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  1. Office 2003 SP3

    Sorry Guys, getting truly confused here. Memory playing tricks. I did do an Office SP2 slipstream a couple of years ago, but it was done completely manually using instructions I found by Googling. Nothing to do with nLite which I did use to slipstream WinXP SP2 hence the confusion. NigelS
  2. Office 2003 SP3

    Well I successfully used nLite to slipstream SP2 into Office 2003 a year or so ago..... NigelS
  3. Office 2003 SP3

    Does nLite support the stream-lining of recently released Office 2003 SP3 ?? NigelS
  4. 1.1beta Hotfix integration problem?

    I should add that between the two runs (successful & unsuccesful) I deleted all the last_session files, and reimported a fresh source of Vista files from my RTM Vista DVD. Thus ensuring I was starting from the same place each time. Also, I watched whilst the hotfix integration was taking place, so I know that page was enabled, also the hotfixes were ordered with oldest first in list on both build attempts. NigelS
  5. Just did a test and integrated 41 hotfixes into Vista Ultimate, and built an ISO. Didn't remove any components. Then I installed from the ISO into MS Virtual PC 2007. All went smoothly. Afterwards I ran Windows Update in the virtual vista image, it upgraded itself to Windows Update v7, and it told me there was only 1 update available (for defender) and a whole host of Ultimate Extras (language packs etc). All this was as I expected. Very pleased, I went back to square one with a fresh Vista source image, and did exactly the same as before, but this time I removed a moderate amount of components (nothing much, language packs, Welcome Center & MSN Install). But this time, after installing from the ISO and running the Windows Update, I was told there were 42 updates available. Some twenty of these were critical & recommended hotfixes which were supposedly already integrated into the Install image. So what went wrong? Did I do something different or did removing some components break the hotfix slipstreaming? Advice please? NigelS
  6. I am testing vLite 1.1beta and have downloaded Autopatcher to get easy access to all the currently released hotfixes for Vista32. All the *.msu based hotfixes were imported and integrated correctly, but I can't seem to be able to integrate the following updates which are *.exe based. Is there a special way of importing these, or is their integration not possible at present? NDP1.1sp1-KB929729-X86.exe KB890830.exe netfxsp1-enu.exe Thanks NigelS
  7. Slipstreaming Vista Updates

    Thanks. I probably won't need this feature until SP1 arrives anyway. Nigel
  8. Slipstreaming Vista Updates

    Can vLite be used to slipstream Vista Updates (and in due course the SP1 service pack) in a similar way that nLite did for WinXP ? If so, is there a web-site keeping track of the Vista releases as they arrive? Thanks Nigel
  9. UAC on vLite Startup

    I'd rather not disable UAC completely. Other programs when I run them do not trigger UAC, only vLite presumably because it is an "unidentified program" by an "unidentified publisher". I assume this can be fixed by nuhi. Thanks Nigel
  10. UAC on vLite Startup

    How to stop UAC dialog popping up everytime I launch vLite? I make the shortcut Run As Administrator, but still I get the UAC dialog everytime. Thanks Nigel
  11. I had a dualboot scenario on my laptop: WinXP on C; User data on D; and Vista installed on E. Because I installed Vista fom within WinXP, I got the Boot Manager deposited on the C Drive. Now I have deleted WinXP and reorganised so that Vista has the entire drive to itself. I had to boot from the Vista DVD to do a "Start-up Repair" but it worked OK, and I now have the laptop booting OK straight into Vista. The partition uses the whole drive (55MB). However, after booting the system drive is STILL labelled E: (I expected it would have shifted it down to C: which is what I want). I have tried everything I can thing of but nothing works. How to I force the partiton to become C: again?? Thanks Nigel
  12. Remove Foreign Language Folders

    Is it possible for vLite to remove the mostly unneeded foreign language support from Vista? This results in loads of folders in the form \windows\system32\xx-xx (eg. CS-CZ) They can be removed after installation by fiddling with ownership & permissions, but it would be nice to not install them in the first place. Thanks Nigel