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  1. Stupid edit not working. I just mean if other people "spit on this program" why is that, it sounds like there's some problem I might want to be aware of before I commit to learning to use it is all or considering if there are other tools...
  2. Well I just haven't used it yet so I don't know what it can or cant do. And it's called the "easy" way to do it, so are there any harder but more powerful versions out there. :- P Like one specific example - can I make it auto block windows 10 crap at the end of everything else, and how do I set it up to do that. Because right now (was possibly hoping to tell work to use this) leaving an unattended PC to auto update apparently leads to a windows 10 screen or wastes of data auto downloading 10 or something auto clicking itself to update after all the work trying to make a best windows 7
  3. But are there any alternatives or is that the only game in town? Even if I use the RTlite version now, is there any reason I might want to use something different later for a power user build or something...
  4. I'm aware of the Convenience Rollup Package - and it's not working for me and I cannot diagnose why it wont. So i'm back to square one unless I misunderstood the purpose of the CRP. I would like to build a single offline-only Windows 7 install disc or USB key that I can use on multiple computers (ie not tied to one serial number, I might need to punch in that unique to each system preferably at the beginning not something like 90 minutes in randomly the way it used to be, but then have it be hands free until complete) to put down a desired configuration. Which right now would basically be
  5. Hi : ) This is my first post, if I make any noob mistakes please tell me. I'm seeking commentary on anything I say here, it's like a public stream of consciousness asking "do you know a better way for (x) than what I plan?" I'm the same guy at VOGONS if anyone is also over there. Since this seems one of the top win98 related hubs (if there are others please share?) I thought i'd ask for more insight and comments here. I'm sure there are a number of topics here in the past covering similar things - if anyone could point out some 'best' ones, or ones that may not be as obvious in a routine se
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