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  1. Dear jaclaz thank you for taking your time to claify this matter. I had a very good lesson. Seriously B.
  2. Dear jaclaz Thank you very much for the detailed answer. You have clarified very precisely that no data is "destroyed" when the file is rewritten without content. I can read them (the data), since you brought me on the right track, in the HEX editor (if they are words). You call them "only they are not anymore addressed/indexed". Is there a way to recover them easily? The word "only" suggests this. I tried with a program that is designed for data recovery, but it failed. IMHO they are gone for good. Best regards B.
  3. Suppose you have created a file with 100 words, saved it, and reopened it to delete half of the words. What happens physically to the deleted words? Are they still detectable on the hard disk? If not: would it be a good idea to shred files by opening them in Notepad / Editor delete the content and save the cleared file? Thanks for any reply, B.
  4. To be more precise: The feature is available on Pro version of win 10 but the configuration program uwfmgr does not respond. Did anybody get this to work?
  5. Dear board members, there is a new feature on Win10 called "Unified Write Filter", UWF in short. It is, similiar to EWF, creating an overlay to a volume and redirects disk writings to RAM. (according to MS) It has limitations to Enterprise Edition and does not support "storage". Is anybody around here who tested this feature? Regards B. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/customize/enterprise/unified-write-filter
  6. hello shorterxp just in case you want a "shortcut_GUI" http://reboot.pro/files/file/282-pe-links/ Regards

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