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  1. I found the upload link and used it. Refresh the page and view again.
  2. I followed the instructions mentioned for login in problems and I also noticed that I have two different Forums layouts. Why is this? I am NOT able to login using IE7. I AM able to login with FF2.0.0.x.
  3. I am also trying to have my own recovery partion. Howver, I would like to use the DELL provided one. I just got a new DELL and the first thing I want to do is create a new WIM with all the applications installed and replace the original WIM on the recovery partition. I found the Factory.wim file on the recovery partition and want to upgrade/replace the WIM file with a new (32 bit OS /w applications) image. I have extracted the image ("imageX.exe /extract d:dell\image\Factory.wim 1 e:\Factory.wim") and I am currently trying to mount the image using "imageX.exe /mount e:\Factory.wim 1 e:\image" but to no avail. All I get is: ---------------- ImageX Tool for Windows Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1981-2005. All rights reserved. Mounting: [E:\image\newfile.wim, 1] -> [E:\tmp] Error mounting image: The system cannot find the file specified. ---------------- I am running the cmd as Administrator. SOLVED mounting problem.: I forgot to install the "wimfltr.inf" found in the same folder as the imageX.exe file. Now I can see the image.
  4. hidden restore partition

    The person running the website Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition has a very good explanation of how things work on a Dell PC. I have asked him if my assumptions to create my own CTRL+F11 key stroke sequence on a non-Dell PC. (I will be trying this out as soon as I install my new harddisk on my old PC.) Follow the above mentioned link and use the quote to extrapolate information on how to set up your Harddisk for a DELL like restore. you might need more files that are not mentioned in Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition. Let us know if you get it to work. Email your system info and partitions if you are successfull. I would like to keep track of the success rate of this procedure.

    I believe that you should place the following in your winnt.sif [Data] AutoPartition=0