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  1. What about my question? 48.0.2 is latest version w/o SSE2, which runs on my PC. Any tips?
  2. Doesn't work with my portable 48.0.2. Did everything as written in 1st post, but no luck. CPU does not support SSE, may it be reason?
  3. No, it is not reason, because last version of Managed DirectX was included in April 2006 release of DirectX, later it was deprecated and has been replaced by Microsoft XNA, therefore all releases after October 2006 are totally useless for 9x, in spite of it can be installed with Framework or without it. Seems like August 2007 pack was created only by reason that it is latest version which can be installed normally in Windows 98 (not considering that it useless), newer releases have repacked cabs incompatible with Windows 98, but it installs ok in Windows ME although (i did not check February 2010). Author of topic says that June 2008 release supports Windows 98 but he forgot specify that it related only to Web Installer but not to full redist. Web Installer actually supports Windows 98 but does not install any new files than October 2006 release.
  4. Yes, it was me. I have checked this file and it really does not includes any new files for 9x since last October 2006 release. It was just compilation from old 9x cabs from October release and other cabs from later releases until August 2007, but really no files after October 2006 is installed. Last installed file is d3dx9_31.dll, d3dx9_32.dll and other new files are skipped. All the same for December 2006 release, which is considered the last, but it not last really, as it also does not installs any new files after October release. It was just fault of MS to include cabs for 9x in that release. And even more, web installer of DirectX also installs files in 9x only prior to October 2006 versions. Therefore latest release of DirectX for 98/ME is October 2006. I have attached log of installation of August 2007 in 98SE if you interested. And about unattended install, this package does not contain any old or tweaked files for unattended purposes, all setup related files from it (dsetup32.dll, dxdllreg_x86.cab, DXSETUP.exe, DSETUP.dll and dxupdate.cab) were taken from original August 2007 release, and digital signs of it dated by 20.07.2007. I have compared both files from unofficial and original packages in WinHex and it completely identical, therefore its looks like this package is totally useless. Directx.rar
  5. Visual C++ 7.x Packs were updated according to KB971089. List of updated files include: ATL71A.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 ATL71U.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71CHS.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71CHT.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71DEU.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71ENU.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71ESP.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71FRA.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71ITA.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71JPN.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71KOR.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 MFC71U.DLL 7.10.6088.0 -> 7.10.6101.0 Look for new links in previous posts (#23 and #30).
  6. What do you mean by "ANSI editions" of these files? I know that only for ATL7x.dll there are ANSI editions not for other. If you want to get latest versions, you can take it from my Unofficial Visual C++ 7.x SP1 Redistribution Packs which i have updated several days ago.
  7. Visual C++ 7.x Packs were updated according to KB954885 and VS .NET 2002 SP1. List of updated files include: ATL71A.DLL 7.10.3077.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 ATL71U.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71CHS.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71CHT.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71DEU.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71ENU.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71ESP.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71FRA.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71ITA.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71JPN.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71KOR.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MFC71U.DLL 7.10.6041.0 -> 7.10.6088.0 MSVCI70.DLL 7.0.9466.0 -> 7.0.9955.0 Look for new links in previous posts (#23 and #30).
  8. If you trying to read DVD recorded in UDF 2.x format then it impossible, because maximal version of UDF what Windows 98 support is 1.01. I haved this problem too earlier, but after long searches i found working driver for 9x named ReadDVD! from Software Architects. Look for that in Google. Good luck.
  9. Windows Lupus Project Alpha 3 Build 2315 - great tool for killing non-english language strings in system files. Thanks! Any other changes should to be appear? I didn't see any of them... And how to uninstall this great stuff, maybe somebody explain me that?
  10. KernelEx for Windows 95 would be great project without doubts. Will waiting for it with impatience.
  11. Dаmn, I have only now found out that Rapidshare has Collector's Zone service with downloads control ability. Then forget for instructions which i gave above, here are new rapidshare links: 2008 - 7.0 - 7.1 - 7.x
  12. Not a problem because all files packed in cab installer and it can easily unpacked by WinRAR, but all usefulness of this packs just concluded in installing feature, so if you don't like to use setups then you don't need this packs. There are two variants of downloading. With viewing the advertisment and without it. Look the instruction screens for both that cases: 1, 2.
  13. Hi, all! If anybody need it for some reasons (i don't know for why, i made it just for fun) then i have repacked distributive of "Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package" (SP0) for 9x only with deinstalling ability - http://ifolder.ru/5057911 (requires KernelEx already installed!) And i have also three unofficial packs for Visual C++ 7.x Runtimes made in accordance to vcredist.exe (VC++6.0RP) 1. http://ifolder.ru/13373894 Unofficial Visual C++ 7.0 (2002) SP1 Redistribution Pack for Windows 95-Vista 2. http://ifolder.ru/13373908 Unofficial Visual C++ 7.1 (2003) SP1 Redistribution Pack for Windows 95-Vista 3. http://ifolder.ru/13373471 Unofficial Visual C++ 7.x (200x) SP1 Redistribution Pack for Windows 95-Vista (7.0 + 7.1 in-one) Note: installation totally quiet, without any dialogs (like in vcredist.exe) and begins right after start Files for Visual C++ 7.x packs were taken from original releases of Visual Studio .NET 2002-2003 and from official updates for it in Microsoft Download Center (KB924642, KB927696, KB932298, KB932304). All packs are working and tested on all specified OS's (95-Vista) but i don't give any warranties for it, use at your own risk. Thanks for attention and sorry for my bad english.
  14. IVT BlueSoleil EDR Release 051216. The last supported version for Windows 98. Where to find?
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