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  1. that sounds great, are you putting the msi in, or the downloaded file?
  2. In winnt.sif include [Components] msmsgs=off Windows messenger won't install.
  3. Nero63120.exe is a winrar SFX, it is not locked, so you can open it in winrar & change the mode to hidden {extracting files}. You can also insert a cmd file that regs it & then starts setup.exe, because it's not locked you can change anything you want.
  4. My probs with shrink are now solved, I'll explain my fixes, which may only work for me. I hope it helps someone. For months I was a 7MBiter, I tried everything in all 19 pages, including prathapml's summary. I ended up copying the office2003 files to a CD which made my source a single letter, eg F:\ (with \ for sure after F:}. Now it worked. I made an install of word, powerpoint & publisher, it worked a treat on an unattended CD. I then re-installed Windows & made a new shrink with excel added, bummer, kept doing the "retreat" of office install during unattended, where it starts & suddenly the progress bar goes backwards. Finally I ran setup.exe manually & chose the same choices as my MST file & copied every missing file during install, not many, from source to my shrink office folder & made a new CD- perfect. I now have a winrar SFX of the first shrink=85MB +Excel=105MB One of the missing files was office.dll. looks important, LOL. Hope someone sees something in here that helps.
  5. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Tour] "RunCount"=dword:00000000 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Applets\Tour] "RunCount"=dword:00000000
  6. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...16709&hl=shrink
  7. The smallest wget I can find weighs in at 109,736 bytes, here: http://wget.techknight.com/download.php it's half the size of the wget I use for updating my f-prot bootCD.
  8. Prism Deploy 5.0 is my choice, it's not free though. It has an ini file where you can exclude rubbish files & reg entries from your snapshots. The SFXs it makes are silent by default.
  9. Hi JohnA, I had exactly the same problem when I started on this mission. Have you made an Administrative Installation Point ? That's where I stuffed up. However this has nothing to do with XPCREATE, get on over to the Unattended forum & you'll be sorted out.
  10. swampy

    XP SP2 tested?

    Hope this helps: PLEASE NOTE- IMPORTANT · The pre-release versions of Windows Update are for testing purposes only. · Please do not depend on the pre-release versions of Windows Update to keep your computer secure and up to date. If you are not a Windows XP SP2 Beta program participant, you can keep your computer secure and up to date by visiting the <http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/> site. If you are part of the Windows XP SP2 Beta program, please take extra care regarding computer security, as you will not be able to go back to the Windows Update V4 site. For all Beta Testers When you visit the Windows Update V5 RC2 site, the Windows Update client software on your computer will be updated to the RC2 version. After the Windows Update client software is updated, an error 0x800A01AE can occur. To avoid this error and complete install of the updated client, you must restart your computer. If you attempt to scan for updates without restarting your computer, you will continue to receive this error. For Windows XP SP2 Beta Testers If you are a Windows XP SP2 Beta tester, please download and install Windows XP SP2 (build 2120) before performing any further Windows XP SP2 and Windows Update V5 testing. For All Other Windows Update Beta Testers Windows Update beta testers using Windows XP (SP1 or RTM), Windows Server 2003 (RTM), or Windows 2000 (SP3 or later) should: 1. Go to <http://beta.microsoft.com>. 2. Sign in using your passport. 3. Click the Windows Update V5 link. 4. Accept the EULA. (If you have not already accepted the EULA, you must do so before advancing to the Windows Update V5 beta pages.) 5. Access the Windows Update V5 preview site. Follow the instructions on the BetaPlace Windows Update page at <http://beta.microsoft.com>.
  11. well done, GM will be happy, he likes it when you RTFM
  12. I did search, but the post you linked to spelled it badly, a space not needed, hence no results. I am in many forums & always use search before posting. Chill out, hopefully someone still finds it useful. Also the "correct" URL is the same as mine.
  13. WinUpdatesList displays the list of all Windows updates (Service Packs and Hotfixes) installed on your local computer. For hotfix updates, this utility also displays the list of files updated with these hotfixes. In addition, it allows you to instantly open the Web link in Microsoft Web site that provides more information about the selected update, uninstall an update, copy the update information to the clipboard, or save it to text/HTML/XML file. http://freehost14.websamba.com/nirsoft/utils/wul.html
  14. I tested running nlite before and after XPCREATE, both ended up the same, missing KB828741, KB835732 & Update Rollup 1 KB826939. Forget it. As GreenMachine keeps saying, always use a clean source for XPCREATE. I haven't said thanks yet, but thanks GM, XPCREATE is phantasmagorical! The only bugs I've seen have been XPCREATED by me:)
  15. In XPCREATE.INI you need: BOOTIMGFILE=BOOT\XPCTBOOT.BIN Have look in the BOOT directory, XPCTBOOT.BIN should be in there, it comes with XPCREATE.
  16. I run it from XPCREATE\FILESCD\$OEM$\$1\Install\JavaVM & from my .cmd ECHO Updating Microsoft JavaVM to 3810 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\JavaVM\MSJavx86_3810update.exe /Q:A /R:N

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