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  1. here are better screenshots, the previous ones were from vmware. Desktop : Menus : Start Menu : Explorer : My Computer : Control Panel : Wmp 11 : IE7 : And these are from the Setup Menu when installing windows ( With Viso ) :
  2. well, lets see. you have been making your pack for 2 years. i have been doing it for a few days, granted i didnt make it all myself, but then again neither did you, i am slowly finding my way around and editing as is needed, and for the record, mine still looks better than yours, your borders arent right, your text is blurry, the edges aren't smoothed out, your start button is too small, your min, max and close buttons look fake, you use third party apps to get special effects and that costs memory, i could go on and on.... ( i can critisize too ! ) Give me some time man, i said i would fix the start button when i get around to it, i am not going to rush everything in one week. but for you to come here and compare your 2 year project to mine that is barely availible is what my problem is. so pls, why don't you go have a chill pill. you could have been more supportive instead of laugh at me.
  3. actualy i looked at your theme. your button sux man. you reduced the size quite a bit, the little thing is tiny in your pack. you did the same thing everyone else did to fix the problem, which is why i hate the other styles .... The thing about vista is the button is meant to stand out, its an eye catching feature. Like i said i will play with it sometime in the future, but i will not be reducing the size for an easy solution like you did. if you dont like my theme, then dont download, dont have to come here and make funny faces and crap.
  4. yes i see... Well, i might fiddle with it sometime, it is not bothering me at the moment. Can i ask you tho, why do you go out of your way to make the start button so perfect, but then you dont put the same effort into the minimize, maximise and close buttons ? that is the one thing that i cant stand of all the vista styles on the net, the buttons dont look realistic, not even close. it is why i chose basic version to edit on, the buttons are easier and besides, black isnt exactly my color ...
  5. Actualy you cannot, the fix is not that simple, the bar is only so high and you cannot edit beyond the boundries of XP. what everyone else does to fix it is they use a program called styler which completes the top bit of the button. if you want you can download and run it. I choose not to because it uses extra ram, and i am not going to bother with waisting extra memory for such a small thing.... This is a visual style which means it uses 0 extra ram, it simply replaces your existing style. unlike windows blinds and other programs. I have not found a visual style on the net that matches this one or i wouldn't have bothered to make it. It even has cursors and sound schemes. I did however not make vista icons, the reason being that Viso already supplies them, and Viso has the best icons on the net, that is why i highly recommend you use this with Viso.
  6. This theme is best used with Viso ( Highly recommended !!! ) Links removed due to as****** on this forum, i will devlop this theme for my own personal use, if anyone wants to try it PM me. Viso transforms your windows XP setup into a vista setup, viso also adds Vista icons to your xp, Viso can be slipstreamed into your setup disc.The only thing Viso doesnt have is a Vista theme /style, thats where this cab file comes into play. Viso can be found here : Links removed. Since all the Vista themes out on the net pretty much all suck, and Viso has everything but theme support and the only theme that is pretty descent is vista transformation pack, but the only problem is the thing takes over your whole PC. So I have gone and made a Vista theme for based on other projects, taken the best of each one so to say. It has Full Vista cursor and sound scheme support as well. I have ripped various items from VTP and some other projects on deviant art and put together this nice theme, It is Based on Vista Basic edition, mainly because i dont like the ugly buttons in Aero and i'd rather have a real almost perfect looking basic theme than a fake aero theme ( there is no descent aero theme availible anywhere, they all look fake ) This is the final form of this theme. if anyone requests changes i will make them, but as it is i wont be updating or changing anything. screenshots are attached : To set it up is easy, it is in cab format, so you can just add it to the integration screen in nlite. just follow the instructions below : Instructions : Inside Nlite at the integration screen, simply insert the cab file. Remember to select to enable patching of your uxtheme.dll in the options part of nlite ( very important. ) rebuild Nlite and make an ISO. thats it, thats how easy it is. Can be integrated with Nlite, or you can manualy integrate the theme, it will work either way. you can apply before Viso or after viso, works either way as well. Here is the link : ( 4.88mb ) Links removed. I can change the wallpaper in the cab on request, i was going to put the official vista one, but i really liked the current one. Enjoy .... PS. - the pics are taken inside Vmware, that is why everything looks so squashed, specialy on the start menu. And the logoff button on menu is missing because i removed the feature with nlite, if you have a loggoff button it will show up normaly. on a nomal machine everything is fine and perfect Enjoy, and Please post feedback below !!
  7. I have chosen a vista style for integration in nlite, the style doesnt come with wallpaper or cursors. How do i integrate cursors and wallpaper into XP seperately ? I have a wallpaper, and i have a folder with vista cursors, but how do i integrate them so that they are the defualt selected wallpaper and curors after installation ? does anyone know or have a link to a guide to do this ?
  8. these are the GREATEST codecs ever designed !!! here is the Link :link removed i was wondering if someone that is more skillfull than me could please make it into a addon cab file so i can integrate it with nlite. I am also looking for a realplayer addon, if anyone knows any links to any i would appreciate it. thnx in advance
  9. i have created many images with vlite before. this is the first time i got this error, this is also the first time i added sp1. and i removed the same components i have allways removed, that is why i wondered if someone else had this bug. Anyway, to answer your question. I use home premuim and not ultimate because i have a Legal HomePremium key that i got with laptop. To tell you the truth i would have prefered a homebasic key. the Vlited images i have made in past with homebasic run far better and faster than the other versions. Besides the 2 games i mentioned, all the others are working.
  10. I have sucessfully created a vista home premium sp1 disk. Thnx to Vlite My problem now is this. 1.) Whenever i open some games there is a delay. i click the icon and nothing happens, then after about 5mins the game pops up. for example : oldblivion ( which is a mod for oblivion ). and also diablo 2. I havent tested any others yet, but these game do it. and they used to work fine in vista before. all the apps work fine, just the games, you launch them and they only open up after a few mins. anyone else experienced this or know how to fix it ? ( and no i did not remove game explorer. ) 2.) Is it possible to make a vlite unattended dvd and somehow keep the screen that allows you to repair windows ? cause mine is gone, when i boot from dvd i dont see that screen anymore. This is a very usefull feature. 3.) is there plans to sometime in near future implement run once feature like nlite has ? Anyway, i really need help with tracking the problem i have above with the delay on my games, any help would be appreciated. my system specs : HP Dv6000 series Notebook AMD x2 Turion 1.7 Ghz dual core Cpu. 160GB Hard disk drive 1.5GB DDR2 memory Dual Layer DvD Writer 7150M Nvidia graphics card. Windows Vista Home premium Sp1 ( Vlite )
  11. How about a fake progress bar then ? Anything would be better than sitting watching the screen with nothing to do ...
  12. Nuhi, instead of having to answer the posts of every second noob that registers here asking when the new release is due, why not post a sticky where you can simply do something like the following : ------------------------------- Next release is [:::::::50% ] Done. ------------------------------- Something like the above would give people an idea that the release is still far off, or due soon and they won't pester you all the time. You can simply update the status of the post anytime you wish. that way there is no pressure on you. Anyway, it was just a thought that occured to me. Thnx for the great releases so far, as a technician Vlite has helped me alot
  13. No foul language or abuse of other members permited...
  14. hmmm, how can i say this without sounding rude ??? PLEASE - compare your system to 80% of the people on this website that are trying to get vista running on 512mb ( at most 1gb ) systems. until you have used an avarage system like that on a daily basis with and without superfetch i don't believe you have a say in this conversation. your system FAR exceeds the needed requirements and thus you don't feel the superfetch knock. people here are going over the edge in trying to make vista run on bare minimum and you talking about 4gb systems with dx10 cards..... so please stick to what you know.
  15. Personal experience. it is my job to load windows 200 times a week on different pc's. I am a serious gamer too , but i do alot of work in office and cad too. so really i am the third type, i workin both worlds .I have also been running and installing and testing vista since before beta even, back when it was still known as longhorn, so i am not new to this scene. but if you want a second opinion you can searh around on the net, you will find other people discussing these issues as well and coming to the same conclusions. put it this way here is an example : Ram on pc is 2GB Example 1 ( superfetch on ) 1. your vista takes 450mb of ram. 2. superfetch takes an additional 400mb of ram ( this ram is locked and cannot be accessed. ) you start gothic 3 ( game uses between 900mb and 1500mb ram. ) 3. free ram on system = 1150mb 4. game gets to 1150mb but needs more, what happens now ?? 5. game starts using virtual memory to make up for ram needed ( virtual ram is very slow ) 6. because virtual ram is slow, your game suffers from lag spikes during fighting or when alot of activity is on the screne, also loading times are alot longer now. second example : ( superfetch off ) 1. vista takes 400mb of ram you start gothic 3 ( game uses between 900mb and 1500mb ram. ) 2. game is running smooth now because even in intense battles when the ram usage required gets close to 1.5gb your pc can provide the needed ram. 3. loading times are much faster now because there is additional ram to make use of. ---------------------------------- understand now ? running apps like office and autocad that require 200mb of ram or even 500mb of ram are not as memory hungry, so superfetch is great because you can afford to waste the extra ram which in turn speeds up your pc. but when you cannot afford that memory to be wasted superfetch will infact slow down your box. make sense ?
  16. no, it is recommended to run vista 32bit on that processor. stay away from 64bit vista for a while, there are not many programs that can be used on it, or much less than 32bit. so go ahead install 32bit vista on your athlon64 CPU . i am running vista 32bit Ultimate edition on this system : AMD64 Athlon 3800+ X2 2GB DDR 2 667mhz Ram 160GB seagate HD ATI radeon X1650 PRO etc ..... and i have no problems, it actualy runs better than my xp did, and alot smoother too ... If you do not have 2GB of memory, i advise you to add more ram. It runs ok on 1gb, but better on 2GB. on 1GB of ram you can feel that it gets slow especialy when you have a few programs open at the same time, on 2gb it is smooth no matter what you do ....
  17. AutoCAD 2004/2006/2007" - Yes Photoshop cs2 - Not sure ( coral draw and paintshop pro works fine, photoshop should too ) 3dmax 6/7 - yes acdsee 2.4 - yes winrar - yes nero - yes alcohol 120% - yes adobe pdf reader - yes bitcomet 0.56 - not sure ( i use bitlord and it works perfectly, btw bitlord is way better than bitcommet ) ewido - don't even know what this is ... firefox - yes nod32 - yes winpcap - not sure macromadie studio mx - yes kmplayer - not sure Just make sure you have the latest versions of ( nero, daemon tools, winrar, nod32, alchohol, adobe reader, firefox. the rest should run on their old versions, i have had no problems. )
  18. instead of adding updates to your slipstream disc, or saving updates that you installed already, there is a much easier way. Download vista autopatcher, add it as an extra folder on your vista setup disc. Then simply run it after your vista installation, it will do all the updates in one go, you don't need any internet connection or anything. there is a new version of auto patcher released every month with all the latest updates. autopatcher homepage : Click here for Autopatcher Homepage this is way better than having the headaches of saving files ....
  19. some guy has made a new vista gadget that runs on your sidebar. the gadget is a chatbox that connects all the vista users together into 1 chat channel, pretty cool huh ? anyway here are some screenshots : This one is the gadget itself as it looks on your sidebar, it is the one in green/yellow that says big "vista shout" on it : The second one shows the actual chatbox open, the chat slides open sideways and you can just chat straight from your desktop : IT is still in beta and was only released a few days ago, so not many people are using it yet, but i can already forsee this to make headlines, even more so because it is listed on the official microsoft website, give it a few weeks and i am sure it will be booming with life. Also the official version 3 ( final non beta version ) is due out soon. if you want to check it out, here are some links : Homepage : Click here. Gadget download : click here.
  20. instead of adding updates to your slipstream disc, Download vista autopatcher, add it as an extra folder on your disc. Then simply run it after your vista installation, it will do all the updates in one go and you will also save yourself the hassle of increasing vista installation time .... Click here for autopatcher homepage.
  21. RUBBISH !!!! It depends on what you do with your system, Superfetch is not beneficial to everyone. you have 2 types of users : 1 . Non Gamers 2 . Gamers. 1. Non Gamers Non gamers will most likely be running office 2007, adobe reader, macromedia studio, Autocad etc .. , basicly alot of programs that don't require an obscene amount of memory but due to virus scanners and lot of files among other things have a delayed startup time. For this user superfetch is great, because it stores most used applications in assigned memory and programs open faster. Thus if you are a non gamer it is advised to keep the superfetch feature. 2. Gamers Gamers especialy the serious gamer will be playing most of the hit titles such as "gothic 3" and "command and conquerer 3" etc ... And these games require a hell of alot of ram, if you don't have 2GB of ram in your system you will suffer while playing these titles. The last thing you need as a gamer is for 600mb or 800mb of your ram to be tighed up in superfetch, with superfetch feature enabled you will definitely see a performance drop while gaming, maybe not noticbly with smaller games, but with some of the newest Ram hungry games it is garunteed. It is Advised to disable the superfetch feature for Gamers. ( lastly, if you remove the search function in vlite you will still be able to use windows search, it will just be alot slower. )
  22. hmm, that is weird, it must be a bug or something, i will try recreate the ini file and upload it again.
  23. hmmm, you sure you using it right ? i removed a whole lot of things from the dvd, parcticly everything except the operating system itself.

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