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  1. i want to make and customise my windows 7 image, i got the windows 7 rc x64. i think theres DISM, or some other thing? theres the GUI 1 also? but any tutorials to start with?
  2. can i set up multiple web servers on 1 computer with multiple IP's? loopback ip? like IIS Apache ... this way i can configure my web applications to use various virtual hosts that points to various IPs? the hosts file cant handle posts right? i can do something like app1 app2 ...
  3. hmm i actually use SVN currently, google code ... i am still looking out for something for me to plan my project. like deadlines/target finish dates/todo lists rather that tracking changes. Project ... i dont know too much abt it ... i nv really used it b4 so maybe because it seems abit intimidating i felt it was too much ...
  4. i am looking for something which will help me with my projects & tasks management, targets etc. it will be good if it can also handle code coloring - PHP, C# etc. i am looked at web based @ first but feel sometimes its abit slow because of network latency. so now thinking of using something local. Office Project seems to be overkill Office Outlook (for its Calendar + TODO list) + OneNote (for "note taking" replace a web based "blog") seems to be one option Any others? some features that will be good to have are: - Calendar (Various Calendars for different Categories eg. Personal, Work etc) - Projects/Tasks/Todo list - Target Deadline + Actual completed date - Notes/Blog for tracking progress (best integrated with Projects/Tasks) what is the "enterprise" way of managing project? but how do u personally manage projects?
  5. i am wondering if outlook will be good for project/tasks management? i know theres a "TODO" list kind of thing. and the calendar. so maybe outlook is good for this? i dont think i need alot of stuff in Office Project. then for my "note taking" i guess onenote will be good? i am a software/web developer who wishes to have a way of managing my work, projects and project tasks. then have onenote for "note taking"? btw, since i am a developer, i hope to have some code coloring for my codes, mainly PHP for now. can OneNote do this? any plugins etc? btw any integration between Outlook calendars/tasks with onenote?
  6. i am wondering if calendars in Office Outlook are stored locally or online? if local, how can i backup all my outlook stuff in case i want to format my computer?
  7. @sonic ... hmm maybe i try cluberti cause 1st. then i will update the driver @cluberti so do i uninstall avast! then try create a dump? hmm i try to look for a new AV 1st
  8. yes when it hangs, HDD LED is always on. but where do u get the driver? or know which 1 to get? mine is Acer 5920G - Intel C2D T9300 - 4GB DDR2 - 320GB HDD ... windows update dont show that 1 need to update my HDD
  9. thanks for providing me the FTP login. i uploaded it there already MEMORY.rar (dunno if its ok to put the full link here?)
  10. oh, i did a full dump which is 4GB cos my RAM is 4GB ... hmm i compress it and upload it soon ... i think it will take ages ... i think RAR-ed with Best compression stills gives 800MB+ file ... is that supposed to be the case?
  11. dump of explorer.exe part1 - http://cid-b0751ff5ebb930ec.skydrive.live....dplus.part1.rar part2 - http://cid-b0751ff5ebb930ec.skydrive.live....dplus.part2.rar
  12. i am also having this ... but i noticed sometimes i can go another app and continue but sometimes i cant maybe its explorer.exe so i cant switch apps even if the app is running ... but i also noticed something ... for me its sometimes more than 1 app like my wmp stops playing, Firefox continues to work for a while b4 also hanging ... going to post my dump of explorer.exe in http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=133890 its big so ... i put in Microsoft Skydrive ... 2 40+MB files for just explorer.exe ... i tried creating a full dump but its 4+GB cos i have 4GB RAM ...
  13. all applications hang or at least i can go to them at first but when i try to click something in it, it becomes "Program name (Not Responding)"
  14. i am experiencing occasional hanging in Windows 7 RC x64. it seems to hang for like 2/3 mins once in a while... i thought it was becos of firefox in youtube but i noticed that sometimes when firefox is nt open it happens still.
  15. @Josip thanks. i will go try and keep those
  16. hmm... when or where can i dl it?
  17. if a font only has pfm its useless right? and i am trying out some font manager. in Font Expert 2009, i see alot of font that said its missing pfb... in Font Agent 4 i dont see those fonts at all... probably they are detected as incomplete/corrupt.... so its save to say that if i have only a pfm of a font its useless, so i can delete? whats a good font manager btw? i am thinking if there was a feature to import all "working" fonts into 1 folder then manage fonts from that foler will be better? font agent can detect corrupt fonts but not import fonts so non working fonts are still mixed ...
  18. ya keep service everything ok now i just installed the un-vlited vista ... omg ... slow lol cant live without vlite seems like but vlite sometimes breaks somethings it shldnt be, eg. i left IIS and MSMQ there but it still does not work, i guess becos its hard to track all dependencies ... but hope vlite for windows 7 will do even better? or i heard there will not be a 7lite or something like that?
  19. still dun work ... i had tried a few builds already, all below combination are not working ... snippet from LastSession Services section Distributed Link Tracking Client Error Reporting Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Windows Search Offline Files Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Registry Routing and Remote Access Windows Search Distributed Link Tracking Client Error Reporting Offline Files Windows Search Distributed Link Tracking Client Offline Files Remote Registry Routing and Remote Access Offline Files Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Registry Routing and Remote Access Windows Search
  20. its to do with the services, i un checked all services, then it works. any1 knows which service is causing this?
  21. hmm i guess i removed too much maybe, but any1 knows what i removed cause this?
  22. still does not seem to work. maybe i shldn't use vLite for now... any1 using vLite and have IIS working. i think the thing is i removed something i shld not. seems like the whole add/remove windows components is nt working
  23. hi, anyone can help? i think i removed something i shld not? ran a sfc /scannow uploaded the zip containing CBS.txt to MS SkyDrive cos its too big to attach here. http://cid-b0751ff5ebb930ec.skydrive.live.....Public/CBS.zip
  24. i think i removed something that prevented my from turning windows features on/off anyway i can fix this without reformatting? i wanted to install MSMQ Server attached Last Session Last_Session.txt
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