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  1. I discovered vlite through this video ... Vlite and nlite seems very similar ... why vlite doesn't automatically detect which version you are using ? I laughed when studio48 said "remove the most annoying feature of vista" ... I think, Bill Gates should see that video. I will not adopt vista until a final version of vlite is released ! By the way 700Mb for total reduction is still enough for me .... Why not just 400 Mb like I can do with XP and with full langage support ? Where are the 300 other Mb ?
  2. hi, I found nlite quite powerfull, but there some important bugs if you are using it with " windows server 2003 entreprise SP2"'. Especially I get the BSOD when I disable these three services: 1- Application lookup service 2- Mount point 3- Partition manger The fact , is that the two last mentionned service by nlite, appear NOWHERE in my service list when running the OS. Probably hidden critical stuff. Anyway , I think nlite should hide these 3 (just like it does for RPC). The tweaking is also buggy. Problem is that XP an server 2003 have often different default options, so if you don't check a box,nlite will consider it's "already done", but it's not true for server 2003. For instance in "server 2003" you have the classic view in explorer by default while in XP you can see the task panel by default. If you uncheck the option "classic view" in nlite then you still have the classic view in 2003. Same problem with "add administrative tools" etc ..... I tested nlite with Xp, and clearly it works better with this one. I'll still have to do some tweaks after install, but the most important is done. I would have liked the "place bar" for common dialogs to be more customisable (not just C,D,E, & neighborhood). I do: Desktop, C, D, and my documents. One default I've seen: quick launch bar is not enabled by default. Also why the saved presets are language dependent ? I speak french & english and sometimes I find better explanations in french or english. Would have appreciated to switch easily from a langage to an other for the descriptions. cheers
  3. Hi, for a long times I've been using windows classic (the default candy makes me somehow sick) then I gave a try to vista and found aero quite impressive but too much distractive for work. When I switched back to XP (I'm waiting for the stable release of vlite, I'll decide what to vlite in vista) I searched a good equilavent theme but unfortunately all have defaults for my taste. The best Aero like I found was "Jadaero 1.3" from Flahorn (version vista glass) at deviantart here: http://flahorn.deviantart.com/ Unfortunately Windows Blinds is still too buggy (last version 5.5) for my taste and was at the end fed up at trying to get a good "aero -llike" theme. I ended by adopting a theme very different of the one of vista , "GUI.Relax" from b0se at deviant art here: http://b0se.deviantart.com/ So far , I'm quite happy with the "GUI.Relax" theme (subtle variation). - Not distractive, neat, beautiful, and no bugs (regular visual style)
  4. hi dead0, thanks for you answer, but in my case re-enabling "application lookup service" was not enough. But I finally found. Here are thre service required to install server 2003 if you wish not get that annoying BSOD. 1- Application lookup service 2- Mount point 3- Partition manger The fact , is that the two last mentionned service by nlite, appear NOWHERE in my service list when running the OS. It appears that these are hidden services which are critical. Or these aren't services, and nlite mistakenly show them as services , I don't know.... Anyway, I think that nlite should by default hide these services in order to avoid problems (just like it already does for RPC , I think). Now I'm gonna make a fresh install of this one in my computer, and I hope I'll manage to connect to internet 'cause it appears I can't with Vmware. .
  5. Hi, I was trying to optimise win server 2003 entreprise to be used as a workstation, as I've heard this one is much faster than Xp. Also I was quite discouraged by the over-bloated vista, so I was looking for something more recent than xp, without the slowness of vista (on my system..) Anyway, I've made many try to build isos and then test them in vmware.... Then I tryed to refine settings, and to tweak all service of the system. I've especially followed the recommendations from this site: http://www.blackviper.com/WinXP/service411.htm All the advices were for xp pro. Since I got win server 2003 I thought that disabling any service that's not in xp pro would be fine. I think it is the whole new list of service added: The problem: it seems to install fine until the system have to start for the first time after the install. And BAM, just before I can even see my new fresh desktop I get a BSOD. The problem does not occur if I set to default all service I have desactivated. Here's the list of service leading to BSOD when desactivated: [services2] AeLookupSvc,4 Browser,4 Dfs,4 TrkSvr,4 DNSCACHE,4 NtFrs,4 HidServ,4 IsmServ,4 kdc,4 LicenseService,4 MountMgr,4 NetLogon,4 NetBT,4 NLA,4 xmlprov,4 PartMgr,4 RSoPProv,4 RemoteAccess,4 LanmanServer,4 ScardSvr,4 sacsvr,4 LMHosts,4 Themes,4 UPS,4 vds,4 WebClient,4 SharedAccess,4 W32Time,4 WinHttpAutoProxySvc,4 See my attachements for the full settings I use. Could you help me to tweak in a safe way the remaining setting without having a BSOD ? It seems I 'll give up, and leave all services as default (almost ) if I can't get an answer. I can't make hundred try under VMWARE in order to locate why I get this annoying BSOD. The worse thing is all that services are not needed in safe mode (using the bare minimum of services) so then w hy without them I can't install ? thanks tell_me_why.ini
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