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  1. Hi mate, I've checked the sfcfiles.dlls that you posted (thanks again!) and have noted that the only one that is getting modified is the one in Step 7. The others remain unmodified compared to a vanilla install. This is useful to know as it means that none of the other tools you used are modifying it in any way, which is good for debugging purposes as we can rule out possible interference from them.
  2. Hi mate, nice work!! One thing to look out for, which can be a silent surprise: the list of files monitored by SFC, WFP and other systems are kept in a file called sfcfiles.dll, which also has the enumeration function getsfcfiles() - the list returned from this function is used by other things than SFC/WFP so the only way to completely fix potential lookups is to edit this list, or the function it calls. I'm guessing SfcFileException() works for SFC & WFP, but does it also modify the list returned by sfcgetfiles() ? Some things like replace-on-next-boot also use the sfcgetfiles() function and won't replace certain files under certain conditions if they are returned in this list. Is SfcFileException() a magic bullet that actually modifies the list returned by sfcgetfiles()? I'm just curious. Again, excellent work finding something that fixes your problem! :)
  3. Thanks for the report, Chad. Which parts of nLite did you make use of? i.e. how did you customise your install?
  4. Thanks heaps, killerb255 - that helps a lot in figuring out where the problem is. Cheers!
  5. @NeoZeruel Thanks again for uploading the file. We're working on seeing why your sfcfiles.dll is being modified when you aren't selecting components for removal, but unfortunately we can't give any ETA. The information you've given us has been very helpful, though, and because of that the problem has a good chance of being solved
  6. You can also just click ignore/cancel since those files it complains about either don't exist in your install, or are modified from their original versions.
  7. @NeoZeruel, Can you please do one last thing and upload your c:\windows\system32\sfcfiles.dll file here? This is the file that contains the list of files that SFC/WFP monitors. It is the file nLite modifies to remove entries that no longer need to be scanned but it looks like yours has somehow reverted to an original version, or that Windows Update has replaced it somehow. If you can upload it here (its only small, about 1.5mb) or send me a PM and I'll give you my email address. Thanks very much!
  8. Ryan; you suggest disabling the webclient service. Can that be done from the services section? thanks, Gary Yes it can be done that way in nLite, or you can do it manually after installation in services.msc
  9. Hi, thanks for posting that list, it really is very helpful in finding out where possible problems are. THANKS!!
  10. Thanks for the update, eddie, the popups in 1.3.5 are expected as SFC hadn't been fixed in that version. Try it with the new 1.4b version to see how you go with that. Regarding the DVD drive, though, I don't have any ideas apart from trying it before you do the Windows Updates. Other things like reseating the cables and stuff I guess are out of scope of the nLite discussion, though, but I hope you can get it working
  11. Thanks... can I also ask you to split this 1.4b/SFC topic into a new thread so I can track it easier? I'm afraid it will end up getting lost in this really long 1.4 announcement thread
  12. Did you use 1.3.5 or the new 1.4b version of nLite? Under the old 1.3.5 one, yeah you will get WFP/SFC popups, you will get some for signing problems (unavoidable, but only about 4 or 5 max) and some for other files such as fp40ext.inf. Some people are reporting some popups with 1.4b, too, but we've yet to track down precisely what they are removing or adding etc, so we may be a while finding what is causing that for them. Still, this won't be related in any way to your DVD burner not working. If you haven't chosen to remove any files or components with nLite and only have XP Pro with SP2 then it will be the same as if you use a non-nLited cd. You certainly shouldn't be getting 26 popups if you haven't selected any components for removal. Check your event log as WFP/SFC puts entries in there for each file it tries to replace so you'll be able to see which files it is complaining about. Also, was the DVD drive working *before* you visited the Windows Update site? That is, did you try it on the first bootup after Windows was installed? If you end up finding it was the burner that was broken, can you let us know anyway as it can then be crossed off my list Thanks!
  13. Hi! When you get the WFP/SFC popup can you please just keep clicking cancel, then once it is not complaining anymore, go into your event log and it will have a list of WFP/SFC entries, one for each file it wanted to restore. If you can list them here that would be a great help. Thanks!
  14. sfc should now only come up asking to restore 4 or 5 files during an sfc /scannow, and these are related to signing, not missing files. Can you tell us during an sfc /scannow how many times you are prompted? Just click cancel each time you are prompted and count them, if you get more than 10 just tell us that. Also, sfc won't be affecting your ability to use your DVD drive. Your only way to test if nLite had any impact on it at all is to install Windows from a non-nLited disc and see if you have the same problem with your DVD drive. I'm guessing in your nLite build you have removed some drivers or something that DVD drives need (?)
  15. Thanks for your hard work testing this out, killerb255. Can you please do one last test, and compare the sfcfiles.dll file from a build you have that does not have WFP popups, with a build that you *do* get the popups in? If I'm reading it right, something must be happening between steps 7 and 8 above, which from your description points to something to do with IE7 or WMP11. I don't use IE7, but apparently it's a big update so maybe it does something to sfcfiles.dll. So If you can save a copy of sfcfiles.dll from step 7, then compare it to an sfcfiles.dll in step 9. sfcfiles.dll is in %systemroot%\system32\sfcfiles.dll Basically I just need to know if the file is identical from both your steps 7 & 9 or if it changes at all.

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