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  1. Now works well! Thx for the fix
  2. Yep, still having this issue in the official Win11 build and now I can't revert back the changes!!!
  3. Hello Tihiy, first of all thank you very much for your applications, always wonderful! I'd like to report an application hang when ticking and unticking the "Use new font for classic UI" option under the Advanced tab, the exe hanging is StartAllBackCfg.exe. I made a video about it: https://streamable.com/cd2xum This is the Event Viewer reports after ticking and unticking the option. Tick: "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\ArmouryDevice\asus_framework.exe" --- ArmouryCrate Untick: "C:\Windows\System32\WerFault.exe"or "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WerFault.exe" ---- Windows Problem Reporting Let me know if I need to provide more info.
  4. Thank you for the update, but which deadlocks have you fixed?
  5. Hello all, i would like to share my experience, first of all thank you Tihiy for creating this (i am a satisfied StartIsBack customer too). Unfortunately i had some bad errors with OldNewExplorer enabled, installations of some programs fail when activated, for example i tried to install Adobe Reader DC, Sony MediaGo, Office 2013 and Windows 8/10 Manager, all applications that use MS Installer, the installation stucks at the very end and it will stay in that matter until i kill it with the task manager. I was able to reproduce the issue with Windows 8.1 several times and now it reappears on Windows 10 (tested with many reinstallation of the OS, sadly i had a hardware issue, so it was necessary to do). From my observations, it stucks when the installer tries to create a desktop link. Disabling ONE resolved everything. Could someone try to install one of apps mentioned? The simplest and less invasive is Windows 10 Manager (Yamicsoft). And sometimes it corrupts like this and if i try to save something using the "Save with name" function, using like the Snipping tool or Paint, it will stall the program and i must force close it: Disabling ONE, in this case too, resolved everything (OS Windows 8.1 and Windows 10).
  6. Yes, it's the same thing that happened to me
  7. MaXeLL


    See my topic, same problem. I just resolved editing the file manually :|
  8. Same problem since 1.0... I must copy these three files manually to make working the hid service. /edit: just an appoint, these files are present on the sp2.cab, but they weren't copied throught the installation process.
  9. You can use this addon to integrate Windows Live Messenger.
  10. In fact there were thousands of wrong strings that were reproduced, i deleted It and now It's ok
  11. Beh... 150+ hotfixes are a lot After I edited the svcpack.inf removing all the wrong strings, i tried the cd, it stopped on periphericals installation, so I deleted the virtual installation and I retried. A minimum slowdown on T39 there is, but now the installation worked fine (step 13 passed in about 3 minutes, less than the last time I tried, 1 hour and more ), I tested the new windows, and even if some tweaks don't work, the installation is stable and works well.
  12. OMG I have just done the CD, obviously same problem... but now I have open the SVCPACK.INF and... I attach It and You will see. How I could resolve this glitch? (other than edit manually the file) /edit: I just edited the file, now I test it. /reedit: I don't understand, same as before, but now It stopped on periphericals installation (T33). :| SVCPACK.rar
  13. In total I have 186 hotfixes for XP (post SP2 obviously) + msxml4/6 + internet explorer 7. But I don't think the number of the hotfixes I integrate is the cause because when I realised my last stable CD (october 2006), the number of the patches was about 150. I tried to sort my hotfixes for name, date and for what application they patch (in order: post sp2 hotfixes, msxml and internet explorer 7), but nothing. Ok now I try to do another CD and post my svpack.inf (and lastsession.ini and tweaks.ini).
  14. Hi all, I'm new on this forum I have a strange problem with my XP installation, I'm using nLite 1.3 final, after I finished to create the iso with nlite (I use the RTM version of Windows XP to start), before burn it, I tested it on WMware 5.5 (the last official build). It copies all files without problem, the pc reboot himself then it starts on T39, this step is tooooooooo slow. It applies about 20 minutes to proceed on next step then, when it arrives on T13 it applies about 1 hour!! So i stopped It and I tried other solutions: 1) I have installed an old copy of my XP (october 2006) with WMware to verify if was this one to be bugged, but the installation worked fine. 2) I have integrated only SP2 and only tweaks and unattended options and it worked fine. 3) I didn't integrate IE7 but nothing as changed. (NB: I don't integrate driver or remove components, only hotfixes, patch, tweaks and unattended installation) So in conclusion there are some problems with the hotfixes I integrate with nLite. I don't use an addon pack, I integrate single hotfixes downloaded since sp2 gets out. I attach my hotfixes list. If you want I can attach the lastsession.ini and tweaks.ini Thanks to all B) patch.txt

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