outdated. I remember having more media center updates to install once I installed these, but I don't have access to the system anymore and I don't know exactly which updates were needed. Is there a more current list of media center updates somewhere? Actually before I finish this post, is there a way I can get the tablet pc skin and energy bliss visualization for windows media player 10 integrated on the cd or would my best bet to use some $OEM$ folder trickery? I realize the second part of this post belongs in the unattended section, but I'm at work and don't really have time to make another post. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the help!
  6. MCE Updates

    Hey all, I am making a custom MCE disc for myself with integrated drives from all 4 of my systems. I have a few questions though: I want to get as many updates as I can, for this I have been using nlite and ryanvm's update pack. Is this the best option? Is there still no way to integrate the MCE app updates/rollups? Is my only option to have them install during the os installation? I heard that there were some problems integrating an earlier (Pre-beta?) version of SP3 and not being able to get some mce updates/rollups, but there have been a few SP3 releases since then, so is there still problems? I tried doing a search but coudn't find any new information on this. Not sure if anyone can answer this one, but is it likely the final build of SP3 will contain all the MCE updates/rollups as well? Thanks, Palmtree
  7. Royale Theme Almost Officially Released

    Link no longer works... EDIT: link found http://www.microsoft.com/nz/windowsxp/down...s/newbliss.mspx
  8. Will you be upgrading to Longhorn?

    I will not use Longhorn.... EVER. The Palladium stuff really kinda scares me. And if a future XP service pack includes this technology, then I will not be upgrading XP either.
  9. SP2 install needed hacked files list

    Does anyone know of another download link for the files? The link in the first post doesn't work. Also anyone that has the zip could just email it to me at james.mcphee@gmail.com if they don't mind. Thanks in advance, Palmtree EDIT: never mind, after 2 days of trying the same link it finally worked
  10. [Request] Luna+Royale Style

    Finished... sorry for the wait. I didn't get around to changing the start button or start menu... I thought I would leave it for a real graphic designer, instead of me hacking it up myself. It's basically the same as the Microsoft themes with a slightly thinner taskbar, thinner caption bars, and a different progress bar. you can download it at Here
  11. [Request] Luna+Royale Style

    what's wrong with the start button from royale? i find it matches the theme nicely. what would you like done with it?
  12. [Request] Luna+Royale Style

    I started that project a few days ago and I'm almost finished. It would've been done long ago but i'm making the taskbar and the title bars a bit smaller. I'll let you know when it's done
  13. The count-down to SP2

    hmm... I guess i missed the chat, it's 3:20am AST
  14. The count-down to SP2

    well i won't be pulling an all-nighter, but i can guarantee that i'll be up at the crack of dawn to download it.... if it's released. I've already created 3 slipstreamed sp2 cds (rc1, rc2, pre-rtm), so i'll be glad when the final is released so i won't have to do it again for a long time
  15. System Specs

    I'm glad it turned out that way. Since getting the laptop, I haven't used my desktop in almost a year.