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  1. Hello, I've sent 4 requests over the past month to download XPCREATE, none have been responded to. I've followed instructions as best I can, the system you are using to distribuate the program is poor at best. Please tell me how to get the program, I've tried it 4 times using instructions posted on the site and i've gotten nowhere. I also tried 2-3 months ago once, that was also not responded to. Thanks Could someone PM me with link to file or mail it to me at: Thanks
  2. Yep, followed instructions. I know the batch file and install is good cuz if I run it after Windows is installed, office installs fine. It runs from cmdlines.txt so that could be the problem. Can't find a log. Could an admin move this thread to the right forum? Thanks
  3. Well this is strange, office installs, frontpage then installs but then the progress bar on frontpage installer rolls backwards after it gets to the end. Seems to take the office install with it somehow. This is very strange.
  4. Well, I just got done testing my first attempt. I have my working XP and Office 2003. I followed instructions on this site and the other and all seemed to be well. I have Office 2003 and Frontpage being installed seperatly. There is a pause/wait in place so the 2 do not attempt to install at the same time and they both seem to install fine. However, when I boot, no sign of Office or Frontpage is found. Seems to have uninstalled itself Will check out the other forum but I thought you might like an update, lol. Thanks
  5. Here's where I'm at. I have a working XP image built from the latest test version with all hotfixes downloaded etc. I made an up to date Office 2003 using the guide on the site you pointed me to. I don't quite know what to do now, how do I combine the two? Thanks
  6. Ah, thanks So if I can do it, would I be able to build into into an XP XPCREATE image? Thanks
  7. Well, here's my question. Can I make an Windows XP Pro disk that when installed will already have office and maybe other non ms apps already installed? Will be on a DVD of course, lol. Thanks

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