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  1. Thanks, lots of cool stuff but still the same problem, I cannot configure the setup. As a result, it inserts the shortcut into toolbar, desktop and start menu, which I don't want. I have this probloem for most of the programs. After they are installed automatically my computer looks like a garbage because I have all these icons all over the place and programs are configured by default, which sucks:(
  2. Is there a way to make a custom automated installation? Like in winamp 5.33
  3. After you have installed you windows, WPI menu will appear and will ask you to put a check mark on those programs which you want to be installed. After that, WPI will automatically install the programs you included into WPI. Basic layout for where to put WPI can be found its site http://www.wpiw.net/help.html I don't know the answer for your third question, actually I never heard of any registry tweaks in WPI but you probably can create a file with registry modifications and then run it with WPI. BTW nlite and WPI are programs with different functions. WPI will automatically install programs for you while nlite will install windows, integrate service packs, drivers and has some tweaks
  4. Can you include an option so a swtichless installer can be executed from WPI?
  5. That's what I'm asking. Unfortunately I don't know any method to execute switchless installer automatically when the Windows finished installing.
  6. Can anyone explain me how do I install programs with switchless installers with unattended installation? I'm trying to build an unattended installation for a few months and I can't finish it because I don't know how to install most of the programs. I use WPI and nlite. I find that WPI supports very few programs. Some of the programs I need to install I see in this forum but they are switchless installers. If you can tell me how do I include thise switchless installers programs so they will be installed automatically together with programs which are installed through WPI I would be very thankful. Don't tell me something like "use RunOnce" because I have no idea what it means. Also I tried AutoIt but it is really complicated. I hope someone can explain me what to do in detailed but simple way.
  7. So how can you install Nero with WPI?
  8. So did anyone find a way how to activise the photoshop cs during silent installation?
  9. If I start replacing files etc. I'll get far away from unattended installation very soon
  10. Ok so I downloaded the big 50megs file. I extracted it to MSN folder. Now I try to run MSN.exe file through WPI and it doesn't work. If I double-click on MSN.exe manually the program installs automatically. So what should I do to launch it from WPI? Thanks
  11. I just read the first page and used this method on my Nero Everything worked fine and it didn't reboot my computer even though I didn't add any additional command. Thanks for this guide
  12. What can I say, awesome. Takes about 10-15 minutes to instal
  13. I also use an anti-banner patch for icq 2003, but I don't know which switch to use, can anyone help?
  14. This would be too complicated, but thanks anyway. However I actually found a way to make the program be installed in any language. When I got the code from appdeploy, it was as follows: msiexec /i "ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Professional Edition.msi" /qb- TRANSFORMS=1031.mst SN=AAAA-1234-5678-1234-5678 Instead of TRANSFORMS=1031 I tried to put different numbers, and 1033 installed the application in english.
  15. I hope I'm not too late for this topic. I used this http://www.appdeploy.com/packages/detail.asp?id=879 site suggested above for automated entering of serial numbers. The program is Finereader 8 Professional, and the problem is that the program gets installed in German instead of English. I don't understand why it happens, if you think it is possible to make this program be installed in English please suggest how can I achive that. Thanks.

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