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  1. No GUI to create ini-files yet, sorry. But supplied marsinst.ini is well documented with a lot of examples.
  2. A new version of Mars Installer has been released - 1.5 Direct download link [+] LockDesktop switch added which makes desktop grayed and locked while installer is running [+] Support for wallpapers with Wallpaper=image.jpg (LockDesktop must be enabled) [+] IfNotExists=C:\file.exe parameter continues current installation only if this file does not exists [+] Spanish localization (marsinst.ini) [*] Some improvements and bugfixes
  3. The thing is I have 3.0.0 + 3.0.1 update. But now I'm going to download 3.0.1 complete. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, it works. But what to do with updater? It always asks for the program folder where install it to.
  5. It seems I found a solution here. msiexec.exe /unregister msiexec /regserver Any suggestions why this could happen?
  6. I've got the same problem today by integrating fresh updates into my XP SP3 installation (HFSLIP 1.7.9) And now I have no idea what update conflicts with MSI Manually reinstalled WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe and nothing. When trying to install something with .msi extension I'm getting 'The Windows Installer service could not be accessed.'... Please help. P.S. WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe is in HF folder for the HFSLIP.
  7. hidec.exe works fine with no antivirus alerts (ESET, Kaspersky) I don't remember where I got it but you can google it.
  8. I don't think so. Just downloaded them 30 min before posting here. And these files installed manually without problems. ADD: After some updates manipulations it works fine. But problem with MSI now.
  9. Just tried to integrate latest two updates into WinXP SP3: KB970430 and KB971737. Got error during install: missing HFSLP287.INF and HFSLP288.INF Removed WindowsXP-KB970430-x86-ENU.exe and WindowsXP-KB971737-x86-ENU.exe from HF and rebuilt HFSLIP - works.
  10. WinRAR is unable to open setup.exe 7-Zip opened but there is nothing to extract: .text 206 674 .rdata 25 414 .data 39 204 .rsrc 42 124 CERTIFICATE 6 656 [data-1] 75 824 640 totalmediatheatre_3.0.1.120_3.0.1.160_update_all.exe can be unpacked but it's just an update.
  11. Moved from always buggy WinDVD and PowerDVD (same s***, sorry) to ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 3 and now looking for silent install switches... Tried setup.exe /s/v/qn but it finished with ResultCode=-3 in setup.log. It seems I need to enter serial number somewhere... Also there is an update for it - totalmediatheatre_3.0.1.120_3.0.1.160_update_all.exe which doesn't support even /s/v/qn Please help.
  12. Two more updates since Feb 10, 2009: IE7-WindowsXP-KB961260-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB960715-x86-ENU.exe
  13. minutka15 just try to read all comments included in marsinst.ini file. Replied to your PM, there were a lot of errors in your configuration. And this is not true, your installers can by anywhere:
  14. I have Vista SP1 DVD with x86 and x64 versions in one. And I want to integrate both x64 and x86 language packs in it but for vLite there is no difference in language pack platforms so trying to integrate x64 MUI after x86 raises an error that this MUI is already integrated. Is there a way to integrate both of them? I have x64 MUI's integrated and when installing x86 version with non-english version (from x64) it gives an error after copying files: unable to install windows in selected language.
  15. Hello there! The new version is available - 1.4 What's new: [+] Now it's possible to create a different radio buttons groups (Radio=2, Radio=8) [+] Program info URL icon will be shown for each program if "URL=" is set [+] Status bar shows total available programs to install (includes hidden programs too) [+] Now it's possible to set alternate marsinst.log file location from ini file (LogPath) [+] Windows temp directory shortcut - %TEMP% [*] High CPU usage while installing an application fixed [*] Some other bug fixes and improvements
  16. You can do everything with NSIS too. Just try to study. I have more than 30 installations made in it. Don't know about Inno, but don't like it. What about files that MSI lefts...I mean not those application files I mean MSI files itself...they are everywhere...I hate that unnecessary chaos... Microsoft always create a stupid soft...which left a lot behind (and like norton, symantec, adobe etc.) I'm programmer and I know - all this is a garbage.
  17. MSI is as usual from M$ - an awful thing... Huge and lefts a lot unneeded files... NSIS is the best, Inno good too for people who likes GUI for installer preparation...
  18. Another thing. I deleted all prerequisites from WinDVD and now it gives an error: How to prevent it from checking prerequisites? I don't really think it needs to install DirectX because I have SP3 integrated and dxdiag shows all DirectX files dated 4/14/2008.
  19. Ok, thanks a lot. Registration file works. Silent installation I'm gonna check. Only one thing left - annoying registration window... There was some registry key for version 7/8 which made WinDVD registered (on corel.com) is there a new one? P.S. Will WD09.dta work on another PC (if I change my PC configuration)?
  20. Try to use my program (just click to link in my signature) and study included with download marsinst.ini file.
  21. I can't even install KB905474 (Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications) WGANOT~1.EXE cannot be integrated and raises an error when trying just install it under SP3: I think there should be a special SP3 version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications standalone because I just downloaded version 1.7.0018.7 from HERE. Also I made my MSDownloads.exe with all files mentioned here and it installs. But updater (IE7) still want to install ActiveX plugins and WGA. And my DataStore.edb is 8mb is it normal? I deleted it and run update and it grew to 8mb again
  22. There is a topic on how to install WinDVD 8 but it doesn't work for version 9. There are instructions on how to modify default.ini file but here is the content of it for full WinDVD 9 Plus (and Plus Blu-ray): [InterVideo] [Shortcuts] OnlineUpdateName=disable Also I tried unpack WinDVD9.exe and run setup.exe /S /v/qn - it won't install and creates setup.log with: [ResponseResult] ResultCode=-3 Please help. Also is there a way to register it silently?

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